1. Pay attention. Unplug, look up and be present.

2. Be grateful. Expressing gratitude will help you stay focused on the magnificent happenings of your day to day life.

3. Stop comparing. Someone will always have more or less than you.

4. Let go. Don’t be afraid of space and the absence of all the things you think you need to be happy & secure.

5. Make space. You need space & room to pay attention to what matters most.

6. Slow down. Slow your pace & look around or come to a complete stop to fully appreciate what is right in front of you.

7. Admire small miracles. Enjoy small pleasures & find love in the little stuff.

8. Write it down. Keep a journal to record some of the extraordinary things in your daily life.

9. Act like a tourist. Remember how that view used to wow you. Recapture awe by changing your lens.

Be extraordinary. The best way to live is to be extraordinary. Be extraordinary in how you treat people, including yourself; how you choose to spend your time; through your thoughts, words & actions.