Relationships is a two way street..

1. Show Him Respect
Respect is a two way street!

2. Show Interest in His Hobbies
This doesn’t mean you have to be with him every time he plays basketball with his buddies. More so, be aware of the things he likes. If he really likes to hunt, subscribe to a hunting magazine that he likes or buy him a piece of gear that you know he’s had his eye on. Being interested does not all ways have to mean being fully involved.

3. Have Consistent Sex
Sex is important for us men…and the relationship.

4. Do Something Unexpected for Him
Stop by the grocery store or bakery on your way home and pick up his favorite treat. Book a weekend away together. Give him a massage when he gets home.

5. Be the Best Version of Yourself

6.Let Things Go
If there is something that your he did in the past that really upset you, yet you have said you have forgiven him for, just let it go. Whether it’s the; if you have said you have forgiven him, stop bringing it up. It may be an easy way to push his buttons in an unrelated argument, but know it is detrimental to any relationship to hold on to things that are meant to stay in the past.

This same approach should be applied to the other things he does that may bother you from time to time. Don’t get hung up about things, and if he does something that you really dislike, just let him know. Holding on to little things and petty grudges is not a good idea for you or your Dominant. Many of the little annoyances you may have you will forget about in a few weeks anyway, so it is not worth it to get upset over them.

7. Take Care of Him
Make him his favorite meal, go to the store to get medicine, and let him watch his favorite TV show. In the same respect, if he is just having a crappy day, give him his space and let him know that you are there for him if he needs you.

Men want to feel loved and needed, so let him know how much you care about him, it will make a big difference.

8. Don’t Nag
This is probably one of the most obvious statement, but often the hardest to do. If there is something your Dominant does that drives you crazy, let him know, in a calm matter of fact way. Don’t constantly be on his case for something.

Especially something he can’t immediately change. Nagging causes annoyance. Annoyance eventually causes resentment. Let him know why his actions are making you upset and annoying you. Being clear about what kind of behavior bothers you will help him be more accommodating and conscientious.

9. Trust Him
If you don’t trust him, then you shouldn’t be with him!

10. Call Him Out When He Does Something Wrong
Yep, you heard me right, call him out when he is wrong. Don’t let him walk all over you. Be the strong, independent woman he fell in love with. Don’t bend over to anything he says just to make it easier for his ego.
Men like it when you call them out in a respectful manner. Explain to him what he has done wrong and try to not make it personal and tear him down.
Let him know that your criticism is coming from a place of love and concern. Many men do not even realize when they have done something wrong, so making him more aware of his mistakes will, in turn, make him into a better person as well.

11. Stop Trying to Change Him

12. Send Him Sexy and Flirty Texts
Men love to play with our woman!!

13. Be Understanding
If something comes up with his work schedule and he has to stay for a late meeting, don’t freak. Yeah, sure, he missed dinner (again), but at least he is calling and letting you know. From time to time, things will come up where you will be disappointed. Don’t overreact, take a deep breathe and understand. Try to not take things personally, as your Dominant is already stressed out enough from those types of situations.

14. Make a Comfortable Home
She submits to his decisions and accepts his leadership because she knows that I put her and our relationship first, before his wants and requirements. She is receptive and appreciative of his talents. She has created a warm, loving and inviting home for us, and she fulfills it with sensuality and pleasure.

15. Cook for Him
Take the time to cook for him from time to time. If you aren’t a great cook, learn a few of his favorite dishes and try to perfect them. Use the endless food blogs and even Pinterest to find some new creations that can be simple and fast. Making an effort will show that you care about him and his tummy.

16. Take Care of Yourself

17. Tell Him You Love Him
Make sure you tell him you love him, often. Just as we like to be told woman are loved and cuddled, men like to be reassured with the same.

Make sure he knows how much he means to you. Men want to feel loved and wanted, even if they don’t always show it. Reminding him of how much he means to you is a heartfelt gesture that will make him feel wanted and loved.

18. Lower Your Expectations
Life is not a romantic comedy. Men do not always have the suavest things to say. Don’t expect every day to be a fairytale. Your man is going to mess up, and he’s going to mess up a lot. Don’t always expect after every fight a long letter of apology or a dozen roses.

Sure, it would be nice every once in a while, but realize that men are wired differently than a woman. What woman are thinking in their head that he should do is almost always not what he is going to do. Realize that all those romantic movies are most likely written by women. Don’t let your expectations exceed your reality because you’ve been watching too many romantic comedies and reading too many books.

19. Lighten Up
Remember when you and your Man first starting dating? You were the carefree woman who laughed and flirted? Life’s stress can really take a toll on a relationship, and sometimes we forget to laugh. Flirt with your Dominant. Tell stupid jokes. Reminisce about funny things that happened. Life can’t always be fun and games, but let it be sometimes. Keep the humor going between the two of you and keep things funny and fun.

20. If Something’s Bad, Try to Make It Better
Inevitably, there will be bumpy times in your relationship. If it has come to a point that you’re not sure where to turn, try your hardest to make things right. This doesn’t mean endlessly talk about what you should be doing, do it!