Blacked for the Holidays: Megan gets her first of black cock love

She always loved being a cock tease. She was a cheerleader, gymnast, and even went dancing classes, all to sculpt, tone, and train her body so that every boy who looked at her wanted her. From the second, she turned eighteen. She knew that She wanted to be viewed as a sex goddess. With her long raven black hair, deep blue eyes, cute little tits, and Rockin legs and ass. She made it her goal to turn the heads of every boy who happened to glance her way. She dated jocks, rich boys, and even flirted with other girls. Everyone wanted to fuck her, and She absolutely loved the attention, but not just anyone was getting her. She had tons of boyfriends and her little click of girl pals that were always at her beck and call, but She always felt like She was looking for something special, not that She didn’t string them all along for the fun of course.

In her Daddy’s eyes, she was his princess. He had no clue just how twisted her mind was, and how much She reveled in driving boys crazy. He bought her everything her heart desired, and all it would take was a little pout for him to stop everything going on in his world to see to her needs. It absolutely would have killed him to discover his little angel was anything but an innocent little darling, which makes it all the more ironic that it was his actions that changed everything.

It was during winter break, her senior year, and we were having Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family at our house. She was wearing this adorable little sweater that showed just a tiny hint of the belly button, designer jeans, tennis shoes, and some of those goofy small reindeer antlers. As the family started to show up, she was at her Daddy’s side with her biggest brightest smile. Nobody had any clue, but She had no panties on under her jeans, and it made her feel wicked to be so bad.

Uncles, aunts, grandparents who couldn’t help but comment on how beautiful She was becoming and more cousins than She could count crowded into our home as She answered the door per Daddy’s request and greeted them each with big hugs and kisses. We were just about to sit down to dinner when our final guest arrived, and as She opened the front door to greet them, She froze.

Standing on the front stoop, towering over her like a giant, stomping the snow off his size 18 boots was the enormous black man She had ever seen. His skin was like dark chocolate, his sweater was straining against the most muscular body She had ever seen, and the smile he hit her with was like raw power defined. He smelled like salted caramel, his eyes were fucking hypnotic, and although it must have been negative five degrees outside, she felt this impossible heat coming off him and bathing her body in its aura. He was fucking gorgeous.

“Isaac!” My dad brushed past her as he welcomed our new guest at the door, ushering him in and introducing him around to everyone. As he did, she followed their progression, still in shock, and unable to take her eyes off Isaac’s perfectly sculpted ass. She felt as though She had never before seen a real man, and now that She had all sorts of feelings were rushing through her body.

As it turned out, Isaac was an old buddy of her father’s from back in his high school football days. While dad had retired his jersey, Isaac had gone on to play pro ball, and now worked as an assistant coach for a college upstate. He’d served a tour of duty in the marines when he wasn’t dominating the football field, never been married, and had quite a bit of money due to some investments he’d made in his youth. All of that was impressive as hell, but She was still struck dumb by his fuckin bod.

Isaac joined us for dinner, and as with most things in his life, he dominated the conversation. For her part, She could just sit there, fidgeting with the stuffing. She stared across the table at this monster of a human being who had come into our home. She must have been staring, but even if She’d realized it, she doubts She could have stopped. Now and then, as Isaac was speaking, he would glance her way, and when he did, and our eyes met, She felt as though her entire body was going to burst into flame. She’d spent her young life teasing boys, girls, and always playing it cool, but this was something different. My pussy was so wet. She felt like She might slip out of her chair.

After dinner, her mother served coffee, the family gathered in the living room next to the fireplace, and everyone began to mingle and catch up on things that they hadn’t gotten to at dinner. The house was jam-packed, with two aunts, an uncle, and three cousins staying with us for the holidays, but her father announced that he’d offered to let Isaac stay in our guest bedroom as well. That was more than She could handle.

Since her jeans were fairly soaked through, and She was having trouble hiding it, she excused her to head upstairs and change. She had to gather her wits and figure out how She was going to get through the holidays with this black God living among us. She’d been screwed out of her bedroom, forced to share it with two cousins, so She grabbed a fresh pair of bottoms and made her way down to the upstairs bath to change. She was closing the door behind her when a large hand slid in and stopped it, then as if he owned the place, Isaac stepped right into the bathroom along with her and pulled the door shut as he did.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, taking a step back as he moved right along with her, pinning her to the bathroom sink.

“Just wanted to get you alone for a minute, baby.” Isaac purred. He was looking at her like a predator and placed one hand on the sink beside her hip as he leaned in close. His scent was even stronger here in close quarters, and the heat coming off him was unreal. When he smiled at her, she felt her body tremble, but She didn’t falter. For a long minute, he looked her body up and down, licking his lips like She was a juicy steak, and he intended to devour her.

“She… She’s not your baby. What the fuck, dude? You can’t just… She’ll tell her dad.” She put up a hand and tried to push him back, but when it came in contact with his abdominals, it was like pressing against a brick wall. She couldn’t believe how ripped he was, and almost absentmindedly. She started to feel his muscles beneath his sweater. She stopped when She realized what he was doing, pulling her hand away as though She’d been burned, and it was all She could do to keep from blushing as She looked him in the eye.

“We don’t get a lot of time.” He said, whispering to her as he moved in even closer. “Your dad is telling some old football stories, but you waste time playing.” As he spoke, he reached out and grabbed her wrist. She dropped her spare jeans to the floor and was powerless to resist as he drew her hand to the crotch of his jeans and pressed it against his bulge.

“Hey… Don’t…” She said in half-assed protest. He could tell, and as he put his bulging sex in her hand, she closed her fingers around it like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Fuck! It was like a baseball bat, hanging down one leg of his jeans and along his inner thigh. She felt his big dick twitch in her hand, and her entire body responded as She desperately searched along its continuous length. He must have been a foot long and change, and he wasn’t even hard. “You… You… We… That can’t be all you.” She felt her whimper.

He responded with a smile, taking a half step back and reaching for his belt. She has frozen once again in awe as he undid his jeans and unzipped, pushing them down over his hips and opening the front of them. He just looked at her. It wasn’t his job to pull it out, it was mine, and so She reached out, hypnotized by his power, and slid her hand inside his boxers.

“Oh, fuuuuuuuuck!” She gasped, hauling his dick out as She watched inch after thick black leathery inch slides free into view. When the swollen knob of his monstrous cock finally appeared, the whole thing flopped out against her wrist and belly. It was so fuckin big between us that it created a bridge, sagging in the middle of its length as the peach sized knob found a cozy spot to snuggle in her belly button, and just like that, on instinct and lust alone, She began to stroke it.

“This is so fucked up.” She told him, unable to tear her eyes away from his gigantic cock. She had both hands on it now and was barely covering half of it as She caressed it like some precious artifact to be worshipped and revered. It was covered with finger-thick veins, and She began to trace her fingers along with them as She took in the beauty of his enormous dick. “This can’t be happening. This is so fuckin wrong.”

“For a pretty girl, you got a dirty mouth, baby.” Isaac groaned at her, smiling as he spoke. “Get on your knees and show her how dirty it is.”

“No! What? She never… She… You gotta be kidding.” Even as She spoke, though, she felt his hand on her shoulder, urging her down. It was like She no longer had any free will, and her body was doing what it wanted regardless of any common sense. She was saying no, but as She lowered toward his God-like prick, her body was saying something different.

She squatted before him, staring at his monstrous cock up close. She felt him tugging her sweater up and off over her head. He told her he didn’t want to get it messy, and as her titties were borne to him, he leaned her back to get a look at them. From the hungry smile on his face, She could tell he approved. They were small and perky, but her nipples were perfect, and the sweetest color of bronze. Before She realized what he was doing, he had helped her to guide his big dick so he could rub his cock against them, and it felt so fucking good that She soon took over, tugging back the thick sheath of his cock flesh so that the wet bulb of his sex could touch her where no other boy or man ever had.

His cock was leaking with precum, and as it left behind trails of sex on her perfect skin, She painted her with it, moaning as She continued to pump and caress his heavy length with her hands. A little river of his heat ran down the length of her body, across her belly to the edge of her jeans, and after a while, it seemed that nothing in the world made more sense than to taste what he was giving her, and so as She looked up into his eyes She brought his monstrous knob to her lips and opened them around it.

At first, She just kissed it, licking at the seeping hole as he watched her work her mouth. She tried to get more of him in, but her jaw was just not used to this kind of work, and so She was forced to French his good bulb as he ran his fingers through her hair. She sucked at him, and as She did, She saw that he was smiling down at her, as though he was proud of her as She licked up the creamy sweetness of his cock milk and swallowed it down.

All reason had abandoned her, and She began to work her tongue into the bubbling hole of his tip, swirling it as more and more of his cream oozed out for her to gobble up. His dick just kept on growing, and the more it did, the more salty-sweet milk it had for her to drink. Soon She was slurping at him, and eyes nearly rolled back in her head as She inhaled his powerful musk and swirled her tongue in a pool of his sweetness She’d caught in her mouth.

“Don’t get time to play around baby.” He told her, cupping the side of her face in his enormous palm. “Use your spit and make it wet. It’ll go in easier.”

“Wait…” She spoke, swallowing a mouth full of his frothy cream. “We can’t…” She began to protest.

“Fuck that can’t bullshit!” he growled at her, and the way he said it sent a thrill through her body. When he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up again, She almost squealed. She caught her before She did, though. She wasn’t ready for this to end—even the way he manhandled her as driving her crazy. Still, if he wanted to fuck her, there was just no way.

“Isaac. We can’t.” Despite her words, she kept right on stroking his gorgeous cock, and She could feel it growing bigger and fatter as She did, as though She was teasing a wild animal, and deserved what She would get as a result. “You’re fuckin huge, and She’s still a virgin.”

He just smirked, and with one hand, he spun her around, pressing her against the sink once more as he grabbed her jeans and tore them open. She felt him pushing them down over her hips and looked at his expression in the mirror as he forced them right down to the floor. God help her; she stepped out of them like a wanton bitch in heat.

“Don’t you worry, Snowbunny.” He purred in her ear, pushing her forward just enough to bring her up on her tiptoes and force her belly over the sink. “You are still going to be a virgin. You best believe She wanna take him time with that pussy when we get to it. This ain’t about that.”

She felt one hand on the small of her back and realized what he was going to do too late to do anything about it as She saw him reaching down to guide his cock into place. Both her hands were on the back of the sink, holding her up even though She was half bent over with her naked ass on display. When She felt the scalding hot knob of his gorilla cock pressing against her butt-hole, She could have squealed out for help. Instead, because of somewhere deep down inside of her, She must have wanted it to happen, She just bit into her lip and started to cry.

A wet glob of his spit landed on her asshole, and She felt him bare down on her tiny opening with his full weight. The pain was searing, and She felt her rosebud open a little to his battering ram, she flipped her hair and looked back at him in the mirror with horror. He just grinned at her, and with the swiftest movement of his hips, stuffed his throbbing knob inside.

“OH FU…” He covered her mouth with the same hand he’d been handling his cock with, and She looked at him in the mirror with wide eyes, whimpering as She inhaled his wet musk. My feet came right up off the floor, kicking helplessly between his legs as She felt more of his length sink inside of her. The pain was insane; like She was being split in half, and She felt as though She was going to die, but when She saw him smiling at her, She swears to fuck She almost felt pride.

“Bitch! You got such a fine little fuckin ass!” He groaned; eyes locked on mine as her nostrils flared to breathe through her torment. “Second, She saw you. She knew you deserved this cock. Now you are going to be a good bitch and take what you Daddy got for you, or you want her to stop?”

He removed his hand, and She finally had a chance to tell him to pull it out of her, to spare her any more pain, and let her go so She could escape the torment he’d brought her. She looked him right in his eyes in the reflection and gritted her teeth together in rage. She knew just what She wanted to tell this fucking bastard for what he had done to her, and She would hold nothing back.

“Fuck… her… You big fuckin Nigger!” She growled.

“Bitch! She’s in love!” he said, and then slammed his cock home into her tiny virgin asshole, burying himself inside her with one brutal bestial fucking thrust.

All She could do was lower her head and mewl like a wounded animal as he started pounding her teenage butt-hole. Tears were streaming down her face, and She was drooling as though She’d lost all control of her bodily functions, but She gripped the back of the sink all the same, and She even managed to push back against him to encourage him to hurt her more.

Soon She was bringing her legs up. Spread open for him as She rested her knees on the edge of the sink. One of her tennis shoes had been knocked off, and her toes were clenching in midair as he sodomized her. We were both fighting to stay quiet, so nobody would hear us and come to a stop us. He didn’t want to stop fucking her, and She didn’t want it to end either.

With every deep, gut-wrenching thrust he slammed home into her butt, his heavy black balls would swing up and pummel her pussy. They were like twin grapefruits, so heavy with his thick cum, and She loved how he kept them shaved smooth. Their hairless glistening beauty must have been a sight slapping against her own freshly shaved virgin muffin.

At some point, the pain almost entirely subsided. She hadn’t noticed it at first. My poor little butt-hole was still sore and would be for weeks, no doubt, but the feeling of his steaming hot meat inside her was bringing something new to life within her. She felt so full and in all the right places. Suddenly She was feeling this intense buildup of pleasure, and with her jaw wide open and her eyes wide, staring back at him in the mirror, she began to smile. That’s when he started fucking her.

The whole brutal act couldn’t have lasted more than fifteen minutes, but it seemed to stretch on for an eternity as he made her asshole his possession right there in our upstairs bathroom. When She sensed he was about to burst, she felt her orgasm; her very first, rising up inside her and crashing down over her like a tidal wave.

“Shit! Daddy! She’s cumming… She’s cumming, Daddy!” She gasped, bucking back against him as he pounded her. He responded to her whimpered pleasure by sliding a hand under her and cupping her virgin pussy in his hand. With his other, he covered her mouth once more, and She could smell him and her sex on his side and fingertips. It was just enough to drive her over the edge, and comforted by his hand over her lips. She started to scream out in pleasure.

She felt his gusher of hot cum splash against her insides as we came, and rode our way through the orgasm together as he blew what felt like pints of his cream inside her butt. The sloppy sounds of his massive hammer sputtering and slopping in and out of her asshole made her smile as She felt his cream oozing out of her in gooey bubbles around his invading dick.

He held her there for a long while, just impaled on his huge black cock until finally, She felt his thick wetness ease out of her ass, and he gently brought her back down to her feet. He turned her to face him, smiling like the big evil bull he was, and She slid her arms up around his neck as he bent down to kiss her. It was our first, and She opened her lips to take his tongue like it was the most incredible thing She had ever done in her young life. She’d kissed boys before, but this was new and wonderful. Even if he hadn’t just fucked her virgin ass, the kiss would have been enough to claim her for his own. He fed her his tongue, she drank his lust deeply, and we only finally broke apart from one another when we were forced to come up for air.

“We’d better get dressed.” She said to him, her voice now all soft and sweet, although her asshole was drooling with his heavy spunk. “She doesn’t wanna get caught. My dad might make you leave.”

“Can’t have that.” He answered back, grinning from ear to ear as he held her so close his big cock was nuzzling against her naked belly. “She ain’t near done with you yet. How about its baby? You her bitch?”

“Yes, daddy.” She purred. “She is so your fucking bitch.”

Isaac made it back downstairs before her, claiming he’d gotten lost admiring our home, and when She finally reappeared, She had a little bit of a limp. My mom noticed, of course, but She shrugged it off by telling her. She’d fallen on her tail bone on the steps. If she noticed She was wearing new jeans, or that She was glowing from what Isaac had done to her, she didn’t let on.

Her dad, true to his usual oblivious nature, had no clue his little girl had just been violently fucked up her ass and went right on telling old football stories with Isaac at his side. Isaac kept glancing over at her throughout the evening, and She kept blushing and smiling as She did her best to play it cool, but She was always aware of the ache between her cheeks and the gooey feeling of what her lover had done to her deep in her ass.

Finally, it was bedtime, and as guests left and those who were staying settled in and got ready for bed, She found her drawn to the guest room. Like an absolute moron, her dad had her bring Isaac extra pillows and blankets, and every time we were alone together, he would pull her to him and stuff her mouth with his tongue. When we finally said our goodnights, and She headed off to her bedroom to slip into her pajamas and go to sleep, it was just for the benefit of everyone else. Our night was far from over.