Humiliate and hurt your submissive with exciting masturbation assignments. At BDSM Store we came up with 5 assignments with which you can tease, please and punish your submissive at any time …

1. Edging

Your sub should masturbate but  should not come . Only if you give permission for that. Can your submissive no longer hold on and does he or she clime early? Then an appropriate punishment follows. For example, let your sub eat his own sperm or give some lashes. But of course you can also turn it around. Order your submissive to come, for example, within ten minutes. Can’t do that? Then that will undoubtedly have consequences…

2. Masturbate with an ice cube

You may need several ice cubes for this assignment. Is your sub a man? Then let him rub the ice cube over his glans  until it is completely dissolved . He must not lose his erection, otherwise he will face a punishment. If your submissive is a woman, she has to run the lump between her labia until the ice is completely gone. Also, order her not to skip the clitoris.

3. Nipple clamps as punishment

Your sub gets a nipple clamp with a chain in between on each nipple . Hang a bucket or container on this chain. Order your sub to cum as soon as possible. For every minute that has passed you can throw something heavy like coins in the bowl or bucket. The longer it takes, the more painful the nipples will feel. Estimate how long a sub normally takes to reach its peak, so you know roughly how often and how much weight you can put in the bucket.

4. Masturbate in public

When your sub is required to masturbate in public if you ask him or her, it can be  quite humiliating  . You can start mild by ordering your submissive to go to the bathroom in the pub and masturbate there. But you can also go a step further by having your sub masturbate somewhere where he or she could get caught very well. Perhaps a BDSM scholarship is the place to be …

5. Butt plug play: big, bigger, biggest

Make sure you have butt plugs with different sizes available. The last in the list can be a pretty big butt plug . Require your sub to masturbate with a butt plug in. After every five minutes (or minute if it’s a ‘fast climaxer’) that your submissive hasn’t cummed, the butt plug is swapped for a bigger one . Until your sub has reached its peak. If your submissive cums quickly, you can also oblige your sub to masturbate every day with a bigger butt plug in.