5 Myths About Black Men.

1. Black men are less romantic than white men

No, no. No. This is as false as the claim that men are not romantic by nature, that this is women and white people’s business. Most of the most romantic literary works of all time were written by men. As many men as women of all colors are romantic when they are in love.

The amount of romance in each one cannot be measured and varies from person to person. Some women are not romantic…

A man black in love is as romantic as any. With predominant Western culture, we learn in books and movies that being romantic is to write poetry and dedicate them to the loved woman, give flowers and offer chocolates, but there are other ways to demonstrate the affection that don’t fit these cliches.

2. All black men prefer mulatto or white women – and treat them better.

Michelle and Barack Obama Yes, many black men have preference for mulatto or white or Asian women, just like many black women prefer men who are not black.

So what It is important not to generalize. As for treating non-black women better, that’s pure lie. The treatment a man gives to a woman depends on the woman in itself and not on the color of her skin. If she respects herself, he’ll know that if he wants to stay with her, he’ll have to do it too.

A man’s behavior is often a reflection of the woman they are with and how much they love her.

3. Black men betray more than white people

All men cheat when they are tempted or when they feel like doing it as well as women. Maybe most women are more faithful, but we can’t forget that there are cheaters among us (and who am I to condemn them? ).

There is a strong cultural component when it comes to betrayal and that always needs to be taken into account.

4. Most black men don’t have higher education

Somewhere this is true But where are the statistics and scientific studies that prove it? Believing this is the same as believing that most black women don’t have higher education either, which may be true, but it needs to be proven.

If we look at the last three generations, we will see that the percentage of black women and men with higher education is close, even considering the cultural factors that make boy s’ education still privileged in many African countries.

5. All black men have big penises

Last but definitely not least not all black men have a big penis. However, they are certainly known to be well gifted. Although popular belief states that this is true for most, unfortunately this is not the case for all black men.