I’ve cherished my yesterdays, dream about tomorrows, and live today to the fullest.

I have spend time thinking about and exploring my own beliefs, ideals, standards, and expectations because I rely on the answers to these questions to give myself direction and purpose in life. Of course, I have identifying my own ideas and beliefs is not necessarily easy, since I can easily conflict with the beliefs and standards of the families, communities, and cultures in which I were raised. Indeed, I believe being authentic is often associated with being brave because I walked though life.

I am very have forge my own paths. I believe being authentic is not just about what I think or say but what I do and how I are in the world. I am guided by an internal compass means not having to follow the conventional or typical routes others take to achieve their goals. Therefore, I search for and discover my own unique way of pursuing my passions and purpose, often forging an entirely new path as I do. The risk of forging a new and unproven path is that not all my efforts were be successful. However…

I do have solid self-esteem means having stable self-esteem that is neither too high nor too low. (Narcissists, for example, have high but brittle self-esteem.) As a result, I can tolerate and absorb failure and criticism, admit my faults, and be accepting of others because I am not threatened by imperfection. Indeed, I believe having solid self-esteem means, by definition, that I can absorb both negative and positive feedback and acknowledge aspects of my character that might need work or improvement without diminishing my overall sense of self-worth.

Being Open with Others Isn’t Easy
I being open is a kind of invitation to others. What I share about myself should encourage others to come in, so to speak, and make contact. To involve themselves with me . Being open is difficult. It makes us feel vulnerable, psychologically naked. But it also is important in terms of really letting others get to understand how I think, how I feel and what I believe.

This is Why I share these fun facts about me.

  1. My family/friends is critical to me. I’m close with all of my family. And Servant leader to them.
  2. I’m laid back, playfulness and passionate but seriously too. I’m a comedian most of the time.
  3. I have an IQ of 145+, I tend to be Absent-minded or scatterbrained on irrelevant matters. e. g., Forgetting to hit send button on a text message. Or forget to eat. I am so focus on achieving my goals.
  4. I am a handful & some. I have lots of energy. Once I tried to be normal. it’s was the worst 2 minutes of my life! Lol
  5. I’ve over 40k songs in my music collection! Love music.
  6. Cool, Calm & Collective during most extreme stressful situations.
  7. I have Ph.D. in a PPO ( PiSSIN People Off): I’ve deep senses of Candor; I am very Open Minded…I Can’t, And I Shouldn’t, Please Everyone.
  8. I’m very playful, with bad-boy swagger. If I obey all the rules, then I miss all the fun.
  9. I tend to be More of a European Gentleman with Manners Matter: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, led by example is my backbone
  10. I’m rugged, grit, toughness, combined with perseverance & resilience.
  11. Honorably served in the Army (Special Ops) 8+ awarded 20+ Awards include Bronze Star, trained with Navy Seals.
  12. I’ve traveled to over 25+ countries.
  13. I grew up in a small town (pop 11k) 45 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA.
  14. I grew up on a farm, but love seeing the great city life. I can milk a cow.
  15. I’ve 3 degrees in Accounting, & Information Management & Analytics
  16. I read, on average, 15 books per month.
  17. I can ballroom dance; Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, to 2 steps
  18. I am Ultra-runner: 50+ & 100 milers No, you don’t have to run. As long as you enjoy to travel is a good cheerleader.
  19. I’m an extrovert (public) ENTJ but enjoy Introvert (private life) INTJ.
  20. My family is from Madrid, Spain & Sicily, Italy. I have a very deep tie
  21. 95% of my family have Blond hair & Blue or Gray Eyes. I have Hazel eyes, really olive/black skin in the summer.
  22. I like reading & playing chess
  23. I enjoy painting or arts, museums
  24. I like woodworking. I’m pretty handy with tools. Aka Do it yourself
  25. I am extremely driven to be the best and master skills easily.
  26. I’m a certified running coach
  27. I placed number second in the State for Stock Market Game in 9th grade.
  28. I love crossword puzzle; jigsaw, puzzles to programming
  29. My favorite sport is Boxing.
  30. I love to box, hiking, camping, swimming, to hanging out on the beach.
  31. I had an intellectual debate with a minister. And he included I don’t necessitate to be saved. A fascinating conversation, indeed. I must have learned something in Sunday school. My Sunday school teacher was as sexy as hell.
  32. My favorite course of studies in college includes theoretical physics, mathematics, astronomy, neuroscience, psychology, literature: fiction, poetry, and drama, history.
  33. I’ve made moonshine in chemistry classes.
  34. I’m a volunteer running coach; I help others to be successful. And I do other volunteer activities for the community.
  35. I got pulled over by a cop while driving a shopping cart returning to the military base.
  36. I repelled from a three-story building using only a buffer cable cord.
  37. I attended a bachelorette party on a dare from my army pals. To be a stripper for a party. Then I went to the wedding with one of the bridesmaids of honor.
  38. I’ve ridden a BULL before
  39. My Favorite clothes: Day: Suit & Tie; Evening: Ballcap & Jeans to gym clothes.
  40. At age 13 yrs. I was running an entire business before going in the army at 17
  41. I fucked one of my sub-teachers in HS
  42. My luck shirt is an old Army PT shirt with the two bullet holes. The bullets only that missed me by 1/8of inch. Definitely! I cherish life…
  43. I have tons of awesome stories.
  44. I have a big personality, but I am genuine Who I am and What I want in all aspects of my life.
  45. I have 4 pending patents in Analytics that can highlight specific events, customer behavior; find discord between the different business functions. New sets of key performance indicators, metrics analytics can help to evaluate & alignment the performance cross-functionalities retroactively.
  46. My love language is Act of Service (Dominate), Quality Time, Physical Touch (only if you are close to me. Generally, I don’t like people to touch me)
  47. My favorite physical features on a woman are beautiful eyes. A woman’s Intelligence is critical to me. I love smart women.
  48. My brother and I tired mother to a telephone, and place a sign on around her neck saying “Free to Good Home” Then the neighbors drove by honking the horn, Then Dad got on us boys for horse playing. Our family is all about Laughlin and horse playing.
  49. At age 12, I blew up my father detected garage stove while making moonshine.
  50. I have never been to JAIL!! Either, I talked my way out of it, and I rode the fine line., lol
  51. I have made my ex-GF cum in church. I loved her facial expressions..lol
  52. I don’t date a woman, I court her by Going the Extra Mile, by wooing her…

Results from BDSM test and other Stats

  • Been in BDSM lifestyle-15+ yrs. Few other stats
  • 100% Dominant
  • 99% Master
  • 99% Owner
  • 98% Degrader
  • 98% Sapiosexual
  • 97% Daddy
  • 97% Rigger
  • 96% Primal (Hunter)
  • 91% Sadist
  • 88% Brat tamer
  • 85% Voyeur
  • 81% Age player
  • 76% Exhibitionist
  • 72% Experimentalist
  • 25% Vanilla