8 Distinct Female Orgasms: How Do You Make Her Experience Climax?

I can play with woman mind, her body and vagina like a fiddle. I understand how to make sex more than sex, but passion incarnate. Why I will always have been superior lover. I had made women pass out from having some many orgasms…

I am often surprised by how little most MEN know about the sexual potential of a woman bodies. The purpose of this article is to make men aware of all the possible ways they can physical pleasure her so they fully enjoy sex. I believe knowledge is power and I hope more MEN will be sexually empowered with the knowledge. It is worth nothing that very few women experience all these different type of orgasms. Imagine a woman experience them on multiple dimensions level.. aka Her Orgasms for be so Intense and strong.. She will be additive to you.

Although I recognize that all women are unique and experience arousal differently, I am aware of 8 different types of orgasms females can experience (based on where or how it is experienced by a woman) and the various combinations of these:

  1. Vaginal: Experienced during sexual intercourse or other. A rhythmical contraction of the uterus which forcefully pushes the cervix downwards to make it easier for sperm to enter the uterus.
  2. Clitoral: Experienced by the stimulation of the clitoris orally, manually or with the aid of a vibrator. Use of powerful wand vibrators over time can make the clit de-sensitized and can make achieving this type of orgasm much more difficult over time.
  3. G-spot/Squirting: Experienced by the stimulation of the G-spot & urethral sponge, usually resulting in the expulsion of a fluid (not urine) the skeins gland openings/tubes.
  4. Anal: Experienced during anal stimulation (rimming, butt plugs, anal beads) or anal intercourse
  5. Breast: Experienced purely by stimulation of the breasts and nipples.“Breast Worship: Seizing The Keys to the Kingdom”
  6. Full-body: A wave of orgasms that travels over the body usually as a result of multiple orgasms and extended period of stimulation without rest. This is also known as Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO).
  7. Spanking: Experienced as direct result of a severe spanking session followed by aftercare by an intense emotional release.
  8. Mindgasm:An orgasm achieved without physical stimulation through the power of your imagination (wet dreams, phone sex, cybersex). Some women can be trained to “Cum-on-Command” using conditioning, hypnosis and mental arousal triggers.

Simple Tips That Help A Female Achieve Climax…

  1. Anticipation, Foreplay & Arousal – The mind is our largest sex organ. It need to be aroused for the body to respond. The longer the period of mental arousal and stimulation, the easier orgasm is to achieve – flirting, eye contact, dirty talk, caressing or breast worship all add to the unhurried process of arousing the mind and body of a woman. Pre-Foreplay: Arouse the Mind First, The Body Follows Eager
  2. Emotional Bond – Never under-estimate the importance and power of deep emotional connection to a lover to enhance the physical response of the body.Hierarchy of Female Emotional Needs for Wild Sex: Unleashing Her “Inner Vixen
  3. Trust & Intimacy: In order to feel emotionally safe while fully exposed and vulnerable during orgasm, you need to feel trust and intimacy with a partner. If you feel you will be betrayed for being so exposed, you will hold back which may make orgasms difficult to achieve.
  4. Her Favorite Sex Fantasy – Having a specific fantasy which she can turn to during masturbation or during sex that arouses her mind intensely will make achieving orgasms much easier.
    5: Master Her Body – Be the master of her orgasms and her body. You need to know all the various ways that her body likes to be aroused so you can be the guide for your partner.
  5. Masturbate Regularly – Maintaining the mind/body connection to achieve orgasms is critical or you will lose it. If you have lost that mind/body connect, practice can bring it back.
  6. A New Location or Different Environment — A B&B, A Hotel, On the boat – Being away from the kids, chores and bills allows the mind to be in the moment and not pre-occupied with worries. Stress kills the libido.
  7. Set The Mood – Music, candles, incense all set a romantic/erotic environment to allow the mind to relax and serves to arouse all the senses.
  8. Help With The Dishes – An exhausted woman has no energy for sex. A woman who feels appreciated also wants to please her partner in return.
    10 Helping Anorgasmia – How Do You Achieve An Orgasm?

There are many women who cannot or struggle to experience satisfying orgasms of all kinds (Anorgasmia). As sexual women, how would you advise them to achieve satisfying orgasms? What are the mental and physical processes that you use to achieve orgasms?

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