“I can’t believe this is happening to me!!” she moaned. 

Sophia was pouting. Her delicate features marred by a frown. She had just turned 18, half a girl, half a woman. Still so naïve and self-centered, she was absorbing the terrible news her mother, Eve, had delivered.

“Why are you and Roger breaking up? What do you mean we are moving out?!? My party is supposed to be next weekend!”

“Honey, please understand…” said her mother, Eve.

“No, I do not want to understand. You are ruining MY life!!” Sophia shouted.

Eve had dreaded this conversation. Her second husband, Roger, was wealthy and handsome, yet the marriage had always been rocky. Eve long suspected that Roger had his eye on Sophia. And why not, her little girl had grown to be beautiful. Her dirty blond hair was thick and soft, falling to her shoulders, framing a face with stunning, big, blue eyes. She secretly felt her best feature was her full D cup breasts, although she worked hard for her trim athletic waist and toned legs that were perfectly tanned and waxed. Sophia was a bit vain and knew she was an attractive girl. Ever since she was young, she could see the effect she had on men. Even much older men would try to strike up conversations with her when she was out. She loved the attention and flirted often. Too often for her mother’s liking.

That was what had enticed Roger. His leering looks over the years had become more insidious, and his ‘innocent’ comments had grown increasingly overt. The final straw came recently. Eve had just finished sucking Roger’s thick 9-inch cock and was swirling her tongue around the head, teasing out every last drop.

“I’d like to fuck you and Sophia,” said Roger matter-of-factly. 

Eve was caught mid swallow and choked down the rest of the large load of come that she had in her mouth. She gagged a bit like a line of come dribbled down her chin and sputtered, “What?!?”

“I want a threesome. She is legal now, and we both know how sexual she has become.”

“What are you talking about? Are you crazy? My baby is not a sex toy for your use.”

They fought. Eve felt she had no choice but to leave at once with her daughter.

That brought them here to Sophia’s room while Eve threw together a suitcase. Despite Sophia’s protests and snotty behavior, she eventually followed Eve’s request to collect her things. She made sure to bring her favorite dildo. She laughed to herself, “A girl can get lonely.”

As Eve and Sophia hurried to fill the SUV with their bags, they didn’t even notice the van that had pulled up the long driveway. The men who exited the van were masked and silent. They walked quickly up behind the girls and clamped rags over their faces. The girl’s screams were muffled by the chloroform soaked cloth, and they promptly lost consciousness.

Eyes opened and then shut as if the effort of lifting the lids was too great, Eve struggled to awaken. The light streamed into her squinting eyes, and her heavy tongue fought the words, “When…Where am I?”

“You are in my care,” the voice intoned seemingly near her ear, although the stranger was standing in the shadowy corner of the room. His face covered in a mask; he stood at least 6’5,” and while he was dressed in slacks, dress shirt, and cape, she could still see that his physique was impressive. 

Her eyes adjusted to the light of the room, and she could see that it was not the brightness of the light that hurt her eyes; in fact, it was quite dim, but rather the length of time she had been unconscious.

The dingy gray concrete walls had no windows. She saw a camera mounted in each corner of the room and television monitors on the walls. As she tried to move, she realized that her hands were cuffed to the side railings of the bed she lay on. Eve rattled the cuffs ever more frantically as she tried to escape.

“Relax,” said the man in the mask. “You won’t escape here. Even if you got out of the cuffs, the door is 9 inches of black steel. After that, you would need a map to leave the building, trust me,” he laughed. The wicked laugh reverberated along the walls of the small concrete room. 

There was no place to hide.

She screamed anyway. Long and loud, her screams went unanswered. Finally, the man strode from the corner and delivered a backhanded slap that left a red mark on her cheek.

“Silence!!” he thundered. 

He turned and clicked on one of the television monitors. The monitor showed an image of Sophia, eyes closed with an angelic expression on her sleeping face. She was dressed in a sheer nightie, and Eve could see the outline of her thong panties underneath.

“If you do not comply with every request and demand made of you, then your daughter will pay the price. The only way to keep your daughter safe is to serve and obey with enthusiasm. Do you understand?”

Eve looked up at the man, eyes vacant and uncomprehending. He slapped her again, and it brought her out of her stupor. As the man spoke to her, she did not notice the quiet group of men filing into the room. Seven black warriors, muscles glistening with oil, wearing only briefs. If the bulges in them were any sign, then Eve was in for an exceptionally long night! The men carried dog leashes, chains, and cruel-looking nipple clamps.

“You may call me the Marquis,” said the man in the mask. “I have been tasked with the pleasurable duty of breaking you,” he said matter-of-factly. 

Eve felt a fear she had never known before. Goosebumps arose along the back of her neck. 

The man swiftly fixed the dog leash around Eve’s throat. The suddenness surprised her. She had not even seen one the men hand it to the Marquis. Yanking the chain upward pulled her head up and dispelled any other thoughts in her head.

“Look around you,” he barked.

Eve began to study the black men in the room. Several had removed their underwear. Thick, inky black cocks with dark veins throbbing fixated her. She had never been with a black man before, and the only three-ways she had had were drunken college romps. It had been exhilarating fun and so easy to fuck one boy doggie style and suck another off. She found herself transfixed by the varying shades of black cocks surrounding her. 

“I don’t think I can do it,” she said softly.

“Any man you do not satisfy will be released into your daughter’s quarters,” the man replied bluntly.

The dark circle of men closed around her, a cruel coldness in their eyes despite grinning mouths.

She gasped as a big, black, bulbous penis head was shoved into her face and pressed against her lips. A light sheen of pre-come was left against her lips as it brushed past. She hesitated, but a strong black hand grabbed her silky, blond hair and rammed her forward. Surprised, she opened her mouth, and using an old trick she learned in her college sorority, she suppressed her gag reflex and took nearly all the long, dark dong down her throat, which bulged at the girth of it.

A man positioned himself beneath her, his rippling muscles clearly visible. He began hungrily sucking at her nipples and breasts. The prolonged assault began to create warmth from the bottom of her belly to her clit. Her pussy started to get wet while her head was being forced back on forth on the giant black knob in her mouth. “How is this happening?! I am such a slut for letting this turn me on!”

A third man had buried his face in her upturned ass. He could not resist the sight of her beautiful pink pussy and tight virgin bunghole. He ran his tongue flat from her clit up to her asshole. She had never had anyone treat her this way! 

His tongue flicked along the crack, teasing her puckered little hole before diving deep in her asshole while holding her ass cheeks apart. The warmth in her belly continued to grow.

Meanwhile, the black man below her pressed the tip of his cock against her wet opening. A moist, slurping sound echoed through the concrete room as he slid the full length of his 9-inch cock into her. She did not need any lube to take him despite his size and girth. She began to rock back and forth aggressively. She was losing control of her body, and her mind would soon follow! He quickly picked up the rhythm.

The big, black man continued to rim her while the black stud mercilessly fucked her below her. The invading tongue was relentless despite her hips rocking back and forth. He was latched on to her like a giant alien tentacle raping her tight little asshole. She lost her mind as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body.

“Unnhhhh,” she cried out.

“Oh yes, that pretty white ass has been warmed up good. Time to fuck it.”

A large, black cock head rubbed against her pink, puckered asshole slick with spit. The black boy’s face was broken by a sharp, white smile that seemed incongruous with the look in his eye. He spat on her asshole and watched as his friends fucked her pussy and mouth mercilessly. He pushed against her sphincter and felt it initially pull tighter, afraid of his advances.

“Relax, sweetie, I’m coming in either way. Let’s make it easy on you, baby.”

Eve could barely think as her pussy and mouth were being violated, but she realized that the third black man was trying to fuck her in the ass! She breathed deeply every time the big black dong left her throat, gasping for air and trying to let her ass relax and accept the big, black monster that was knocking at her back door. 

His cock slid deeper into her ass with every rhythmic rise of her hips. Soon it was a perfect ballet. Her pussy slammed down on the black cock and then rose to accept the cock in her ass deeper and deeper. All the while, the strong black hand remained clamped on the back of her head, fucking her face and mouth relentlessly. She could feel the cock in her mouth start to twitch and grow. She knew it was only moments until his load filled her mouth. She hoped that it would not choke her.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” the black man groaned as his balls tightened and released spurt after spurt of come. He pulled the head back and aimed for her mouth. His aim was only fifty/fifty, and he comes shot into her eyes and onto her chin. Blinded by come, she could only helplessly swallow everything she could. She could hear a camera bulb flash and realized that someone was taking pictures of her most vulnerable moment.

A signal was made, and the men decided to rotate. 

“You need to clean the cock that was in your ass, sweetheart,” a man said. Her head spun as she wanted to resist the demand. However, she was no match for these big, black thugs, and a robust and dark hand held the back of her head while she swirled her tongue around the tip of the black cock that had stretched and filled her anus only moments before. She lovingly cleaned her head despite the strong flavor. Then she deep throated it several times, quickly moving up and down the entire length of the cock. 

“Oh, shit!” cried the man as the depravity of the scene affected him. His moans came from deeper in his throat as his balls tightened. She felt him tense up, and he pulled her mouth back to the tip of his cock. Streams of hot, white come flew from the tip of his penis, and she caught ropes of coming across her tongue and face. She smiled as she thought about how much she had pleased this man. 

Eve was so engrossed in pleasing the African warrior with her mouth that she barely noticed another eager cockhead at her asshole. By now, it was much easier to enter for the man’s cock, slicked with spit. He entered her in one swift motion that took her breath away. This man was slightly wider than the last and filled her even more.

The man who had been fucking her pussy was now at her mouth while another took his place. Eve carefully cleaned the cock of her fuck juices and began to sensually suck on his balls while stroking his cock. She ran her tongue down the length of his shaft and made loud slurping noises as she washed his nuts with her mouth. 

Eve flicked her tongue along the ridges of his balls and back to his dusky taint. The man turned to accommodate Eve, and his breathing quickened as her tongue worked feverishly up and down his crack. The man fucking her ass was impressed by the scene. “This bitch is the craziest ho I’ve ever fucked,” he thought. Unable to last any longer, he pulled out and roughly grabbed her hair as he stood alongside her. His come filled her willing and waiting mouth. Eve swallowed every drop and squeezed the shaft from the base to make sure none was wasted. Eve had transformed into a cum-hungry whore! 

As soon as the man was satiated, Eve returned to rimming the black god before her, and within moments he was ready to come. Turning around, he let fly a drenching load of come into her eyes and mouth. She hungrily lapped it up and spoke nonsensically as she begged for more.

Eve felt drained and triumphant, barely realizing that three men were still waiting for their turn. The men positioned themselves at each hole and began to rotate every few minutes so that Eve was given the honor of cleaning her ass and pussy from each cock in turn.

The men could not hold out for long, and soon, Eve was drenched in another round of come. The men stood around her and admired their handiwork. The camera repeatedly flashed as the men posed her in diverse ways. 

“You have done well,” the Marquis said. Eve had not realized the cruel man had left and re-entered the room at some point.

“I drained every man to protect my daughter,” Eve replied proudly. 

“You provided quite a show for your daughter. You are an excellent role model. And I will hold up my end of the bargain, your daughter will not be forced to satisfy my henchmen. However, it seems that she may want to do so willingly. Somehow she got the idea that doing so will protect you from harm,” the Marquis laughed as he strode out of the room.

“Nooooooooo,” screamed Eve as the thick black steel door slammed shut behind the cruel man.