“I’m almost ready!” Chelsea yelled at her friend as she was applying her makeup.

Standing in front of the mirror, the 5’8, 27-year-old, half white-half black girl with dark hair and a nice ass was finally ready for a night out on the town.

“OK, Stephanie, let’s go! Get the Uber!” she told her friend, a 5’4, 27-year-old skinny white girl with brown hair, perky B cup tits, and a cute, tight butt.

“Wow, Chelsea, your tits look great in that dress!” Stephanie had always been a little jealous of her friend, as her B cups were not as big as her friends’ pair of 36Cs.

Both were dressed up for a night out – Chelsea wearing a revealing orange dress that ran around her knee, while Stephanie was wearing a tight black shirt and a short jean skirt. It had been a while since they had both gone out together for a night on the town, and although Stephanie had a boyfriend, Chelsea was single and was just looking to spend some quality time with her friend.

“I’ll take two vodka cranberries,” Stephanie told the bartender, walking them over to her friend as she waited on the side, having recently arrived at a famous club

“Wow, these are pretty strong,” Chelsea told her friend, causing Stephanie to nod in agreement.

After about 20 minutes, both had finished their drinks and were headed back to the bar for another round. On their walk over, they were suddenly approached by two guys.

“Hey, ladies, my name is Duane,” the 6’2, a well-built black man said, “and this is my friend Frank.” Also, black and well built, but standing shorter at 5’7.

“We have a booth over there,” pointing to his left, “care to join us? Drinks on us…”

As Chelsea hesitated to respond, Stephanie took the initiative.

“Sure, let’s do it!” And they began their walk to the booth.

“What are you doing? I just wanted a night out for us,” Chelsea told her friend.

“Chelsea, don’t worry about it. We can still have some fun and also save some money,” she replied. “and it’s not like you have to sleep with either of them.”

Arriving at the booth, they were greeted by five more black gentlemen sitting around the table.

“This is Xavier, Derek, Eddie, Charles, and this guy we call Big C,” Duane said to the girls as they all shook hands.

“This is Chelsea,” she said, pointing to her friend. “And I’m Stephanie, but everyone calls me Steph.”

All five were in shape, with Xavier and Eddie being the tallest at 6’4, and Big C is the shortest at 5’5 (Charles and Derek were in the middle, measuring 6’1 and 6’0).

As the night progressed and more drinks were had, both girls felt more at ease, lowering their guard as the alcohol was starting to take effect.

“This is fun, I needed this,” Chelsea told herself. “Steph was right, and there’s no harm in getting some free drinks and socializing.”

The guys kept the drinks flowing, and both girls engaged in various conversations with each one of them. Talking about what they were doing with their lives and their upbringings, both even snuck in a few dances with a couple of them.

“I think that Duane guy is into you,” Stephanie said to her friend as they were freshening up in the bathroom.

“I know, I could tell when we were on the dance floor. I could feel his bugle grinding up against my ass,” Chelsea replied.

“Guys have always loved this butt,” Stephanie said as she slapped her friend’s ass, “and I know how you feel. That guy Frank was grinding on mine when his friend Xavier, or whatever his name is, tried to grind me from the front. I got out of that quick.”

She laughed, “Seems like you are not short on suitors yourself, either Steph.”

After both girls returned from the bathroom, they were greeted with shots of tequila. Standing up, all 9 of them took their shots before doing another round.

Frank sat down first in the middle of the booth and waved for Stephanie to join her. As she sat down, Xavier sat next to her with Eddie joining him. Duane and Derek went back to the bar to order another round, while Charles and Bic C sat next to Frank and told Chelsea to join them. Duane returned from the bar with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of cranberry juice, sitting next to Chelsea with Derek next to him, and poured the ladies another drink while realizing that their plan to box them into the booth had worked.

After a few minutes, Duane placed his hand on her leg, starting to caress the area around her kneecap and thigh gently.

“Hey, you seem nice and all, but I’m not that type of girl,” Chelsea told Duane.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he removed his hand. “I wouldn’t think a gorgeous woman like you would be.”

She blushed in response and looked over at her friend, hoping they could make another run to the bathroom. Instead, she saw Frank whispering something in her ear and noticed Xavier rubbing her legs.

She then told herself to loosen up and replied, “No, it’s OK. I just didn’t want you to get the wrong impression.” Thinking to herself that there isn’t any harm in a little touching.

After another drink, Duane returned his hand to her leg, and this time Chelsea did not complain. It felt nice to have his hand rubbing her, and as she relaxed further, she could feel a little dampness start to develop in her lower region.

Another hour and some drinks later, both girls were feeling pretty drunk, and Duane interrupted everyone’s conversation.

“What are you ladies doing after this? My place is right around the corner, and we are all heading there for a few drinks. Care to join us? We will even get you both an Uber home.”

Chelsea hesitated again, unsure if she wanted to hang out with 7 guys and only 2 girls, but was too slow to respond.

“Sure!” Stephanie replied, disregarding the reluctance on her friends’ part. “A few drinks sounds like fun.”

A quick 5-minute walk later, and the 9 of them arrived at Duane’s place. Duane was married with 3 kids but did well enough in life to keep a beautiful apartment on the side for him and his boys.

Although the crew only consisted of the 7 of them tonight, these 7 were the closest, having graduated college together. At the ages of either 36 or 37, they also made a point to see each other regularly. Regulars at the gym, they would use Duane’s apartment just to hang out and escape their wives or significant others, while other nights using it to have some fun in different ways.

Both girls were impressed by the apartment – high ceilings with a nice view of the city, 3 bedrooms, a game room with a fully stocked bar, and a spacious kitchen – and after receiving a tour, both immediately went to the bathroom.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you volunteered our company,” Chelsea said to her friend, “We’re both pretty drunk, and I just wanted a girl’s night out on the town.”

“Whatever Chelsea,” Stephanie replied, “you don’t need to fuck any of them. Maybe just make out with one and leave him wanting more. I have a boyfriend, and I’m still here.”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should just fake being sick and leave. They did keep feeding us alcohol.”

“Chelsea, I don’t want to leave yet. We just got here, and they are all nice. Besides, if anything did happen, it’s not like we are going to have sex with all of them.”

“How are we going to do this? Who is taking who?” Duane asked his boys.

“You know I love those white girls,” Frank replied, having always been a fan of seeing the contrast of his 8-inch black cock inside a white girl’s pussy.

“OK, here is what I’m thinking,” Duane started to say. “I’m going to take the mixed chick back to my room. Frank, you’ve been working your magic on the white girl, so take her back to one of the other bedrooms.”

“But what’s the plan here tonight? There are only 2 of them and 7 of us,” Eddie asked, interrupting Duane. “We are doing a normal routine?”

“I was about to get to that, and Nah, these two seem like work. You 5 shoot some pool in the game room and give me and Frank 30 or so minutes. You all can then decide where to start first,” Duane told his boys, sensing that his plan was starting to come to fruition. “Once you guys enter, just be prepared for a long night of fun. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve done this and although it’s only 7 of us tonight, we got only two girls as well. I also got a surprise for all of you at the end.”

“Well, they better be ready for a long night then,” Big C replied, causing all 7 to laugh out loud.

Back from the bathroom, the girls were in Duane’s living room.

Frank had his arm around Stephanie on the couch, and Duane had left the room to make another round of drinks for everyone. Chelsea sat on the opposite couch, facing Frank and her friend.

“Where did everyone else go?” she asked Frank.

“Duane is grabbing us drinks, and the other guys went to play some pool,” he said. “Those 5 will probably play a few games and go home. They all got wives and kids to see.” Frank couldn’t help but grin a little as he said this, knowing that was a lie.

“Oh, OK,” said Chelsea, her mind now a little more at ease with the knowledge that it would only be the 4 of them. As she looked at her friend flirting with Frank, her mind told her, “Maybe make out with Duane and let him cop a feel. He’s cute and seems into me, and maybe this could be the beginning of something more serious.”

Duane returned with the drinks and handed each one of them. 2 more vodka cranberries for the ladies, and beers for the guys. He had also put something a little extra in the drinks for the girls. It wasn’t an aphrodisiac or anything malicious – no, Duane had too much pride for that – but just a little powder that would help these 2 stays awake for the night. They needed some extra energy for what he had in store for them.

As they finished their latest drinks, Duane got up to grab them more, and both Stephanie and Chelsea were feeling pretty drunk, but confused with their sudden burst of energy.

“You look tight,” Frank said to Stephanie. “Care for a massage?”

“That sounds incredible,” she replied, not expecting much and figuring he just wants to cop a feel.

As Duane returned with another round, Stephanie was now sitting on Frank’s lap, receiving a back massage. He was paying particular attention to her lower back, running his hands underneath her shirt from the top of her back down to just underneath the top of her skirt.

“No bra, nice,” Frank said to himself. “How are you feeling?” he asked her.

“Mmm, this feels good, your hands are incredible,” she replied with her eyes closed. She was impressed by the massage, and she felt herself becoming more aroused.

While this was happening, Chelsea remained seated on the opposite couch, and her legs closed so no one could get a view up her dress. Although a comfortable sofa, it was also one that seemed to sink, causing the sides of her orange dress to the run-up.

She also had to deal with Duane, who continued to ask her a variety of questions.

“Hey, I think you have something in your hair,” he said to her as he placed his hand by the side of her head. “Got it, you’re good.”

He then proceeded to move her hair further to the side, and as he did, he looked her in the eyes and said, “You’re really beautiful, you know that? I could get lost in your eyes. Why don’t you move a little closer to me?” Motioning for her to move further in from the end of the couch.

Typically, these cheesy pickup lines would not affect her. But in her drunken state, she couldn’t help but blush and bat her eyelids in approval.

“Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself,” she said to him. “And, OK, I’ll move closer to you.”

Duane now had Chelsea next to her, her head leaning against his shoulder, seated in the middle area of the couch. Although her legs remained crossed, the latest drink caused her not to notice that her dress had run up even higher on her legs, exposing the lower 2/3 of her thighs.

“God damn,” Duane thought to himself, noticing how much her dress had run-up. “She is just what I need- half white-half black, not skinny but not fat either, with a nice pair of tits and a juicy ass.” He then proceeded to place his hand on her kneecap, gently rubbing that area, gauging her response. “I can’t wait to get between these.”

“Alright, baby, I bet your back is feeling better now. Time to move lower,” Frank said to Stephanie. “Why don’t you get off my lap and lay on the couch so I can work on your legs.”

She willingly obliged, moving off his lap and laying her chest down on the couch. He started on her feet, rubbing them for a few minutes, then worked his way up her legs, taking time to give each one attention. He noticed that her skirt was now barely covering her ass, allowing him to have a clear view it and the thong running down the middle.

She let out a few moans, and he then proceeded to work for his hands up underneath her skirt, rubbing each ass cheek.

“Wow,” she said as she felt his hands grab her ass.

“Sorry,” he responded, removing his hands from her cheeks. “I just thought you needed a full body massage, and I didn’t want to leave any part out.”

“No, it’s OK,” Stephanie replied, “Your hands feel amazing.”

He then started up again, working for his hands from the top of her ass down to her ankles, every so often running a finger along the thin piece of fabric protecting her asshole and vagina.

As Duane and Chelsea watched all of this unfold, he could sense that the scene was making her uncomfortable.

“Care to check out my bedroom?” he asked her.

Hesitating for a moment, she replied, “OK, but I’m not that type of girl who fucks on the first night. I hope you respect that.”

“Of course, I promise we will take it slow.” Thinking to himself that this girl had no idea what she was in for.

As she followed him into his bedroom, she looked back at Stephanie, who mouthed “Have fun,” and noticed that Frank’s hands were now planted underneath her skirt. His right hand was rubbing her ass while his left was rubbing her pussy.

“Gosh, my friend is wild,” she thought to herself as she entered his bedroom.

Chelsea sat on his bed, and Duane sat next to her, moving his hand up and down her thigh while starting to peck at her neck. After a few minutes, they both began to kiss, laying back on the bed with his hand now moving further up her dress.

“Hey, I thought we agreed to take this slow,” she said, sitting up, batting away his hand.

“I’m sorry, but you are just so sexy, and I thought you might enjoy it. Besides, it’s just a little touching. We can do whatever you want, and if I get too aggressive, just tell me to stop, and I will,” he replied.

A smile came across her face as he moved in for another kiss, thinking to herself that this guy was different, that she would be in control and could trust him.

Gently moving her back down so that she was now laying back on the bed, he laid by her right side. He continued to kiss her, stroking her hair and sensing she was getting further turned on. His hand then started at her shoulder, slowly and sensually touching her body until he reached her knee. He then started to move his hands towards her inner thighs, starting with a finger before stroking her right leg with all 5. She let out a giggle, but this time allowed him to continue.

Meanwhile, Frank had led Stephanie into the other bedroom, and things were progressing quickly. He closed the door, making sure to not fully shut it, and immediately grabbed her from behind, kissing her neck and embracing her mouth. He pulled her arms up and removed her shirt, exposing her erect nipples to the cool air, then threw her on to the bed. She turned around to witness him take off his shirt and pants, admiring his abs and noticing the bugle protruding from his briefs.

He got on to the bed, first embracing her in a kiss, then moved down her body, kissing her nipples along the way. Frank then moved below her waist, starting to remove her jean skirt as Stephanie lifted her hips to expedite the process. Down to just her thong, he kissed his way up her body, sticking his tongue back into her mouth.

She could feel his 8-inch hard black cock rubbing against her sex through his briefs, and as their tongues met, he moved his left hand down her body, grabbing her right breast before ending up between her legs. As she spread them further apart, he also brought down his right hand and began to use both to pull at the sides of her thong. Putting up little resistance, Stephanie was now completely naked as he began to play with her pussy. Starting with one finger, he inserted two more before bringing them up and placing them into her mouth, drenched in her fluids. He then began to grind his cock between her legs, feeling her wetness drip onto his briefs. She then thought to herself, “Well, there’s no turning back now.”

Her boyfriend had recently cheated on her, and although they still loved each other, her drunken mind also rationalized her current situation as something she deserved. “If he can put his dick in another woman, I can have a dick in me,” she told herself. Little did she know that there wouldn’t be just one cock inside her tonight.

Chelsea and Duane continued to make out, and his hand was becoming more aggressive. After a few minutes of stroking her thighs, he decided it was time to start on her sweet spot and started to move his hand towards her vagina. Sensing what he intended to do, she broke off the kiss and said “Wait,” but before she could finish her sentence, Duane embraced her in another kiss and placed three fingers on her vagina, rubbing her pussy through her thong and making a point to never go past the fabric.

Her body reacted, and as her tongue embraced his, he could feel the wetness of her pussy increasing. He knew then that he would soon have her in the position he wanted.

He broke off their kiss and started to kiss her neck while continuing to rub her pussy, causing Chelsea to omit a few light moans.

“Perfect,” Duane thought to himself, “this bitch is nearly right where I want her.”

Duane continued to kiss her neck for a few more minutes while now moving his hands to rub both of her shoulders. He then lowered the straps of her dress, causing her 36C breasts to be exposed.

“You have great tits.” He said, causing her to smile again.

Taking her right nipple into his mouth while stroking her left breast, he also started again to caress her inner thighs with his free hand, causing Chelsea to moan out again in pleasure.

After a few minutes, he began to move further down. Lifting the bottom of her dress and kissing between her half brown-half white thighs, he could smell her scent coming from between then. He eventually kissed and licked his way up to her vagina and, in a quick move, moved the piece of her thong to the side and immediately put his mouth on her clit, inserting a finger into her vagina.

“Holy fuck, this feels so good!” Chelsea said as Duane continued to suck her clit and inserted another finger. She then realized she should slow this down, but as his tongue and fingers explored her clit and her inner walls, and in her intoxicated state, she wanted to cum, badly, and told herself she deserved to get off.

Stephanie was now on her hands and knees, with Frank eating her out from behind. He always loved the taste of women and was licking from her asshole to her pussy. Unlike her friend, she did not feel any hesitation.

“I want that black cock in me now!” She yelled at Frank, and not missing a beat, he rose, pulled down his briefs, and stuck his 8-inch cock into her from behind. “Fuck this feels good,” she said as he put the first 4 inches in, feeling his pace increase with the full 8 inches in her after a few stokes. “I just hope Chelsea is having as much fun as I am, she thought to herself.