A Daddy’s Oath

I know what it is like out there in the world. Everything pushes down on your little shoulders. You aren’t tall enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. Your breasts are too small. Your ass is too big. Put on make up. Smile more. Don’t be a bitch. Don’t be a whore, but be more of a whore.

The whole thing is designed against you. It’s like walking around since birth with your shoes on the wrong feet. Be seen and not heard, but better always look your fucking best.

Well, that all stops now that daddy’s here.
First and foremost, I see you. I see you, but not in the way that you’re expected to be seen. I see inside you. I can see all the tender parts that make you soft. I can see all the rugged parts that make you hard. I can see the parts where you’ve been broken and have now healed over.

Second, I can hear you. Speak up little girl and scream how you feel. Make my ears bleed. I don’t care. There’s nothing you can ever say to me that will make me turn away. There is no secret I won’t hold close. There is no desire I won’t fulfill. There is no story too long-winded for me to give you my full attention. As long as you have air in your lungs never stop letting the world hear your voice.

Lastly, there is nothing from your past that we can’t overcome, today. I know how it feels to be scared and hurt, I know that you feel like the world has been against you you’re whole life, but daddy is here to tell you it isn’t that way anymore. I know you don’t need me to fight your battles, but nevertheless I will be here behind you. I will stand in front of you and be you’re shield. When you’re stuck in quicksand I will get you a rope. And if there is no rope I’ll jump into the quicksand with you. I will pick you up when you no longer have the strength to go on, and if you want to give up I will lay with you in the mud and tell you it’s still OK.

I will be you’re biggest fan. I will be your loudest cheerleader. This is the promise a daddy makes to his little girl. This is the oath I swear. And all I ask for in return is you promise me the same. Never forget daddy loves you, and he always will.