A Man should treasure her, but not as a possession. She needs to be loved, not treated with aggression.

A Man Recognizes her value is more than all the world’s treasures, Can never be the sum of scale’s unit measures.

A Man understand she should always be built up, not torn down, By all the words Him speak, when she is around.

A Man needs to be hugged her and not pushed away, Especially when both having a really bad day.

A Man’s word spoken to her in haste and anger will place her fragile heart in danger.

A Man should admire her for boundless love, and called upon as a true gift from Above. She Not used as a target for all his frustration, But held close and kissed with loving admiration.

A Man should always appreciate her commitment to you, And not take for granted what she’s given up for him!

A Man Kiss her and love her all that he possibly can, He should not embarrassed to be seen holding her hand.

A Man Treasure Her each day as if it was his last, And at the end of his life he won’t be regretting his past.