I kissed her forehead right before she was about to drift off. She looked so beautiful, like a sleeping princess. I held her gently, allowing her to feel safe and secure, with my arms wrapped around her, knowing that is what allows her to sleep the best, especially when she’s restless. With that kiss, I whispered in her ear like I do every time it’s time for her to sleep, “Goodnight my sweet and beautiful princess, Daddy loves you with all his heart and I want you to get a good nights rest”. She smiled like only a sweet baby girl being tucked in by her caring Daddy can and feel asleep in my arms as I held her still.

It was a simple kiss on the forehead that made her feel loved and perfect like everything was going to be alright and she could just let go and get the rest she needed. It was a kiss that said, you’re my little princess and I couldn’t love you more than I do right now. There’s lots of ways we enjoy kissing each other, but my favorite goodnight kiss is the one that allows my sweet girl to get the sleep she needs.