We had both been working very hard and needed to escape the city for a weekend. I booked a cabin in the north Georgia mountains, that had an immaculate view and beautiful amenities. The owner was quite accommodating and would prepare the cabin to your liking if you had a special request. My princess deserved to be spoiled this trip and I had a few things in mind. I had the owner decorate the cabin with over a hundred roses of various colors. Also, only the best wine from the local Vinyard would suffice. Red and white bottles of bliss were stored in the wine rack for us. At last, I had the fridge stocked with all the ingredients I would need to make the various dishes of exquisite cuisine that I was going to cook up for my beautiful baby. To top off the preparations, I had a Cheesecake brought up from Copelands, just to finish the festivities in style. No expense was sparred to make this a memorable experience.

We arrived at 8 pm that Friday evening. As soon as she opened the door, the scent of the roses drew the biggest smile on her face. They were placed in vases all over the living room and kitchen and gave the cabin a warm ambiance. She kissed me right there and said they were beautiful. I proceeded to take our luggage to the bedroom and came out to her opening a bottle of a red blend. We poured two large glasses and allowed the wine to breath before indulging in its succulent, divine nectar. I was standing with her by the counter and looking deep into her eyes while running my hands down her exposed arms that were bare in her tank top. We kissed lightly between sips of our delicious dark wine, the hint of chocolate notes, jumping from her lips to mine. With each sip and kiss we were getting drunk in love. Our souls were becoming relaxed as our sexual desires were becoming more ferocious. My body was now pressed against hers as she was pressed against the counter. Her breathing became hard and rapid, much like my firm grip that was now pulling at her top and gently scratching at her skin as I would bite her bottom lip during our passionate kisses.

“Let me slip into something more comfortable, “she said. She walked slowly and seductively to the bedroom, swaying her hips and giving me a naughty smile when she turned to look back, just as she was going to leave my view. The anticipation of her return was driving me into a frenzy, as I continued to consume this decadent wine. Intoxicated, in love and completely turned on. I was ready to make passionate, insane love, the kind that leaves marks and bruises. Sweet scars of a battle well had. Pushing and pulling, twisting and turning, when each thrust brings two bodies closer to Nirvana. She finally emerged from out the room, wearing knee high, candy Kane striped socks and nothing else. My heart was beating like a Congo drum and I simply had to taste her. I walked over like a man on a mission and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waste and I quickly had her pressed against the wall, my lips pressed against her. Each kiss, a rapid, intense expression of our physical needs of the moment she was pulling at my shirt and soon my bare chest was being clawed at by her fingernails.

Like two animals, we were lost in our raw desire for one another. Primal and hungry, we were clawing and trying to wrestle one another to the ground. But my strength overcame her and once again she was being carried. This time I had her outside on the back porch where I continued to carry her to the swing set tied and hanging from the tree. Only the luminous moon was shinning upon us and it lite her body like the incredible sexy goddess she was this evening. In one swift motion, she was turned around, placed on the swing with her stomach on the seat and her arms gripping the hangings ropes holding up the swing. Her pussy, soaking wet was all mine. I slipped in with a powerful thrust and start to fuck her with great pleasure. As the moon touched upon our bare shoulders, we were two animals in our element, grunting and moaning. She gripped the ropes tight as she quickly approached her first climax, she came and convulsed hard, her pussy tried to push me out with that release, but I pushed on and with my head sucking on her neck, brought her to another glorious orgasm before cumming myself. I leaned on her for a moment as we both tried to catch our breath and our collective thoughts. I took ahold of her and guided her back inside.

I brought her to the master bathroom , where I prepared a bubble bath to comfort her fresh bruises and scratches that criss crossed her back. I took off her socks she still had on and eased her into the tub. I went and retrieved the last of the wine and joined her in the bath. We sipped our wine and laughed and smiled. She switched sides and laid against me in tub. I gently kissed her neck and the side of her face, while we enjoyed warm water and brilliant wine. While the weekend was far from over, this was a good start.