“I’m so cold,” you announce to the fire as you scoot in closer to me. We’ve been dreaming of camping for months now, and we thought we had finally scheduled a perfect night. In many ways, it was: the sky was clear overhead; stars were shining in full force; insects and amphibians thrummed softly around us.

But damn if it isn’t chilly.

You nuzzle in closer, puffy jackets and blankets swallowing you up.

My pride and love swell as your hair nuzzles itself in my hoodied chest. Your small embrace simultaneously makes me “awww” and “unf” at the same time. And herein lies the paradox: My little submissive is all at once my strong adventurer and little cuddler, my sweet little and hungry whore.

And one always leads to the other.

My hand caresses your ass, and I feel you shift in your seat and bury your face into me. “Daddy…” your muffled whimper comes out.

I grab harder—my ass. The outdoors and having you cuddle into me is driving my hunger wild. Primal.

I need you.

I need to claim you.

I need to… hunt you.

But I need you exposed. These blankets just won’t do. I pull them off.

“Stand, prey.”

Prey? Daddy’s never called you that before. If you weren’t nervous before, you are now. You choose to stand.

I take your jacket off, and you complain.

Crack! A spanking strikes your ass.

“Quiet. You will listen, and you will do as you’re told.”

I continue to disrobe you until you stand nude in the frigid air. You shiver in silence as I take in your sexy figure in the moonlight. I move behind you and draw you into me, my large arms and hands swallowing up your tiny frame. I slap your tits and pussy and squeeze them both. The slaps sting in the cold and the gropes feel even more warm in response.

The big open meadow that we’re camping in shimmers before us.

I lean in to whisper in your ear.

“Little dragon, my sweetest prey. Tonight, I’m going to let you free.”

I kiss down your back, slowly. My arms and hands radiate warmth down your cold curves as the breeze bites. Goosebumps change the texture of your skin under my fingertips and lips. I kiss your cute buttocks and reach down to your calves. I tug at your anklet collar and grunt. Mine.

I stand and return to your ear.

“Here’s our little game tonight, slutty girl.”

I take off my shirt and stand in my kilt, my furry belly and chest pressed into you.

“I’ve got a bottle of coconut oil in my pocket and a flashlight. I’m going to give you 30 seconds to escape and hide. If you manage to evade your Predator for five minutes, I will only fuck your pussy tonight. If I find you within five minutes, your ass is mine to fuck as I will. I would suggest hiding well because Daddy’s cock is thick, and your little asshole is oh-so tight.”

I press the flashlight into your chest and release my arms from around you.


It takes you a minute to register everything as your teeth grind together in the cold. Booty burning from the spanking. Naked. Disoriented. Fucking cold. Your mind starts to drift for a moment as you take in the sudden shift in your evening, thinking, “have I always been this sensitive to cold or is my smaller body these days…”

“29… 28…”

You turn to glance up into my eyes. The wild flicker of the fire only enhances the hunger you see, staring back at you. “This is real,” your mouth mumbles in a low tone of fear and excitement.

I close my eyes and continue to count.

“27… 26…”

You turn and take off from the camp. Cold, scared… and excited as you finally take it all in. Fear gives way to an ache in your pussy. Is Daddy going to follow through with it? He’s not that rough… not really… well. There was that time you had to call a yellow on the sex swing when he was pounding your ass… and…

Your right foot is snared on an exposed root, and you stumble—the wildness sets in. The dirt on your shoes, on your hands. You brush it off on your exposed chest, and the dark flakes of soil smear across your tits. It’s funny the things that trigger a truly primal response. The loam and leaves stare back into your face as your palms open skyward. You feel it for the first time, a jolt of lightning that runs simultaneously down from the tightening of your chest and upwards from the pang of desire in your pussy… you’re being hunted.

“8… 7…”, you hear softer, behind you. You need to hide and quick. A tall thicket of grasses is about thirty feet to your left. You creep low and crouch down to hide in the dry blades.

I look down at my phone and set my timer. Four and a half minutes to hunt and pin and rape my little princess.

Game on.

I take a minute to grab my backpack and smile to myself in a loving and sadistic swirl of intent that only a Daddy Dom would recognize. She’s out there naked and afraid, and I’m here checking on aftercare items by a nice fire. It’s good to be the king. I toss a battery-powered wand into my pocket as well. Might as well be a little considerate.

I sling the pack over my exposed torso and head out on the hunt. My only guess is the general direction I heard her leave.

Boots crunch the grasses to flattened emerald thatch. I need to be quieter.

I slow my walk and begin to peer around as my eyes adjust to the night away from the campfire. Suddenly things feel a lot more open and bigger. Now, where would a little dragon be hiding…

I catch my breath softly condensing upward in the frosty air. Bingo.

The flashlight comes out, and I peer around. Eventually, I catch on to depressions in the foliage. Stalks of grasses bent and broken. My flashlight peers ahead in the darkness and my lizard brain kick into a primal mode.

The hunt is on.

My light scans just above the horizon. Where is your breath? Where is the vapor escaping the grasses? I continue on the trail, following the footprints in the moonlight.

You hear me getting closer, the sweeping of my flashlight above your head draws you into a tighter ball. You struggle to contain your fear and the sound of your heavy respiration.

I’m close now—the soft boot-fallen crunches and cascades of flashlight pause. The silence strains between us as we dance in an animalistic arms race of listening for Predator and prey alike.

Seconds feel like hours.

Soon, I continue along, and my footsteps grow softer. You gasp in the air after holding your breath for so long.


My hand on the back of your skull presses it sharply into the soil and weeds. You taste the earth on your lips as you try to sputter out the debris. Your hands reach back to my fistful of hair, but it’s too late… my shins pinning down your knees have sealed your fate.

I pull your head up sharply and lean in to run my tongue up your jawline to your ear. “Found you, prey.”

I reach down with a free hand to grab my already-lubed cock, and I stroke it up your lips and to your asshole. You scream out, your veins still pulsing with adrenaline from the sudden attack, as you claw at the grass. The only response Mother Nature provides to your desperate plea is dirt under your nails.

My head presses against your stubborn ass. One last bit of muscular defense to overcome, and then your hole is mine.

The alarm on my phone rings out. Perfect timing. I push the first inch inside, and your whimpering increases as terror blends with pain. “Nonono, Daddy, please.”

Please what? Give in? Betray my promises? Not fuck your little butthole with every firm stroke I can provide before releasing inside of you?

My now free hand reaches to grab my flashlight. I switch it on and pull sharply back on your hair, making you gasp. Pain radiates from head to ass to thigh as my shins bury in to lock you in place. I press the lit end of the flashlight into your mouth and clamp down across your lips and nose. Your cheeks glow in a pale reddish-orange light.

I chuckle at the lantern I’ve created out of your face. “It looks like you’re going to bellow fire, little dragon! I bet you wish you could.” I squeeze your cheeks hard.


I push the rest of my cock inside your ass, slowly. Methodically. The base prices your gape wide.

“MmMMMMMmmmmmfffff!!” You drool around the edges of the flashlight’s metal. Spit slips across my knuckles.

I paint in the cold air as I focus my effort on holding your pinned body in place. Sweet Christmas, your moans, and grunts are music to my ears. I roll my hips, slowly, as your cries settle in the dark, and your ass begins to accept me.

My hand releases your hair to pull the battery-powered wand out of my pocket. I lift your hips up to position it on your clit and secure it with the weight of our bodies. I grab your hair and rein your head up again.

I fuck you with deep strokes. Again, you respond with moans and grunts. Still, the key signature of your cries change. We’ve reached the bridge of this primal composition, and soon you’ll be begging for my cock to pound your ass.

I release the grip on your hair and mouth and spread the spit across your face. Slap!

You cry out, and the begging begins.

“Please fuck my ass, Daddy. Fuck me hard.”

I bellow in animalistic victory. My core ripples in delight as I squeeze myself in faster, harder. Blood rushes into my shaft and head to grow them ever larger.

Your screams and gasps now carry a loud, tinny quality to them. I feel your hole throb around my cock. Your first orgasm is coming on.

“Give me what I’ve earned tonight, prey. Worship me like the whore you’ve become.”

“Daddyyyyy?! Can I please cum!!?”

I grunt in acknowledgment and fuck harder.

Your hips buck up in surprising strength as you grind into me, seeking every last inch that you can take. You bite your lips as you start to clamp your mouth shut, and I pry it open with my fingers.

“Don’t you dare hold back!”

Your vocal cords scream as your mind fades to white static.

Your second always comes quickly. My calves quicken as I posture onto the balls of my feet and squat to slam you even deeper. I grab your elbows and pull them back to lift the top of your torso off the grass.


Long, furious strokes impale your ass as you slip again into the hysterical nirvana of orgasm. I shudder, releasing a flood of well-deserved cum simultaneously inside of you.

I collapse, holding myself inside. I lift up after a few moments of catching my breath and pull the blanket out of my pack to wrap you up in and carry you back to our campsite. Eyes closed, your barely parted lips only respond with a soft, satisfying coo.

We sit by the fire, and I endure the cold on my naked back as I hold you tight in my lap, rocking you to sleep as I hum songs into the crisp, night air.