Exotic Writer | Powerful Black Master King | ProDom | Sex Fiend | Erotic Specimens of Black Masculinity | Business Leader

  • Black Master, Slaver, Sadist and Daddy (Daddy is a powerful term because it says 3 things: Authority, Care, Responsibilities)
  • I’m a Consultant for top technology firms like Google & Facebook
  • Former U.S. Army Special Ops
  • Graduated from one of the top 3 Ivy League colleges
  • Loves hiking, kayaking, stand-up comedy shows, intelligent conversations


  • Old-Guard BDSM with Rules, Protocols, Discipline & Punishment
  • 24/7 Complete Ownership & Control – All Decisions are Made for the Slave. Slave Has No Free Will Anymore
  • Enslavement of Blacks, Whites, and Persians
  • Domestic Servitude
  • 24/7 Degradation, Objectification, Humiliation


  • Being transformed into black-owned property
  • Having your control taken. It is almost never freely given, but taken
  • Speech and eye contact restrictions
  • Old guard slavery
  • Getting beat, kicked and punished while you lay there chained and helpless to stop the punishments
  • Forced to sign a consensual consent form to your own abuse, violation, rape and enslavement (I don’t beat or bruise a slave in areas of the body seen by the public. I don’t need the public asking questions)
  • Getting Sir’s big black cock shoved in all your holes without any regards to your comfort or emotions or feelings
  • Being used as nothing but a piece of meat. Not a human. Just an object.
  • Constant degrading: being called names like little girl, cunt, rapemeat, slut, fuckmeat, rapeholes, nothing-but-a-fuck-doll, etc. as a form of endearment and ownership
  • Being forced down on Sir’s cock until you gag or puke
  • Being chained and locked up in your cage on a regular basis humiliation, objectification, degradation, beating