His eyes were a chestnut brown, like a vibrant chocolate color. It makes you smile because damn, chocolate is your favorite. His smile is bright like an actor’s, and his teeth are a little bit crooked, but it looks so cute. Oh, and damn, he is hunched over a beer, and he smirked at something his friend said, and shit. His smirk is hot.

His shoulders are broad, and his dark t-shirt clings to tight muscles under his arms. He is got a blue and crystal watch on one wrist and a thin golden chain on the other with a jeweled ring on his index finger. But no ‘ring.’ He was free.

You gulp, looking down at your hardly alcoholic drink, and tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. You sip your drink slowly and look over at him again. He sits two seats away from you at the bar. Just as you are about to look away, he looks up, and his eyes catch yours. You feel heat run across your cheeks and bite your bottom lip to stop squeaking.

He sets his drink on the bar and walks over to you, patting his friend on the shoulder. His hair had looked black, but up close, it was brown, and he had it spiked up in the front. He smirked at you as he sat down next to you.

“Hi there.” He greats, and if his voice were not the sexiest sound ever made, you then had not heard anything that could top it. He taps the bar, and another drink is sent his way seconds later. “I’m Banner; what’s your name then, little girl?” He asks, his smirk brightening.

You gulp, nodding. “Hi, Banner. I’m…uh.” Your throat clogs. You cannot talk, cannot think. His eyes are captivity in its quintessential form.

“You don’t wanna say? That is okay. You wouldn’t be the first girl I’ve fucked without knowing their name.” And his smirk just gets better! Like he knows that you’re going to fuck him…

Like he can predict twenty minutes into the future when he’s bringing you out of the bar through a side door in an alleyway that’s littered with trash and graffiti. His left hand is up to your shirt, and resting at your hips, and his right-hand grips your ass, and he pushes you against a wall, opposite the dumpster that faces the door. His mouth is suckling on your throat, and those slightly crooked teeth bite into your neck right above your shoulder now.

You moan, letting it escape from your throat as heat blasts its way through your body like a warm breeze through a screen door. His hand moved from your ass and slips under your shirt to follow the other hand. They blaze their way up to your stomach, and sides, and when they reach your armpits, they take the shirt off your body, and let it fall to the filthy pavement below. The bra you are wearing is a dark blue, and strapless though covers your breasts well enough.

He lets go of your throat and smiles at you then bend quickly to kiss your mouth. His lips are like fire, and they make yours tingle with heat, and the rest of your body might as well be dry kindle. His right-hand removes your bra; to be followed by his left hand, which takes your corresponding breast in his palm, and, and squeeze, tightly, closing his fist over your tit. You shake slightly at the pain, but pleasure shoots up your spine, and you shiver again. His other hand slides down to your ass and teases the slightly exposed crack over your jeans.

The fingers he has on your breast loosen only to squeeze your nipple between two fingers, and you moan again. Then he moves his hand, and let us it crawls over your stomach to work at the button of your jeans with his other hand. In seconds he has your jeans off and on top of your shirt. You are now in nothing but a thong. Your ass and back scrape against the wall as he pushes you against it. His teeth bite at your neck again, a different spot this time, slightly under your chin.

You grate your hips against his hard cock, which his tight black jeans hardly seem to hold. You moan again as you do that a second time because he pushes back, and the hard denim of his jeans slips into your womanhood through your thong. “Fuckfuckfuck.” You hiss, gasping. He grins.

“You’re already really wet down there; what are you, a pervert?” Banner chuckles darkly. He moves his hand and pushes two fingers into your wet cunt. He slowly swirls them inside you, and you squirm, biting down on your lip. “Hahaha, you want my cock inside your cunt then, eh?” You hear him ask, and you nod quickly. God, you wanted him inside you. “Say it.”

“I want your penis inside my vagina.” You whisper, and can hardly talk as his fingers play inside both you are most intimate of holes. You shudder against the wall and feel the rough brick draw large rough marks across your skin.

“Okay, slut.” He chuckles and flashes that smirk. He places one hand on your stomach to steady you, and with his knee, pushes your legs out wide to stretch out the lips of your vagina.

He tugs at his jeans and pulls out his large, very erect, and hard cock. And he does not waste time with anything ‘nice’ or ‘romantic.’ Why should he; he was already fucking you in a filthy alleyway outside of a bar. Who needs ‘nice’?

His cock is thicker than any you have had, and he fills your vagina with it instantly. You scream and shake as he pushes inside you. The pain and pleasure are a sticky-sweet poison that seeps into every pore and makes you numb to anything else, but itself. “You’re going to fucking break me!”

“So?” He hisses into your ear as he shoves most of his cock (all that he can fit anyway) in your cunt. “After this, I’m going to leave without even knowing your name. What do I care about?” He chuckles darkly, but it makes you shiver even more. Why was that so hot?

His large cock hits your clit, and you scream again, your body clenching around his cock. It takes him a minute to pull himself out of your cock before he can slam himself back against you. “I’m already so close!”

“I know you are, slut.” He chuckles and grips your hips as he slams your insides. Your back and ass hit the wall, and you shake as you feel small cuts open. You are lost in pain and pleasure for the next minute or so because you have NEVER felt anything like this. It is so hot and intense. Primal. You know he will leave you after this, and you usually could not imagine yourself in this situation, but it is so hot. You are on fire, and he is not stopping the way he pounds your insides. He is not stopping even after you feel yourself clench and tighten before Cumming. Your stomach is hot, and so are your legs as you drape them in your own cum.

And then you feel him pull out of your soaked hole. “I’m not having a kid.” He says before he points his cock upwards, and sprays his cum. It is hot, thick, and heavy. It sprays upwards; it lands on your hair(!), your face, throat, breasts, and stomach. It covers your body, and you are shaking. You can hear his heavy breathing, but also the rummaging of clothing as he pushes his cock back into his jeans zips up, and walks away.

He leaves you there, in the dark alley, coated in cum, and basically naked. He does not turn around, does not help you up. He just goes back into the bar to drink the night away, and fuck another girl.