All social mammals have Alpha Males. They are the fastest, strongest and/or smartest males in the pack. Females are instinctively drawn to the Alpha Male because they have the best genetic material. Human females are no different. If two men are in her life, a woman will instinctively become more attracted to the Alpha Male.

When you come into the relationship, remember that you are altering an existing bond between two people. There is an emotional bond and a sexual bond. You don’t EVER want to do anything that interferes or hurts the emotional bond. If you do, both the husband and the wife will react negatively. In fact the strong emotional bond is required to give them the comfort to include a third person in their relationship. If you weaken their emotional bond then insecurities and jealousy will emerge and ruin everything. NEVER ever make a play for the wife as anything other than a sex partner. If you do then everything will come to an end.

However, their sexual bond is entirely different. Not only CAN you break that bond, you MUST break it. Breaking their sexual bond and then bonding sexually with the wife is your goal. When it comes to sex, you want her to think of you.

When you first meet the couple, know that the wife loves her husband and looks to him for sex. If you do everything right, in time she will still love him but she will LUST FOR YOU if she begins to view you as the Alpha Male.

Becoming the Alpha Male in the wife’s eye is easy, but only if you follow a certain path.

First, you must befriend her husband. That’s right. He needs to become your buddy. This should involve some light male bonding, such as watching a few ball games, drinking some beer together, a fishing trip, whatever. In addition, the first time or two you are together with the couple you need to play the role of buddy with the husband (even if you’ve already started having sex with the wife).

After all, you and he are on the same team. You want to take his wife away, sexually speaking. He wants the same thing, because more than anything he wants to see her become an insatiable slut again and he knows she needs someone new to do that. So make him a friend and keep him a friend. There WILL come times when you’re trying to persuade the wife to do something, and having her husband as an ally can be very helpful!

By the second or third visit, you should begin to assert yourself. Ask the husband to get your drinks and refills AND ask him to get the wife’s drink too! This is very important, as it shows that you’re looking out for “YOUR” woman. You can bet that the wife will notice this too, although she probably won’t say anything.

If you’ve already started having sex with the wife, take this same attitude into the bedroom. At first, suggest that the husband sit and watch you two have sex. You want to mostly ignore him but you can still talk to him and have his wife talk to him at times. But I mostly act as if he’s not there and at times I honestly can forget he’s there. The wife should be your focus. But at some point act like you’re thirsty and ask him to go get drinks for you and your lady. Ask him to get a towel or lube or whatever else you can think of. Make up tasks if you have to. The point is to have him do things when you ask.

During later visits this should progress to you telling him what to do in the bedroom. You should get no resistance if you progress slowly from being his buddy… to asking him to do things… to then telling him what to do. It will seem like a natural progression for everyone involved, including the wife (who will be noticing everything).

Many wives get aroused watching this progression. That arousal is going to benefit you. In her eyes you will be emerging as the Alpha Male. Eventually, you should be able to tell the husband to do anything non-sexual, and he will oblige.

Next, take it to the sexual level. You want to get him involved and excited, while making it clear that you’re still in charge. You can “allow him” to suck his wife’s breasts or rub her clit when you’re fucking her. Have him grab her ankles and pull her legs wide apart when you’re pumping your cock into her. Have him go down on her before you fuck her, or even between fucks, to keep her wet and ready. Have him kiss his wife deeply while you make her cum.

You can do anything you want, as long as he gets involved occasionally to experience his wife’s sexual intensity when she’s with you. You want him to smell the sex, hear her gasps and feel her hot, sweaty skin. After a while tell him to stop and go sit back down. Show him that you will allow him the occasional joy of touching his wife, but that you’re definitely in control.

Another thing to consider is telling him to take out his cock and masturbate while he watches. You could tell him to cum while watching his wife getting laid, or go the other way and tell him to masturbate but not to cum. Again, use your imagination, as long as you’re telling him reasonable things to do. Remember, the wife will be watching too, and she will notice how much more dominant you’re becoming over her husband.

Once things have progressed to this point the wife should really be into you, and she should see you as the Alpha Male. In her eyes, you should have completely replaced her husband in the bedroom. If she still seems to split her allegiance between him and you, or if you just want to take it to a higher level of dominance, consider making the husband put your cock in his mouth.

Believe it or not this has nothing to do with gay or bi-male sex. It’s strictly about domination. If you’ve ever watched wildlife footage of a wolf pack, then you noticed the body language of other males when they’re around the dominant Alpha Male. They maintain a low body stance, and physically roll over showing their underbelly. They submit completely. Not only does the Alpha Male see this, all of the female wolves notice it too. That’s why the Alpha Male gets the females.

If you really want the wife to be “yours” sexually, let her see you being dominant over her husband. She will be impressed and aroused. Plus, it’s one hell of a power trip.Once things reach this point, the wife will see you as the Alpha Male whenever you’re together. When she gets horny, she’ll think of you. She’ll fantasize about you, and do anything within her limits to please you sexually.

With married women it’s ALL about the sex. They’re not into drama and they’re not seeking commitment. She won’t be stalking you and you won’t find her crying on your front doorstep. When she calls or texts you that means she wants to fuck. When you need sex you can call or text her and she’ll come running. Better yet, her husband will encourage it all and help with the arrangements. You’ll get more sex and better quality sex from a willing, married woman than you will with most single women out there…