Always wanted to transform into a vampire, werewolf or horse? In the world of BDSM this is called animal transformation fantasy or animal play. We tell you everything you want to know about this.

What is animal transformation fantasy?

Animal transformation fantasy is a role-playing game in which one or more participants pretend (whether or not forced) as an animal. The role play can involve sexual acts, but usually nothing happens sexually. It is not a requirement for transformation fantasy. Many consider animal play as a lifestyle rather than a game. In the role play, someone changes from his or her human form to an animal form, or at least takes on the characteristics of an animal. For example, you may not look like a dog in appearance, but you may exhibit dog behavior such as licking, obeying and eating from a food bowl.

Transformation fetish

Animal transformation fantasy is sometimes called a transformation fetish. Transforming into an animal is one of the many transformation fetishes. For example, some people prefer to transform into a Barbie doll or robot. For many BDSMers, transforming into an animal is more of a lifestyle than playing a role-playing game. They like to crawl into the shell of a certain animal. This can be for various reasons, for example because they have to obey and listen to their boss or because they just like not being a person (and everything that comes with it). People with a transforming fetish actually watch and enjoy these fantasies, just as some people are very interested in an art object.

Common fantasy

Animal transformation fantasy is relatively common in a relationship between a dominant and a sub. But this  fantasy  can also occur in groups. Usually one person from the relationship takes on the role of an animal. That can be, for example, a pony, vampire or cat. It is usually customary to play the animal role as a woman, although this is not always the case. It is also possible that the woman plays the strict owner. Animal transformation fantasy is especially popular among people who practice pet play and pony play, but also among people with an interest in animal creatures such as vampires and werewolves.

How does animal transformation fantasy take place?

Sometimes animal transformation fantasy results from a sexual encounter. It can happen by having sex with specific persons or certain creatures. It is also common for a person to transform into the animal he or she has had sex with. So: someone has sex with a werewolf then they transform into the same animal. People can also change through a non-sexual way, for example through a magical spell, curse or virus. For example, a transformation can manifest itself by:

● Entering a cursed location 
● An injection 
● A bite during an attack 
● A virus 
● A costume that tightens around the body and gradually becomes the new body 
● A change in your body; for example, growing facial hair

It is possible that the transformation does not go without a struggle. The transformed often become confused, scared or angry when the changes take place. Moreover, it can also be experienced as painful and you see, just like in films and series, that the transformed tears the clothing open during the change. But some transformations are very much accepted and these people are happy that they have finally been transformed.

A small selection from the transformation fantasy

Animal transformation fantasy usually consists of three conversions: felines (kittens, cats, lions, tigers), animals with canines (puppies, dogs, foxes, wolves) and equines (foals, ponies, horses). Usually transformation fetishes portray themselves as half-human and half-animal, with the attractive features of both. In animal transformation fantasy you usually still have the opportunity to walk, speak and think like a normal person.

There are other types of transformation fantasy. This makes it possible to transform into everyday objects, such as a fruit bowl or bookcase. But statues, dolls and robots are also popular to transform.

Fantasy enhanced by toys

The animal transformation fantasy can be enhanced by using some toys. For example, using a tail butt plug can simulate a real tail. An animal is also sometimes forced to remain in his or her role through bondage. Moreover, the latter can also give the impression that the animal has been caught by, for example, a hunter, which in turn contributes to a better picture of reality.

There are butt plugs with tails of foxes, cats, dogs and horses. To complete the image you can purchase attributes such as cat ears, a dog mask, a horse head, a mouthguard or a collar. These are mainly attributes to resemble the appearance of the animal, but other items that belong to the animal in question can also encourage animal play. If someone transforms into a dog, that includes a dog bed, crate, a leash and collar.