When I say I love you as you are, it’s not to placate you or to say I think you’re perfect, it’s to say that my love for you is not based on your own self-perceived imperfections, it’s based on the fact that my heart loves you for you are and as you are.

So if you decide to make changes to your body and being for your own self esteem, I’ll support you and love you just the same. The truth is, when I look at you I see a beautiful woman who puts hearts in my eyes and who’s presence brings me pleasure with the time well spent together and who’s body I lust after and the thought of it fills my mind with devious things I want to do to it.

I love you as you are and whoever you choose to become. I love the parts of you that you don’t, but I love you enough to know you don’t need my approval, you just need my support to help you change what you want to change and love you along the way.

I’m lucky to have you as you are, so whatever it is you want to do or change, will be for you, not me and I’ll continue to just be mesmerized by my sweet and profound babygirl.