As you were, as you are, as you will be
I can close my eyes and see you in that red corset you wore when we first played. I can feel the softness of your skin in the grasp of my hands and see that look of pure desire sparkling in your eyes as you anticipated my next move. I cherish that person you were in that moment, ambitious, fearless and most of all, beautiful and captivating in every way possible. I adore the way you were, just as I treasure who you are now.

Because the person you are now is someone who is easy to love and even easier to explore life with. I’m not sure how you become more beautiful with each passing day, but you do and it’s like you wear your sexiness like a second skin and it makes me want to hold you down and fuck you as my own personal toy.

Your intelligence is inspiring, your compassion is heart-warming and your smile is the most precious sight to behold and it challenges me to always give you a reason to show it. My sweet and lovely sex kitten and my favorite person in the world, wrapped up in the person you are now.

To see who you’ve become only makes me beam with delight that I’ll also get to see who you’ll be as the years go on and I’ll be there to do everything I can to support you in any decisions you make and any endeavors you embark on. I’ll be your loving Daddy, now and forever. Loving his little girl, as you were, as you are and as you will be.