A specific form of Human Furniture is to have the submissive serve as an ashtray. Human Ashtray. The sub plays the role of a human ashtray, which the Dom uses. Read here what you need to know about it and how you can safely and responsibly add it to the BDSM game.

Human Ashtray

At Human Ashtray, the sub literally serves as an ashtray. This role play is a special form of Human Furniture, in which the submissive is used as an object (objectification). Humiliation plays a very important role here, as the sub is treated not as a human but merely as an object. Erotic pleasure is linked to this, because a Dom experiences pleasure in the humiliating aspect, where the sub gets satisfaction from his or her serving role.

Human Ashtray and smoking fetish

Sometimes the act of Human Ashtray is part of a smoking fetish. Seeing, smelling or tasting a cigarette plays an important role in sexual arousal.

How can you have a sub serve as an ashtray?

The sub can act as an ashtray in several ways:

  • The ashes can be collected in the mouth. This is one of the safest options because the tongue is moist from the saliva. Saliva absorbs heat, so it does not damage the tongue.
  • The sub can form the hands into an ashtray, to collect the ashes.
  • The Dom can tap a cigarette over the sub.
  • The Dom can order the submissive to clean up the ashes.
  • The submissive can clamp an ashtray between the jaws. Special gags in the form of an ashtray are also available, which lend themselves perfectly to Human Ashtray.

In some cases, a submissive must also swallow the ashes – combined with plenty of water.

Human Ashtray and safety

Although humiliation and mental pain are the central elements of Human Ashtray, ash and the end of a burning cigarette can also cause physical pain. In addition, you must take into account the risk of burns. Pressing a cigarette directly on the skin is very sensitive and leads to unpleasant burns. The healing process can also take quite some time. So be aware of this.

To reduce the risk of burns, you can first moisten the area of ​​the expression with saliva, water or other liquid substances. For example, some Masters / Mistresses choose to spit or urinate first on the sub before putting out the cigarette in this place.

Another safe way to play with the heat of the cigarette is by not holding the cigarette to the skin, but close to the skin, without touching it.