Megan missed her Master, Alex, desperately. He had left hurriedly that morning with just a light kiss on her cheek, a cup of coffee in one hand and his briefcase in the other. Usually, they would shower together, and He would tease her, but the power had gone out in the night, and Master was running late. She had received a call from him, telling her that He would be stuck at the office late. She had complained but relented when she realized her Master was not in the mood to deal with a moody, pouting girl. Still missing Him, she laid down on her bed, fully nude.

She ran her hands over her body, sighing softly, letting her fingertips trail lightly up her stomach to play with her nipples, gently pulling on them and twisting them between her fingers. The open window let a warm breeze blow in, caressing her body. She allowed one hand to move back down her body and pause between her long, open legs, which were encased to the thigh in black silk stockings, each ending in a lacey cuff, four inches above her knee. The other hand slipped under Master’s pillow on the bed, pulling out a vibrator he had left there the night before. She let the hand between her legs hover a moment before allowing it to spread the lips of her wet sex. The other hand guided the vibrator inside her waiting pussy, as she pushed it inside herself. She moaned quietly as if the walls had ears.

Pushing the vibrator deep inside herself, she started fucking herself, building up speed and pressure until she was slamming the buzzing little toy deep inside her hot, wet sex. She moaned loudly and opened her eyes as she came. Her breath suddenly sucked from her lungs as she focused on her Master leaning in the doorway, arms crossed, watching her. The look on his face put ice in her stomach.

With a calm, level voice, he asked her, “Enjoying yourself, my pet?” His eyes locked on hers, and she could see both the disappointment and the anger behind his cool demeanor, anger at her for breaking one of his rules. Suddenly aware of the buzzing toy still in her hand, she moved to turn it off. Quicker than lightning, her wrists were clamped in his strong hands. Taking the toy out of her hand, he turned it off and set it on the nightstand. She could feel his hot breath on her ear as he whispered in her ear, “You know you’re not allowed to play unless you ask first, pet. And under no circumstances are you allowed to cum without permission. If you choose not to follow my rules, fine, but you best be ready to receive your punishment for your infractions. Get up.”

He pulled away from her, and she knew she was in trouble. Quickly she stood before him, her head bowed, her cheeks on fire. Her nakedness was pronounced by his being fully clothed, and she quickly became aware of this as his eyes raked across her body, her creamy white skin contrasting with the black stockings still on her legs. “Bend over the bed.” His voice was hard. She trembled as she hurried to carry out his command.

He strode around the other side of the bed and grabbed her arms, tying each one to the corresponding post on the bed, stretching her over the king-sized bed. After walking around to the other side of the bed, he ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back, gripping her hips and slapping her ass briefly before sliding his hands down her legs and pushing them apart. He tied each ankle to the posts of the bed just as he had her wrists, forcing her to be bent over completely at the waist, and stretched as far side-to-side as her legs would go.

He stepped back to admire his slave, stretched out, ready for her punishments. He tried to ignore the stirrings in his loins, his cock becoming aroused. Stepping away, he rummaged through the drawers next to the bed and fished out a ball gag, which would keep her from begging, but would still allow him to hear her screams. He pushed it roughly past her sweet, soft lips, which lightly kissed his fingertips, then carefully buckled it behind her head, being most careful to avoid getting her long honey-blonde hair caught in it.

“Are you ready, my pet?” he asked, pulling her head back by her hair, eliciting a moan of slight pain from her. A muffled whimper was her answer to him. He released her hair and stepped away, admiring the long legs and tight, firm ass in front of him. Her milky white skin would soon be burning with his ministrations.

Grabbing cat-o-nine tails, he teased her, running the leather-wrapped handle over her still wet sex, probing, pressing against her clit, making her gyrate her hips. He laughed. “Aww, such a dirty little slut. You’re such a whore you try to fuck yourself on the handle of the instrument of your punishment.” His words made her face burn, even as he rubbed her clit. Pulling it away from her, he gripped the handle in his right hand and swung hard, the leather straps licking at her soft, smooth skin. It took a moment before the pain registered, and a muffled scream escaped his pet.

“Oh, poor little pet. Did that hurt?” She nodded. “Good! Trust me, before this night is over, you’ll wish that all I’d done is whip you with this little toy.” And with that, he placed blows above, below, and all along her ass, making her scream and cry, turning the skin bright red. He stopped and admired her, setting the cat-o-nine tails on the floor. He heard her sobs, more of humiliation at having to be punished rather than at the punishment itself.

“Trust me, slut. That was just a warm-up.” He laughed harshly as he watched her body shudder under the bonds.

She hung there wondering what her Master had planned, knowing that no matter what it was, she would love it and hate it at the same time. Hate it because she deserved it, and love it because he did it because he loved her; because he knew she loved the pain, the way he was careful to leave his marks, but never permanently upon her body…only upon her heart and her will.

She was drawn from her wonder by the swish and crack of a crop, landing on her back. She screamed bloody murder, knowing the gag would only make it sound like a small shriek. He ignored her screams, letting the blows rain down on her back as she jerked under the crop, pulling against the bonds. He was careful never to hit the same spot twice, so each slap of the crop bit into fresh, soft flesh. He stopped long enough to let the tip of the crop trace down her back, over her thighs, and around her anus, then down to her sex; he teased her, stroking her clit and her inner sex, making her moan.

“Do you like that, you slut? Huh? Do you?” He growled. Her moans grew louder. “That’s it, you little whore. Beg me to fuck you.” She pleaded with him from behind her gag. All he did was laugh cruelly.

“Do you think you deserve to be fucked yet? I sure don’t.” And with that, he swung the crop up through her legs, letting it bite into her inner thighs and her sex, making sure to slap it across her clit. With this new sensation, his slave’s screams grew into screams of sheer pain.

“That’s it, you are fucking slut! Scream your lungs out. No one can hear you.” He continued to lay crisscrossing marks across her thighs as she screamed and pulled at her bonds. He laid a final, brutal slap to her clit and dropped the crop on the ground. He watched as his lovely slave struggled to regain her composure, choking back sobs.

“Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about, whore,” he said calmly as he untied her legs and pushed her into a kneeling position on the bed, then crossed her ankles, binding them, and tied the ropes around her bent knees, pulling them wide apart, so her sex was completely exposed. He undid the ropes tying her hands down, then bound her wrists together and threaded the rope through an eyebolt in the ceiling, pulling her up ramrod straight, her breasts thrust out due to the slight arch in her back, her nipples like small round pebbles. He fastened a leather blindfold over her eyes and unbuckled her gag, letting her have a moment’s reprieve from it. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I want to hear you scream pet. Don’t disappoint me.”

She felt painfully stretched. Her shoulders ached already, and her thighs felt tense, stretched open farther than she had ever been bound before. Encased in darkness, she relied on her ears to know what he was planning. She heard the swishing of material as her Master removed his clothing, dropping it on the floor, and a soft scratching then whooshing sound and smelled the acrid odor of spent sulfur. She panicked, knowing what was coming next.

Even though she expected it, the melting wax landing squarely on her nipples was a shock and she screamed. She felt his weight settling behind her on the bed as he kissed her neck and stroked her clit with one hand. He dripped more wax on her breasts, making her moan and scream at the same time. He pinched and pulled on her clit, and separating her sex, moved the candle down and poured wax into her, letting it burn on her clit, eliciting a gut-wrenching scream from those soft lips. Not even pausing he let the wax continually pour over her thighs, her sex, her clit, everywhere that she could feel the hot burn of the wax. Her screams turned to moans; even through the excruciating pain, she was getting pleasure. She felt an orgasm building and knew that if her Master did not stop soon, she was going to come.

He pressed himself tight against his slave. He delighted in her screams and moans, trying to hold himself back, but still getting aroused. He was harder than he had been in a long time and wanted so bad just to fuck his beautiful little slut. He blew out the candle and leaned back to set it on the night table. Coming back to his pain slut, he ran his fingers over her body, making her whimper with longing. He quickly gripped a nipple between the index and thumb on each hand and pulled them hard, twisting as he did so. He kissed her neck as she moaned in wanton lust. His breath was hot on her ear as he whispered, “Cum for me, my beautiful slut.” He slid his hard cock between her legs and pushed himself inside her tight, wet, delicious sex.

She moaned a sound that was music to his ears, and he felt her tightening even more against him as he slammed inside her, still rubbing her clit with his fingertips, pulling lightly on the delicate clit ring. He pushed her over the edge, and she came hard, her sex clenching tightly around his cock, her juices flowing over him. She screamed out his name, and that is all it took. He slid his hands up her chest and placed them around her throat as she yielded to him, trusting him; he squeezed slightly as she came again, making her gasp for breath as he came, shooting his hot cum inside her. Right before she thought she would pass out, she felt his hands loosen, and she sucked in deep breaths, knowing he had never let her get hurt.

She felt him slide away from her and slip under the covers. “You’ll stay there until I feel you’ve become properly apologetic,” he said, chuckling as he heard her whimper. He had no intention of leaving her there overnight, but she did not need to know that.

She listened to his breathing become softer, and she cried softly, ashamed of having broken his rules. She cried harder, knowing she had disappointed and hurt her Master; she sobbed as if her heart were breaking.

He lay listening to her in the dark. It tore at him to hear her in pain and finally took pity on her. He cuddled her from behind and whispered in her ear. “Don’t cry, My pet. You are forgiven. You know I can’t stay mad at you, my lovely, precious slut.” He undid the ropes binding her and pulled her to his chest, holding her. She cuddled him, sliding into bed with him, pressing tight against his body. He lightly brushed her hair off her forehead and laid a soft kiss on her forehead, then on her lips.

“Sleep now, My darling. All is forgiven.” He watched her relax, letting sleep take her away. God, how he loved her. She lay silently with a small smile on her face. He felt sleep overcome him and slipped his arms protectively around her. As he drifted off, he heard her mumble through a half-sleep, “I love You, Master.” He smiled and whispered back, “I love you too, my Dearest.”

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