How to be a Great Master/Daddy PART 1

I have been asked by several doms to train them in the way so that they can be their submissives pride and joy. To date I have received over 1000’s requests. Rather than pick one or two, I will post this email for all to read, comment on and share.

I am going to be direct and to the point. If you can not handle that, then please stop reading. This is a collection of how I was trained and what I learned over the years, yes I said YEARS.

First, let Me state that this list is by no means complete or final. Everyone is unique and special. Let Me state that again:



There are TWO parts that you need to do at the SAME time. First comes the relationship side and then comes the BDSM side.

Lets say your woman’s name is Ann. Ann is no way the same as your ex, MaryLou or the woman who cheated on you, Jennifer or like the woman that you cheated on, Nancy. Ann is unique and special and if you can not see that from the beginning, then you need to stop here and take some time to mature before you enter another relationship.


Do not assume that she like the TV show “Friends” or that she is a chocolate freak or that she loves roses.

Ann may like Daisys or Tulips. She may love strawberries and dislike chocolate because it is too rich. She may love seafood and beef but hates steak. She may not be a dessert fan, but will kill for cheese cake. She may love yellow because it makes her eyes pop and loves the smell of lilacs since it reminds her of childhood. Her birthday may be June 27, But she celebrates it on July 4 because of her brother dying while in the military, so she is not sad on July 4.

Write them down if you have to, be do not forget them. Before smart phone or even cell phones, I used a simple day planner. Take your time doing this. I have been known to take over a year to gather all of My info. But it was worth it in the end.

BDSM Rule 1: Talk about her desires and interests in the lifestyle. Learn about why she wants this. Did she read the book “50 shades of gray” or did she watch the movie “Story of O”? Ask her about her experience. Ask her about what she wants to experience.

The goal here is to learn about her as well as learn if she is a good fit for you. This is where you have to be honest with yourself. She may have a smokin body, a face that screams “FUCK ME” and an ass that you can not wait to plow. However, if you both do not click on the interest level, then you are wasting yours and her time. Keep your pants zipped up and an aspirin between your knees.

Step 2: Surprise her at the RIGHT rate to show that you are serious.

This means that you SLOW WAY DOWN and move at her pace. A woman will show you if she is interested and if she is ready. Pushing her, will not work. In fact, it will make her move in the other direction.

Referring back to Ann:

Send her a card via email or better still snail mail. Pick out something funny, cute and that you think will make her smile. Write something cute in it, nothing romantic. The goal here is to tease her and to make her think of you often. The more her mind thinks of you, the better your chances are that you will slowly win her to the dark side. Just remember to have her favorite treat or cookies!

If it is spring time and you have been talking for a period of time, have some friendship tulips in a sunny vase delivered to her house. NOTHING ROMANTIC YET. Again if she feels that way, she will show you. A spring vase would be something that she can reuse and it will be a subtle way to remind her of you.

Send her a text message. BUT do not use this as the ONLY means of talking. Call her so that she can hear your voice and learn your inflections.

Do something that will surprise her. I have yet to take a woman out on a picnic here in Vegas. The summer is a killer, but the winter and spring, while they are short, they can be great for a surprise picnic. As you learn about her, you will discover something that she always wanted to do. Remember it, write it down and see if you can surprise her with it.


Guys if you can not afford to spend the money, then learn to make your own tools. HOWEVER, do not force her to bring the tools. It makes you look like you are married, living with a woman or are too Fucking cheap to spend your money.

Buy good quality tools. Do not go to the local adult book store and buy their leather waste products. Many of them sadly, do not have the high quality leather or construction that you will need. They will not last years, but only months or days.

Practice, practice and still do more practicing. I brought a $250 single tail online. I believe it was a Morgan, but it is over 30 years, so I forgot the brand. I also brought a 6 oz tub of Pecard Ducking or leather dressing. That leather single tail was as stiff and curved as candy cane. Several experienced Doms/Masters showed Me how to properly hold it and how to use My thumb to guide it. I would practice with it everyday for about 30 to 45 mins. The single tail went where ever it wanted to go, because it was too stiff and not loosed up. After every session, I would rub in the Ducking and let it sit for a good 30 to 45 mins. I would clean off the excess and put it away. I would aim at a towel and use the single tail to move the creases in the towel without knocking it down or cutting it. To learn how to properly strike, I would use a newspaper and if I stuck the paper correctly, the paper would give a little. Too much and I would cut and tear the paper.

I brought the book “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns” by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon. This is the Bible of BDSM! It tells you everything:

Describes the lifestyle

The various roles and the various players.

Where you can and can not strike.

How to make tools

Human Bondage

and so MUCH MORE!!

Young or old. Newbie or lifetimer. Buy this book and read it. You will certainly learn something about the lifestyle, or refresh in your mind something that you forgot. This book is quite popular. My version was in it 29th printing as of 2013. However I would make one strong suggestion: NEVER LEND IT OUT! This is My third copy of the book. Need I say more?


Invite her to dinner. Get the car door for her. Get her seat for her.

Focus on her through out the time you are with her. Yes, us men are dogs but do your best. I do not care if a woman walks by and her boobs are hanging out, your eyes stay focused on her.

Now I will admit that if Linda Carter ( original Wonder Woman ) was to walk up and flash Me, I am in some serious trouble…LOL Women see guys who are better looking then Me all the time, but their attention is on Me.

Okay I need to stop here since I am not certain how much I can type in at one time without over loading or crashing. Depending o the comments and feedback, I will continue