How to be a Great Master/Daddy PART 2

BDSM RULE 3: Learn her weakness and limits

This is a rule that applies to both real life and the BDSM world. Find out her weakness and limits. Does she have anything that she is allergic to? Is there something that she truly fears?

If she is allergic to bee stings, then keep some antihistamine with you and in the toy bag. Remove the stinger and the sack without squeezing the sack. This will inject more of the venom into her and make things worst. If you can get the capsule that contain the small, tiny pills. You can break it up under her tongue. This will help get the medicine into her system as quickly as possible. She may ask you to carry epinephrine injectors with you. This is something that you must inject into her thigh so that she can recover as quickly as possible.

If she has peanut allergies, then the only treatment is the epinephrine injectors. In either case, seek medical attention ASAP!

Side note: if you take her to the hospital, STAY THERE WITH HER. There is nothing that says “I do not care about you.” then you dropping her off and taking off. She will disappear faster than your paycheck on a three day weekend!

Learn what to do with her allergies. She is someone that you treasure and as your treasure, you must protect her.

Step 4: Be a Caveman ONLY when needed.

There is no woman on this planet, short of lesbian and feminists, who do not want a man to stand up for them (and some of them may still want a man to stand up for them). This does not mean that you treat like she is weak and helpless. Instead, what you do is be there for her and ready to step up and be the man. This requires you to know your submissive. Is she the ultra lady type who would faint at the sight of dirt under her nails? Or is she the Gretchen Wilson type who is not afraid of getting dirt from time to time?

BDSM RULE 4: Start SLOWLY and increase over time

You both have reach the point where you are ready to play. Now is the time to slow down and take things easy. Some ladies may claim to have a masochistic nature and really want you to ramp it up. DO NOT! Take your time and give her enough to keep her wanting more. It may piss her off a bit, but here is the thing: At least she is not going to complain that you abused her and have the cops at your door.

Also do only the things that she wants done to her. This way you do not cross her limits. For a suggestion: lay out all your toys and let her pick 10 to 15 of what she wants.

After she picks her 15, you can remove 3 of them and replace them with something that you want to use. Finally she gets to remove 2 of them. This gives her control over how you use her body and at the same time allows you to mess with her. I should have mention this before hand, but better late then never:


It is her body and she is ALLOWING YOU to use her the way SHE WANTS TO BE USED

Never for this rule, because if you do, she will vanish faster then the pimples on your face when you that ACME anti-pimple cream!

So many guys forget this rule. She lets you have access to her body. If you ignore her limits or do what you want to do, when you untie her, you will have a human bobcat that is very pissed off. You have been warned!

Step 5: Learn her cycle and about her PMS

No this is not about getting laid or anything to do with sex. This has to do with a woman and the changes to her body. Each woman is different and as such, if you want to be her Man, then you need to learn about her changes and how it effects her.

Remember that her period and PMS are NOT the same. When a woman has PMS, she may or may not want you around. She may or may not want you to even touching her. Learn what she may want or need. I had an ex who loved Starbucks Chocolate cupcakes with a Cream Cheese stuffing. They were a get out of jail card free card when her PMS hit hard. There were times that they did not work, but the though was clear and she loved them.

BDSM RULE 5: Share your turn on’s with her

Simply put, if you do not tell her, then how will she know? Share your turn on’s with her. Just remember that you are talking to a real live person.

For example, telling her that you are turned on by a woman in heels is cool. Telling her that you are turned on by a woman in stilettos or strappy heels is cool. HOWEVER if she has a foot injury, you may have to make concessions in order to protect your lady. This leads to the next grand rule:

FOURTH GRAND RULE: Do not break your toys!

Remember that she can get hurt and that you need to protect her from injury. If she can not walk in 5″ heels, then get her 3″ heels. Let her take it upon herself to buy a pair of 5″ heels and learn to walk in them.

I would suggest that you look over your kinky turn ons and ask yourself:

Is this something that we can share?

Am I asking her for something that is outside of her comfort zone?

Now if you both have many years together, then it is easier to talk about those kinks and to work out a solution. If you have only been together for a few months, then you may want to move a bit more slowly and share with her