She enjoyed the kinky sex. The toys, the pain, the pleasure and the joys of being submissive to her Dominant. But more so than being a sex kitten or an obedient submissive, she wanted to be his princess. The apple of his eye and the little girl for him to watch over and protect as his sweet, little princess.

Maybe it was the shoes whose price tag was too much, but in his eyes, for her, wasn’t high enough. Maybe it was that little black dress that he picked out that fit her perfectly, making her feel feminine and like she was the embodiment of style and a seductive goddess.

Maybe it was the evening planned of fine dining and luxury living. Maybe it was just the way he looked at her like she was the most beautiful girl in the world or the way he kissed every inch of her body when they were naked and alone, that made her feel adored and like a princess being wooed and seduced by her sir.

She liked the feeling of being lusted after. It warmed her heart to be loved. She adored being a sex kitten, kept on a leash ready to serve her Master. But the thing she loved most, was becoming Daddy”s sweet princess and being treated as such to earn every good girl and good morning princess greeting that made each day perfect