Being a Daddy has little to do with being called Daddy. It’s all about what that role and your babygirl need from you. It’s about being there, being consistent, and being strong when she can’t be.

It’s about being the special person that she can rest her head on and tell you all her fears, dreams and thoughts and you’re there to kiss her head and tell her it’s ok, everything will be alright and that you’re both going to work for a better tomorrow.

It’s about loving her tenderly while disciplining her firmly when needed. It’s about being nurturing and understanding without being afraid to take control and be the leader in the dynamic when needed.

It’s about listening to her needs, adapting as needed, and making sure she is acutely aware of your own desires and needs and that you both are considerate of each other while knowing your roles and how they complement one another.

Being a Daddy is not about being called Daddy. It’s about earning the right to be called Daddy by your special and precious babygirl who will love you with hearts in her eyes and a need to make you happy.

She’ll want to love on you and devour your cock any chance she can get, while always being your beautiful princess who will be the apple of your eye as you both spend your life together.