You and your partner can define your relationship anyway you both consent upon. Even if it means having practices or rules that would make others uncomfortable knowing about. But you shouldn’t ever feel you need to tolerate anything other than what you’ve clearly consented to in order to be someone’s good girl, submissive or slave.

Being submissive is a state of being and submission is a consented upon act. It’s not a declaration that you have forfeited your rights to being treated with respect and more importantly, having your limits respected. If someone pressure’s you into something by making you feel inferior or that you have to do it to be their s-type, than that’s not dominance, that’s abuse.

You always have the right to say no. You always have the right to say stop. You always have the right to speak your mind without fear of retribution. If you don’t have those rights and you haven’t enthusiastily consented to giving them away, than you’re not in a D/s type of relationship, you’re in a abusive one that is being masked as kink, when it’s nothing more than sexual asualt and mistreatment.