I believe a man is a strong dominant leader; by being visible and exhibit confidence in even the most challenging circumstances. A man leads himself and others to accomplish his goals. A man is a thinker; he is a creative and proactive problem solver and effective decision-maker who remains vigilant from day one. 

A man makes tough decisions by having tremendous mental toughness, determination, willpower, perseverance. A man leads with engendering trust, loyalty, and respect towards others by exposing his humility, humor, and personal example.

A man empowers others to succeed by encouraging others to communicate how they feel. A man believes that hope can become a reality. A man is one who takes control, take responsibility, follows through on what he says to another. A man is direct and decisive by saying what’s on his mind and clarity about what he wants. A man reads books; the more he understands, the more things he will know. The more he learns, the more places he’ll go.

A man needs to create his own freedom and selfishness by what he says and do what he wants, uninhibited, and self-focused his goals. A man is masculine exude a rugged, controlled mannerism. A man enjoys being active by taking risks, seek adventure, and lead a more exciting life. A man is mysterious and unpredictable that stimulate curiosity. A man needs to feel an entitlement the unconstrained to take and demand what he desires.

A man plans his way, through life being constantly vigilant. A man is a menacing present disagreeable, and dangerous vibe. A man initiates a response from another, and he has the drive to win, so he risks the possibility of rejection without losing enthusiasm from one failure to another. A man has a vision that bridge between the present and the future. A man’s idea gives his pain a purpose.

A man implemented his perception by taking it from the unseen world and bring it into the natural realm. A man has grit and toughness, combined with his persistence and resilience to lead his family, friends, and peers needs of the final day of battle, to keep them safe while achieving ultimate victory.

A man loves and respects his woman, he might not like her all the time, but he loves her. A man enjoys teasing her in a playful disrespect way by intentionally ruffling her feathers. A man demonstration his children how to treat another.

A man’s indifference is his aloof, he is less reactive and not concerned about what others say and think. A man is in charge of his relationships. A man commands his family by being righteousness and justice. A man is dominated by commanding respect with social, intellectual, emotional, and physical power. 


A man MASTER’S his woman. A man TAKES his woman, but the man also GIVES the woman. He’s the biggest GIVER in the relationship. He works his butt off to give her everything she needs in life. He is a generous man. He works hard to support and provide for her. He loves treasure and cherishes then makes sure she knows he cares. He gains her respect by investing in her.

He should be kind, considerate to her and puts her first. He is firm, fair, and most of all consistent to with her. A man places her and their relationship first to balance the power and control he has in the relationship. A man listens to her feelings & wraps her in his strong arms both literally and metaphorically. He protects her from anything or anybody that would harm her.

My woman respects me and follows me because she recognizes that I have her best interests at HEART. She trusts me to lead us to where we need to go. She submits to my decisions and accepts my leadership because she knows that I put her and our relationship first, before my wants and requirements. She is receptive and appreciative of my talents.

She has created a warm, loving, and inviting home for us, and she fulfills it with sensuality and pleasure. She is feminine and responsive when I need her, and she never says no. She needs to be taken just as much as I need to take her. The outcome should be a primal physical coupling of body’s union of two people that creates a sacred bond.

If I had one piece of advice to give to MEN and WOMEN entering a relationship, it would be this: MEN, don’t just master her put your her first and let her know you love her. A woman needs to believe that she will treat her like a real woman. Don’t be selfish and too into yourself and your own needs, be considerate and tender with her or she’ll lose her respect and her desire for you.

Treat her like your queen, and she’ll treat you like a king. WOMEN, respect your man and accept his leadership. Don’t attempt to wear the pants—your man will fight like a dog to retain the masculine position, and either you’ll lose the fight, or you’ll lose the relationship.

Take care of your man’s ego, and he’ll take care of your feelings. BOTH, believe that together you can get through whatever problems you’re having, and keep trying. Never give up!