The loneliness was biting at her, consuming her with an uneasy feeling that she was invisible and would never be noticed. She had friends she could reach out to and there were men who wanted her, but they only wanted what was on the surface and what she could give them. She longed for something deeper, something meaningful, something fulfilling. Something that would inspire her and allow her to believe in the type of connection that makes one feel like they’re dancing on the clouds and makes us think about the future in beautiful and magical ways.

She wanted to go beneath the surface with someone, where the true treasure lies. To let him know her secrets, dreams and fears and to be more like a family than just someone who is familiar. She wanted to give her heart away, but it seems the one’s interested in her just want her body instead. They want the causal encounters with no commitment or investment. She wanted to dig deeper that that, where the hands get dirty and those intimate, special bonds are forged together through trust and time.

She wants to be his kinky plaything. His Princess and the apple of his eye, but she’s knows she won’t find that with just anyone, it has to be someone willing to put in the work and climb her over walls and then play with her, beneath the surface.