My experience Black Master, I have coached the wife to cuck the white husband/bf, and I made her my little white slut toy. They were both my toys.

Now that you have cuckolded your husband, your job as Hotwife is only beginning. From now on, you have full control, and you will need to use it. Your husband will need a strong hand to guide him. You will be telling him what to wear, what to eat, and how to spend his time and his money. His only purpose will be to serve you. Here are some ideas on how to keep up the dominance. 


On the surface, your husband’s semen can seem like an annoyance. It is messy, it tastes terrible, and it stains linens. But it is an excellent tool for dominating him. The most common way to use it is to force him to eat it. Generally, after a man ejaculates, he wants to just relax and not think. He wants nothing to do with sex for a while. So, having him deal with his cum after an orgasm is something unnatural to him. He absolutely will not want to do it. Therefore, it will require a command from you and an act of submission from him – great practice for more advanced cuckolding. This is great training since he will be doing many more “unnatural” things later. 

Do this by making the rule, “From now, on every time you cum, you have to eat your semen.” If you let him jack off, make him lick it up. If he is wearing a condom, pour its contents into his mouth. If he cums in your pussy, make him eat a creampie. You can get creative too, like making him cum in a glass then drink it at dinner. Or save each one of his cums in the freezer to eventually make a cumsicle for him. 

He does not have to necessarily eat it either. If you really want to humiliate him, you can make him cum all over his face and then not let him wash for a while. As his semen slowly dries on his face, he will become uncomfortable and wish he had never cum.

Another related rule to make is that you no longer want his cum touching you. Say, “It’s dirty.” The contrast of him eating and wearing his own cum while you refuse to even touch it will speak volumes. You are obviously too good for his lowly seed.


Another seeming headache for you will be your husband’s penis. It is small, it cums too fast, and it does not give you pleasure. If you are smart, though, it can be a useful tool in humiliating him.

Feel free to openly make fun of his penis. Call it demeaning nicknames like “Dicklette,” or “Pee-pee.” Do not call him by his real name either, refer to him by his penis, like, “Come here, Tiny.” Let him constantly know that you think his cock is inadequate. Contrast this to praising your dildo. Let him be in the room with you as you masturbate with it. Let him know how good it feels to be fucked by a “real cock.” Make sure to cum hard on it. After you are finished pleasuring yourself, show him you used and pussy and tell him, “This is what my pussy looks like after a real cock has been in it.” Then make him lick the dildo clean and to treat it like a holy object.

He will always want to be using his penis too, either by fucking you or by pleasing himself. It will be easy to deny him sex, but he secretly masturbating will be a problem. If you let your husband masturbate, he will not crave your pussy, and therefore the sexual power you have over him will be reduced. His release must be only through you. Forbid any self-pleasure. Let him know that his penis is your property and that he is not allowed to sexually touch it without your permission. Realize that he will masturbate no matter what you do unless you put him in a cock cage (see below).

Be openly suspicious about his masturbation. Always ask him if he is jerked off and let him know that you are on the watch for mischief. Also, do not be afraid to spy on him to make sure he is obeying you, even if you do not suspect anything. Men are notorious for hiding masturbation. Setup a secret camera pointing at the computer, buy a program that will track all websites he visits, even look through the trash for sticky tissues. If you catch him, severely punish him. Masturbation is explicitly prohibited; his penis belongs to you, and he is not allowed to use it. 


A cock cage is a chastity device that denies a man the ability to become erect, though he can still urinate and wear normal clothing. Most look like a little plastic cage that locks around the penis. It is impossible to keep your husband from masturbating without one, even if you could watch him 24/7. Men, if horny enough, can masturbate in seconds. You would never know. For you to completely control your husband’s sexuality, you will need this device. 

To start, try to catch him in the act of masturbating. If you cannot do that, find some porn on his computer. All you must do is search for “Jenna Jameson” or search the cookies for porn sites. You should already have a rule that he cannot masturbate, so once you catch him, you are perfectly inline to confront him and then punish him with a cock cage. Tell him, “Since you can’t control yourself, I’m going to do it for you.” Once he is in one, you should control the key by, at the very least, hiding it. A great idea, though, is always to keep the cage’s key on you as a necklace. The symbol of your dominance, right there, dangling in his face, is a fantastic way to taunt him. If anyone asks about it, you can say your husband gave it to you as the “key to his heart.” Let him out for a cum every 3-4 days if he has been good and 5-7 days if he has been bad. Do not keep him locked up forever. The point of cage controls, not torture. 


While you are busy making your husband’s penis inconsequential, you should be doing the opposite with your pussy. Let him know the new center of his universe will be your vagina. His life should revolve around pleasuring it. He will be eating your pussy always and let him know it. Even if you do not feel horny, have him lick your pussy. Have him talk to it, compliment it, and explain why it is so beautiful. After a long day, out have him soak it and caress it. When you come back from the gym, shove his face into it for a good long whiff. Let him know you will no longer be using an alarm clock because you expect his tongue on you every morning. 

The contrast of how he treats your pussy (the alter on which he worships you) to the way you treat his dick (something useless and to be forgotten about) will speak volumes.


A strap-on penis can be a great tool to use while cuckolding your husband. Nothing quite says, “You’re my bitch,” like fucking him hard in the ass. Buy one that you are comfortable with, then bring it home and show your husband. Tell him, “Since I’m a man of the house now, I figure I should have a penis to fuck you with.” Prepare him with butt plugs for a few days before to make him ready for a sizable one. Let him cum when you are fucking him, at least for the first few times. Even encourage it. You want him to equate getting fucked by you, i.e., being your bitch, to be a pleasurable experience. When you fuck him, make sure you use lube? 

If you really have a need to get fucked, you can put the strap-on on him, over his penis. Then you can either ride him or have him on top. Doing this will satisfy you while driving him completely insane because all the other sensations of sex will be there. He will be able to smell the sex in the air, he will feel your hot body and sense the passion in your orgasms, but he will not be able to feel anything down there. This will leave him extraordinarily horny and frustrated.


Of course, the house is now your domain, but this is one area you might have forgotten about. Allow him absolutely no privacy. Always require him to keep the door fully open when he is in there. If you have opaque shower curtains, get clear ones. Make him pee sitting down like a woman. If he takes a shit, makes him apologize for the smell, and if he does not apologize before you have smelled it, punish him. If you are feminizing him, he should be shaving in your full view.


One of the more challenging aspects of bringing home another man is picking the right one. Try to pick a man that is younger, good-looking, and more well-endowed than your husband. You want him to struggle with some jealousy. Before you chose one, sample a few. Inspect not only their apparent traits like penis size, strength, and stamina but also their personalities. You want a man that is not to hot and not too cold, that is, he has the will to take control of you and your husband at home, but won’t cross the line. He should be physically more prow than your husband in all ways, and you should enjoy having sex with him. 

To start, be honest with your lover at once. Let him know you are married and that your husband is a huge wimp. Do not be completely honest with your husband, though, at first. You will always want to keep him guessing. When you go out, allude to your husband that you will be fucking someone else, but do not actually say it. Say, “I’m going out tonight with some friends, I might not be back till late…” When you do not come back until late, or not at all, his imagination will run wild. All sorts of emotions will run through him, concern, anger, lust, helplessness, etc… While you are out on the town flirting and dancing with other men, your husband will be at home in a state of mental anguish.

Before you actually bring another man home, though, you’ll have to let your husband in on what’s been going on. Though do not have a conversation with him about it – show him. Start coming home with hickies, bite marks or scratches. Have your hair be a mess and your clothes on wrong. If he asks, feel free to tell him, “Oh, that’s from my new boyfriend. He’s a little rough”, but deflect any questions he has about specifics. Then after a while, comes home late one night, wake him up, and force him to lick your stretched pussy. He will know at once what you have been up to, but will not have time to think about it because your pussy will be right in front of his face. He will have no choice but to eat you. Once he’s gotten used to that, bring home your pussy filled with cum. Taking these steps will get your husband used to your infidelity and make it less of a shock when you finally bring a lover home.

Once you finally bring him home, introduce your hubby to him as your boyfriend. By now, your husband should know everything about your boyfriend and what you have been doing. Let your husband know that he is always to be respectful when your boyfriend is here and to do anything he says. Let your husband know, “Tonight, a real man will be fucking me, not you.” For the first couple of times, go to the bedroom with your lover and lockout your husband. Make sure you are noisy, though. Having him comfortable with the sounds of you being fucked will make it easier for when he must watch. He might even begin to anticipate watching you. 

When you finally let him watch, do all sorts of nasty things with your lover that you would never do with your husband. Worship your bull’s penis, voraciously suck it, deepthroat him, comment on its size, and how much larger it is than your husband’s. Let him fuck you let him cum inside you, give him your ass. Transform yourself into the slut your husband cannot have and let him know that this all could have been him, but he willingly gave up his chance like an idiot. 

Keep your husband actively involved in his own humiliation. Make him beg your lover to fuck you. Make him suck your lover hard or have him put your lover’s dick in your pussy. Talk to him too, like, “Oh, he’s so much bigger than you,” or “This is how a real man fucks your wife.” Whenever your husband is idle, do not let him touch his penis, an excellent way to do this is to make him sit on his hands. Once your lover is finally finished with you, have your husband clean the juices off his penis with his tongue. Have him thank your bull for the great fucking he just gave you. Then make him crawl to you and clean up your used pussy…