After the fucking is done and we’re both beautifully sedated in our state of orgasmic bliss, I just want to lay still in our mess. I want to smell the thick air of lust and cum that fills the room. I want to feel the wet sheets that smell like pussy and destruction, swirling together in a delicious cocktail of debauchery. I want to feel her naked and trembling body in my grasp, as I spoon her to recovery which allows us both to just quietly enjoy the serenity of the moment.

I love to make a mess when we fuck. To make her pussy squirt many times over until she’s on the verge of passing out and when I finally do cum on her tits, ass, mouth or wherever else we both desire, I enjoy laying together in that mess we’ve made together.
It’s sexy as fuck and we’re never in a rush to clean up. Making the mess is half the fun, getting to cuddle and spoon in it is the other half we enjoy just as much.