David comes in one night after work and wakes her up by blindfolding her and taking her downstairs. He tells her not to say a word. He ties her up by laying her across the dining room table. Tying each of her legs to each of the legs of the table. Then walking around the front of her, he pulls her as far across the table as he can. Then tie each of her hands to the table legs. He moves away from her, and she doesn’t hear anything for a minute.

She feels a big black cock on her lips, and she open to start sucking, and she realizes that it isn’t David. Then she feels someone beginning to lick her pussy and slowly licking up and down her lips. She’s tied up so she can’t do anything, and there is a cock in her mouth so she can’t say anything.

She then feels the person behind her, figuring it is David, start to run his hand over her ass, then he removes his hand and down comes a smack. She was being gentle at first, then getting harder until her ass is red and burning with heat. He then rubs her ass to cool it down. She feels him pull his hand away again, then another smack, right on her pussy.

She starts moaning on the cock in her mouth. Someone grabs her hair and raises her (as much as she can get while still being tied down) off the table to get to her nipples. They start playing with her nipples, pinching, and twisting. She is still being spanked; every time one lands, she jumps forward, making the cock in her mouth go deeper. The cock in her mouth is pushing in her so far, and she can feel the hair tickle her nose. The man in front of her is pulling slowly out and then back all the way in. Then she feels a finger push into her pussy, sliding in and out. Then a second finger joins it, then a third. Slowly pulling all the way out and then back in, till she has juices running down her legs. Then she feels a finger enter her ass, slowly sliding in. Later it is joined by the second and third, stretching her further. Then the man in front removes his cock from her mouth and comes around behind her.

He starts licking up the backs of her legs up to her pussy. He starts licking and sucking on her clit. Then he picks up the of her as he stands up. He starts to tickle her back with his tongue and David slides his dick in her mouth.

The man slowly places his cock at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushes his way in. It doesn’t take much since she is so wet. Once he gets in, he starts sliding in and out faster and faster. He is slamming into her so hard David doesn’t have to move; the movement alone is making her swallow all his cock.

Just as she hit orgasm, the man is fucking her hard. David takes his cock out of her mouth, and she screams. She can hardly breathe cause of the orgasm. The man slowly pulls his cock out of her pussy as her orgasm slowly fades.

David unties her hands but tells her not to move yet. He comes around behind her and unties her feet. She is still blindfolded, and he tells her to leave it on. David walks her over into the living room and tells her to stand with her feet about two feet apart from the other one. The man slides in between her legs but is so quiet she doesn’t hear him. David tells her to squat down slowly. As she does, the man lines himself up to her pussy. As she gets right above him, David pushes her down on his cock, impaling her on it, and she let out a scream as another orgasm rips through her. Once she gets adjusted to the size again and starts moving up and down on his cock, he starts pinching and twisting her nipples.

Then he pulls her down toward his face so he can suck and nibble on them. She doesn’t hear David, but she knows he is watching her fuck the man. He slowly wraps his hands around her body to hold her down while he slides in and out of her wet pussy.

David gets down behind her and starts pushing his cock into her ass. It is a tight fit to have both cocks in her, but it feels great. Once she is impaled on both, the man starts to pull out as David pushes in. Then he pushes in while David pulls out. The pace begins to pick up as both cocks are slamming into her; she has orgasm after orgasm. The two of them start to slow down until David pulls out, and the man slides out from under her, but she is still on her hands and knees recovering.

The man comes around behind her and slams his cock as hard as he can into her ass, and she screams. He starts fucking her in the ass hard and fast, and she loves it.

David is sitting on the couch, watching him fuck her. As the man starts to get close to Cumming, as does David, he pulls out of her ass and rolls her over. Both men stand above her and cum all over her body.