Once upon a time…. A story of a bond between a Daddy and his babygirl
One upon a time, there was a Daddy Dom who loved his special and precious baby girl. His love for her was two-fold. There was the pure and innocent love he had for her in which he wanted nothing but the best for her. Not in a general, cliched way. But in very specific ways in which he had a hand in creating. Whether it was cooking the fine gourmet meals that kept her delighted and well-nourished or getting her unexpected gifts, the kind that says he listens and knows her well. But it wasn’t just about providing material things to her, it was about providing a loving and nurturing relationship that not only allowed her to feel safe and secure to be the person she was, but to know she was safe to become the person she wants to be as well. Because they both knew, a good relationship is a growing relationship.

Then there was the not so innocent attraction he had for her. The thoughts of tieing her up and whipping her to tears. The images of choking her with one hand, while making her pussy squirt with the other. The sounds of her moaning and whimpering as she’s gagged and hogtied and you leave her there, making her anticipate what may happen next. These are not only the things he thought about doing to her that delighted him more than anything, but it was the fact she consented and submitted to all of it, time and time again with an eager joy of a fuck toy who wanted to please her Daddy more than she wanted anything else in this world.

It was a mutual devotion, forged by passion. It was a love story not easily explained or told to those that wouldn’t understand it. It was a bedtime story they told each other often, right before the candles were lit and the whips and cuffs came out to play.