Bonding with Someone Is a Risk Worth Taking!

Bonding, loving, connecting or whatever else you want to call becoming emotionally intimate with someone is risky. But its a risk worth taking.

Yes you may get hurt and be left wounded and it may even leave you feeling weak or temporarily destroyed. But it’s worth it. Because those deep and meaningful connections is the essence and the color of life.

As Men, most of us are taught to always be strong. To be productive and protect those we care about and to do whatever it takes to achieve that and accomplish our goals in the process.

The very things that we were taught go directly against the idea of being emotionally vulnerable to another person. So we do what we can to stay emotionally unavailable and hunt for pleasure in ways that make us feel powerful and safe, closing the opportunity at something greater than just temporary feeding our desires.

But when and if you decide to actually stop trying protect yourself from being hurt by allowing yourself to truly love someone, than you’ll find joy and beauty unparalleled to anything you could have tasted behind your self imposed walls.

Bonding with someone is risky. But if you understand what awaits in a true connection then you’d know it’s a chance worth taking.