Fancy breathtaking sex? With breath control this is taken very literally and figuratively. In this game, the Dominant blocks the submissive’s mouth or nose, preventing him or her from breathing. What is erotic about this? The sub comes to an unprecedented orgasm due to the oxygen shortage.

What is breath control?

With breath control, also called breathplay, someone’s oxygen is limited to increase erotic pleasure and lead to an unprecedented orgasm. So it is literally and figuratively about breathtaking sex. In most cases, breath control is part of a BDSM game between a Dominant and a submissive. In some cases, it is done solo while masturbating.

The Dom is the one that restricts the submissive’s airflow. In breathplay, the brain of the sub gets too little oxygen, which causes euphoria (very pleasant, elevated mood), and due to the lack of oxygen, an orgasm is reached earlier during sexual acts and usually that orgasm is much more violent than normal. And why it is so pleasant for the Dominant? The Dom is in control of someone’s breathing and he or she gets a kick out of that. Orgasms therefore become much more intense when the brain receives little oxygen, but that is precisely where the danger of breath play lies. Breath control can be very dangerous and even deadly. Certainly with this form of BDSM, the four pillars Safety, Trust, Voluntary and Mind are very important.

Why should you play breathplay?

Many BDSM people find the thrill and pleasure outweigh the risks with breath control. This is why people do breathplay:

  • The erotic pleasure of the sub is increased. When the brain receives little oxygen, an orgasm is reached earlier and this orgasm will be much more intense than usual.
  • The Dominant likes the control he or she has over the submissive’s breathing. The Dom gets a kick out of this.

The cons:

  • Breath control is dangerous and can even lead to death.

How do you do breathplay?

There are several techniques for taking control of someone’s breath:

The sub’s mouth / nose can be blocked, preventing him or her from breathing air. This can be done with the hands, gags, tape, facesitting (sitting on someone’s face) and airtight masks. You have to pay attention because the submissive can get sick and vomit, so he or she can choke on their own vomit.

Rebreahting can also be used. The sub breathes in an airtight space (for example a plastic bag or bag), as a result of which the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide content keeps increasing and the oxygen content decreases. This makes it more difficult for the submissive to get enough air. The Dominant can put pressure on the arteries in the neck, the carotides, which supply the brain with oxygen-rich blood. If pressure is put on both carotid arteries, it will take 3-15 seconds for unconsciousness to occur.

In waterboarding, the submissive’s head and / or body is kept under water, which makes it impossible to breathe. This is a relatively safe technique because you do not put pressure on the tissues. But it can be dangerous if the submissive becomes unconscious underwater and inhales, causing water to enter his or her lungs. With this technique, the Dom must learn to look very carefully at the body movements of the sub to get him or her back to the surface at the right time.

The Dominant can put pressure on the submissive’s windpipe. This creates an obstruction that prevents you from breathing as a sub. This technique is very dangerous because the trachea consists of cartilage rings and you can damage them.

Breath control and safety

Breath control leads to an oxygen deficiency in the brain. This can be very harmful. If the brain does not get enough oxygen, the sub may pass out, lose consciousness and the skin becomes very pale and he or she gets a slow pulse. Fainting is the number one cause of death from breath control. This is because there are people who perform breathplay on their own and so there is no one around who removes the breathing obstruction and teaches him or her.

Risks breath control

A person can go without oxygen for about three minutes before the brain takes permanent damage. Oxygen deficiency can also cause permanent damage to the spine. There is actually no way to do breath control without risk. For example, you cannot know when a person will be unconscious. Every time you do breath control, damage to the brain will be caused and brain cells will be destroyed. The dangerous thing during the game is that you don’t see the sub coming to cardiac arrest or the lack of oxygen being so bad that brain damage occurs. Even days or weeks after the game took place, brain damage can only become apparent and lead to death. In addition, the chance of fatalities is even greater if the sub has a medical condition,such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, brain aneurysm or heart and lung disorders.

So breath control literally plays with someone’s life. Both the Dominant and the submissive must use common sense. In fainting, the Dominant must free the sub from the breathing barrier and place him or her on the back, with the legs slightly higher than the rest of the body. Open a window for adequate ventilation. If the sub does not recover within 30 seconds, check his or her heart rate and breathing and seek help. Even if the submissive remains disoriented, loses consciousness or shows other weird behavior for more than half an hour after waking up, getting medical attention is necessary.