If you’re experiencing excitement at the idea of getting pregnant, you’re definitely not alone. A pregnancy fetish, also known as a breeding fetish, is more common than you might think. In this blog we tell you more about this fetish!

What is a breeding fetish?

Breeding fetish refers to the fantasy of getting someone pregnant. The risk and excitement that someone can actually become pregnant is part of the game with this fetish .

Why do people have a breeding fetish?

The reason breeding fetish exists is simply that it is a risk. Most of these people don’t want to have a baby together, but the risk of it happening will amplify the experience. Compare it to a situation where you have sex in a public space with the possibility of being caught. The tension enhances the experience.

Another aspect is the element of control usually experienced by the man. He has, as it were, the power to irrevocably change the life of his partner, which causes him the necessary excitement. The man decides, as it were, if and when his partner will become pregnant. It is an intimate way of exercising dominance. The female partner can be very exciting to relinquish control of her own pregnancy.

Mutual consent

Breeding fetishists prefer sex without a condom. It is therefore important that the partner knows well which risks are associated with this fetish and that there is mutual consent.