Shannon is conflicted when her BBC Dom decides to breed and share her tender flesh. She submits as her Dom impregnates her, and passes her around.

Shannon got out of the shower totally clean and perfectly shaved.. She admired herself in the mirror, and snapped a picture for her Dom. Every inch of her body had to be perfect for Him. She loved serving Him, he was a huge black man with a barrel chest, and an absolutely huge twelve inch cock. It had taken weeks of being used before she could finally accommodate his entire length in her slender and tiny 105 lb. body. Shannon was a very petite little girl, and she had given her body completely to her Dom, to use any way he wanted when she became his submissive.

Shannon waited in the bedroom, in her kneeling position, waiting for her Dom to come in and use her. She loved being used by him, his massive frame pinning her down, holding her helpless. She loved worshipping his huge black cock, and seeing it enter her tiny, milky white body was the most exciting sight in the world for her. She had a picture of his huge black cock stretching her tiny ass, which she kept on her dresser mirror. Everything about him excited her. When he entered the room, he stood in front of her, and she took him in her mouth, feeling him grow. He rapidly became fully erect, and she had to use both hands to stroke his long shaft into her willing, obedient mouth.

She used her tongue on the underside of his cock as he had commanded her to do in the beginning, and she tasted his pre-cum. This always made her gush, as she knew she was being a good girl, and pleasing her Dom. As her mouth and hands slid up and down on his massive cock, her Dom said “You are going to get a surprise today, little girl”. Shannon could not comment or inquire, as she did not dare change the rhythm she was using to please him. Soon, she felt his cock thicken in her mouth, and knew he was going to cum. She sucked hard and used her tongue, and was rewarded by feeling him pulse and throb in her mouth. She could feel his seed shooting through the underside of his monster cock, and a rope of his cum filled her mouth, covering her tongue.

She quickly swallowed, as she knew it would rapidly be followed by much more. It was. Rope after rope of hot seed filled her mouth, forcing her to swallow after each one, so she would not spill or waste any of the precious fluid – her Dom’s reward for her servitude. His massive black cock throbbed and pulsed as he filled her tiny mouth over and over. Finally, when he was done, she massaged his shaft from base to tip, squeezing out one last load onto her tiny, velvet tongue. Shannon kept this in her mouth, so she could taste his seed as she performed her household chores. Shannon looked up at him with her deep blue eyes and said “Thank you very much, Sir!” He replied “That’s my good little girl, you belong to me… now clean the house!” Bring a properly trained slut, Shannon instantly replied “Yes Sir!”

As her Dom preferred, she had a special outfit she was to wear while inside the house. She padded across the carpet to do her cleaning and housekeeping chores. Her Dom got very angry at her and would spank her senseless if she left anything dirty! When she was done, she would present herself to her Dom and say “The house is clean for you, Sir!”

Her Dom walked through house, making sure all of Shannon’s chores were done. He said “We are going to make some changes here to liven things up… Wait for me”. He turned and left before she could ask what “changes” he was thinking of! A shiver of anticipation ran up Shannon’s spine. The longer she waited, the more the anticipation built. Was he out getting a new toy to use on her? Where did he go? She began to worry, and she began to long for him at the same time. She loved the way he held her down while he was using her, his huge frame could hold her immobile by the neck with one hand. His muscular thighs – as big as her tiny waist held her long slender thighs deliciously wide open – for him to use her as he liked. She got wet anticipating his return, and reached down to touch herself unconsciously.

She loved it so much when he used her. As the hours stretched on, her apprehension grew. Shannon heard the key in the door, and Shannon raced to kneel in front of the entrance to welcome her Dom. She was aghast when he came in with his brother! His brother had never seen her in her little slave outfit, but Shannon knew her place. She kept her eyes down as her Dom was saying “Isn’t she everything I said she was? The sweetest little slut you could ever find.” His brother responded “Bro, you are so lucky… look at her, still kneeling waiting for you to tell her what to do. She is the sweetest piece I have seen in a long time dude.” Her Dom looked down at her and said, “Be a good little girl and get into the bed and wait for me”. Shannon, still shocked and shaking, said “Yes, Sir”, got up and walked to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, she quietly closed the door, pulled back the covers on the bed, and took off her outfit, carefully folding each piece slowly. Shannon climbed into the bed and hugged her little stuffed bear for comfort. Sir was going to use her with his brother in the house? Her Dom walked into the bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. He walked up to the edge of the bed and said “Now be a good girl for me and spread your legs”. Shannon complied, her milky white smooth thighs opening as far as she could. He reached down and slid his fingers in her pussy. Deep in her pussy. His fingers went very deep inside her, and she could feel his fingers questing.

There was pain as he removed his fingers… He was holding her diaphragm! “Sir… I NEED that!” Shannon exclaimed. “I’m fertile today! I’ll get pregnant if you cum in me without that!”. He looked down at her and said “Shut the fuck up. I told you things were going to change, and they are. First, I have decided that it is time to breed you. Second, I am going to start passing you around.” He said it calmly as he would say “It’s going to rain today”, but the effect it had on little Shannon was devastating. She trembled and stammered “b… b… breed me? P… p… pass me around?” He could barely draw her breath for another sentence. “No, PLEASE… Sir, No! You can’t do that to me! I’m too sweet and innocent for that!” He told her “You are going to be my good little slut, and do what I say! Now open your legs for me.

Shannon’s world was spinning! Bred? Passed around? She knew she had no choice. He was so much larger than her, he could simply take her. If she fought, he would only punish her severely, and still take her. Hesitantly, while whispering “No, oh god please no” under breath, her perfect nubile thighs opened for her Dom. He grabbed her by the throat, held her down and said one word. “Wider”. She spread her long slender legs as wide as she could as he climbed between her legs. His total and utter domination of her had given him a massive erection. He guided it to the entrance of her now-unprotected pussy.

Shannon whispered “Please, Sir – Don’t do this…” He slapped her with his other hand. Shannon’s cheek stung. “Beg me for it… Beg me to impregnate you, beg me to breed you!” He slapped her again. Shannon, with a tear in her eye stammered “P.. Please, Sir, breed me and impregnate me,,, I want it… please fuck me.” She despaired as she said those words; she did not want to be bred! He positioned himself at the entrance to her velvet canal and told her “Be a good little girl and beg me again” Shannon looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes and complied, saying, “Please breed me sir, I want it.” Hearing that, he thrust his cock deep inside his little compliant submissive.

Each powerful stroke of his black cock taking him deeper and deeper inside her innocent body. His massive body held her smooth thighs and tiny ankles wide apart. She had become able to accept his huge member weeks ago, but now he was deep, his cock pressed against her newly-unprotected womb! She felt every inch of his cock as it invaded her body over and over. She could feel every vein and the ridge of his massive cock head as her tiny pussy stretched around his huge black cock. He took his time using Shannon’s young pussy, his huge frame and hand around her tiny neck keeping her absolutely immobile. Under her breath, Shannon was whispering “please god no… no… no…” Her body was completely his now; she would have to take whatever he did to her at this point. He started fucking her roughly, whispering into her ear “I’m going to breed you over and over; your body belongs to me… YOU belong to me!”

He was pounding her tiny pussy HARD now, his full balls slapping against her tiny perfect ass. Even though she feared getting impregnated, the feeling of his cock deep inside her made her cum. HARD. Waves of ecstasy washed over her body, as her tiny pussy gripped his huge cock even tighter. Her little body was wracked with pleasure, as her stretched pussy enjoyed the massive intruder in her body. Her hands gripped the sheets, and her toes curled in pleasure as she came, and she could feel her gushing pussy lubricate her Dom’s cock. As he stroked hard, she felt him thicken, and he went deep inside her. She could feel every inch of his massive black cock inside her milky-white body, she felt him throb and pulse, and felt the seed shoot up through his cock. “Take it my little girl, take it all, take all my cum in your fertile body.” He whispered into her ear.

She felt the first rope of cum as it erupted form him, with his cock pressing against the entrance to her unprotected, fertile womb! Over and over he throbbed and shot ropes of hot seed into her fertile body. She could feel each jet of hot cum splashing against her tender abused uterus. He kept his huge cock deep inside her. She could feel the heat of his seed on her cervix, and knew that right now, with no diaphragm to protect her – it was entering her innocent womb. She was being impregnated as his cock shot its final load inside innocent little Shannon. He stayed inside her, letting his cock drain into her stretched pussy. “Wrap your legs around me” he commanded. Shannon did, her tiny feet now behind his back. “That’s my good little girl, now you have been bred. When I get up, I want you to put a pillow under your hips to keep the cum deep inside you” Her pussy was dripping with the huge load of hot, potent seed her Dom had deposited deep inside her fertile pussy.

He wiped his cock off on her silken, slender thighs, and got out of the bed, leaving little Shannon filled with his potent seed. He left the room to join his waiting brother, and Shannon put a pillow under her hips like a good little girl. Very quietly, Shannon cried, she felt so USED. After about an half an hour, she heard her Dom call out from the living room “Shannon, go to the bathroom, clean up, and get back into bed” Shannon replied, loud enough for him to hear, and replied “Yes Sir, I will clean up really good for you Sir!” “Good girl”, came the reply from the living room.

She walked barefoot to the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet to release his massive load. There was so much cum coming out of her! He had always given her big loads, but this one was huge. “The way he ejaculated, right into the entrance to my womb” Shannon thought “I’m most certainly impregnated”. She despaired. She wept. Then like a good little girl, she wiped herself up, flushed the toilet, and walked back to the bed slowly. When she got back to the bed, she pulled the covers up and curled up with her little teddy bear, which normally gave her comfort. This time, it was not enough. Shannon ran her hands over her flat tummy, wondering what it would be like when it began to expand. “Shannon, get out here into the Kitchen” she heard her Dom bellow. She tossed back the covers, put her teddy bear on the dresser, and walked naked out of the bedroom into the kitchen. When she got there, she knelt before Sir. He commanded her, ”Turn around, and get on all fours, and show my brother your tiny little ass. “ Shannon complied, her face against the floor, and her ass in the air… on display for them.

“Look at that tiny ass” Her Dom said to his brother, “I’m gonna let you tap that now”. His brother replied, “Hey, can’t I use her pussy too?” Her Dom replied “Nope. I’m keeping that to myself until I know she has been impregnated by ME, you can fuck her in the mouth though, she sucks cock like a vacuum cleaner, and trust me, she has the tightest little white ass you ever had”. Shannon felt humiliation. Her Dom was dividing up parts of her body for others to use! She felt like a piece of meat. Actually, since she gave her body to her Dom, she was… She was HIS piece of meat. “At least my pussy is still only His… for now” Shannon thought to herself. And there was a bright side, Shannon LOVED anal.

She always came hard when her Dom stretched her little rosebud and went balls deep into her tiny body. Her Dom told her, “Show him a good time, my little one, be a good girl… but if he tries to put it in your pussy, call out for me!”. “Yes, Sir”, Shannon readily agreed. His brother grabbed Shannon’s tiny arm, and lifted her up, leading her roughly to the bedroom. When they got into the bedroom, the brother grabbed her by the hair and made her kneel before him. He opened his pants, let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. “Suck me little girl” he said. She looked at his cock as it grew in her face. It was even longer than her Dom’s, but was much thinner, it was nowhere as thick as her Dom’s huge cock. As she sucked on his cock, it grew to full length, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her head onto him.

He reached the back of her throat, and pulled her head towards his hips sharply by her hair. His cock slid down her throat, and he continued pulling on her hair until her chin was resting on his balls! He throat-fucked her, pulling out once in a while so she could catch her breath. He used her throat roughly. “You are as good as my brother said you were… A VERY good girl indeed! Now get on the bed with your face down and ass up, honey, I’m gonna fill your lily-white ass with black cock!” Shannon scrambled up to the bed, seeing him grab the bottle of lube from on top of the dresser. The teddy bear got knocked to the floor, and Shannon winced. Shannon buried her face in the pillow, and lifted her ass high up into the air. She felt the cold lube on her ass, and then lubricated fingers inside her ass – opening it up as he poured additional lube inside her.

He lubed up his long, black cock, and placed it between her milky-white ass cheeks. He worked himself into her, each stroke taking him deeper and deeper into Shannon’s bowels. By the time he was all the way in, it felt like he was pushing one of her lungs aside! He was so very, very deep inside her, and she loved it. She knew that this was just the beginning of a long day, her Dom and brother would be using her over and over, she was certain. He began long slow strokes with his cock, always ending as deep inside her as he could go. Shannon’s ass was completely filled. She loved the feeling of his long black cock stroking in and out of her young ass. As he stroked her, she reached down and rubbed her tiny clit. She shuddered and came, making her scream “Oh GOD! Yes! Take my ass, use me, fill my ass with your long black cock!” As she came, her ass clenched, stimulating him even more.

He began to fuck her ass roughly, grabbing her hair to pull her tiny body onto his long cock. He was fucking her ass HARD now, so roughly, and she felt his cock throb as he plunged deep inside her. Shannon could feel the hot ropes of cum as they poured deep into her bowels. Being used like this made Shannon cum again, and the contractions of her ass were milking the seed from his long black cock. She felt his last rope of cum splash inside her, and he let his cock remain deep inside her tiny bowels, still twitching from the pleasure her tiny body had given him. Shannon had enjoyed that. She loved it when her ass was filled with a huge black cock, and this one was MADE for her ass. It was so long, but not so thick it hurt her. She wriggled her body in excitement. She was humiliated by being used by a stranger, having her throat and ass used as a cum-dumpster, but she was obeying SIR!

That made it better, and lessened the humiliation a bit. He pulled out of her, and went to the bathroom to take a shower, saying “You are sure a good little girl, Shannon… Now that my Brother is passing you around, you will be seeing me a lot. I can’t wait until you test positive, I want some of that skinny white pussy!” Shannon rolled over and lay down on her back. She could still feel her asshole gaping from the hard fucking it just took.

Shannon drifted off to sleep after her two powerful orgasms and the rough anal she just experienced. At 105 lbs., she did not have a lot of reserve! She was awoken to see her Dom and his brother standing at the side of the bed, looking at her body hungrily. “You’re going to get a new experience my little girl…“ said Sir. “Get up out of bed.” He finished. “Yes, Sir” Shannon replied wondering what they were going to do to her. Her Dom laid down on the bed on his back and said “Now be a good girl, and suck my cock”.

As she crawled on the bed between his massive legs, she said “Yes, Sir, I am happy to please you” Shannon could say no more, as he pushed her head down on his huge black cock, which was already hard. She pleased him the way she was taught and soon he told her “Now straddle me and sit on my cock, little girl” Shannon said “Yes, Sir” as she complied. She knew he was going to cum inside her fertile pussy again. If she was not already impregnated, this would insure it! Under her breath, she was saying “no… no… please, no… this is my fertile day, I don’t want to get pregnant…” Shannon was given no choice, as soon as she was past the huge black cock head; her Dom grabbed her by the throat and pulled her tiny body down on his cock.

One thrust, all the way until her ass was resting on his balls. Shannon let out a little wail of pain; this was rougher than her tiny pussy was used to! She felt so filled, with her pussy stretched around his thick, twelve inch cock. He pumped in and out of her a few times, then pulled her down to his face, his mouth next to her ear and he whispered to her; “You are gonna take BOTH of us at the same time!” Shannon had pleading in her eyes as she said “Sir, please! I’m too tiny for that!” He replied “Shut up and bend over, my brother is gonna fill your little ass while I fill your pussy again. I told you, I’m gonna breed you and start passing you around… Now be a good girl and take it” Shannon sighed, part of her enjoying the fullness in her pussy, and said “Yes, Sir” as she bent fully over to expose her ass to her Dom’s brother.

Again, she felt the cold lube on her asshole, and the fingers spreading her open as he poured more lube inside her ass. She still had a huge load inside her ass. Now there would be even more. The brother’s long cock slid deep into her tiny ass. She never felt so full! Her pussy and ass were both filled with huge black cocks! As they started to stroke, she could feel both of them intensely inside her body. One pounding against her unprotected womb, the other deep within her bowels – separated only by a thin layer of sensitive flesh. Both men started to pound her tiny body harder and harder, and the feeling was intense. She came hard, waves of ecstasy washing over her body as the two black cocks invaded both of her holes.

The orgasm was so intense she grabbed the sheets and looked deep into the eyes of her Dom, saying “Thank you, Sir” Her pussy still reverberated from the intense orgasm, and with both her ass and pussy filled and pounded, she came again and again. Rolling from one orgasm to another – as she was being used by a stranger, and impregnated by her Dom. Her humiliation only made the orgasms more powerful, and both her pussy and ass clenched around the huge black cocks. She felt the cock in her ass expand and throb, followed by the heat of his seed as it emptied deep in her bowels. Over and over he shot hot ropes of cum deep inside her ass, and she welcomed it. Almost immediately, Sir’s hand on her throat pushed her down all the way onto him, his cock pushing back her tiny womb. He exploded in her, and she could feel every rope, every pulsation of his cock, every hot blast of seed as it was injected against the entrance to her fertile womb. Shannon despaired… she did not WANT to be bred!

Her “wants” were of no consequence, she was bound to obey, and she accepted her fate, dutifully taking her Dom’s hot thick seed into her fertile womb. She felt the cock in her ass, now completely drained, pull out. She felt him wipe his cum-soaked cock over the perfect skin of her tiny bottom. Now, only her Dom was inside her holding his cock deep in her stretched, used pussy. He lifted her off him, and lay her down on the bed on her back. He took a pillow, and lifted her ass, shoving the pillow under her to elevate her hips. “Be a good little girl, Shannon, and let that hot cum do its job on you!” Exhausted, with her ass and pussy filled with hot seed, Shannon quickly fell asleep as the brothers went to the kitchen for a beer.

When Shannon awoke, her Dom’s brother was gone. It was just Shannon and Sir. He told her to clean up, then put on her outfit and clean up the house. It had gotten messy when his brother was over, and needed cleaning. Shannon complied with a “Yes, Sir” and walked toward the bathroom to wash out all the cum in her pussy and on her flawless, milky-white skin. When she reported to her Dom that she was finished, he ordered her back to the bedroom. He was going to impregnate her again. Accepting her fate, she unwillingly lay on the bed with her beautiful legs spread wide, ready to be used by her Dom for his pleasure. He came inside her again, another huge load guaranteed to fertilize the egg waiting inside her tiny womb.

For the next couple of weeks, her Dom used her constantly, always ejaculating deep in her pussy, totally ignoring her nubile ass and talented mouth for his seed. Occasionally, his brother would show up for anal and/or double penetration. She felt satisfied in her servitude, but resentful over the breeding and sharing. There was nothing she could do, she was OWNED. One morning, after her shower, she found herself with her head in the toilet puking over and over. When it subsided, she knew she was truly pregnant; her life had now changed forever. Would her Dom now pass around her pussy as well? How many people would he pass her around to? Now, with his child in her womb, he owned her body ENTIRELY, inside and out.

There were some perks, she was going to be well-fucked constantly by a group of large black men, and she had a safe place to live and raise her baby. Eventually, Shannon smiled as she put on her outfit to clean the house for her Sir.

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