Can I taste you? I mean, savor you? As if you were my last meal and I needed to remember how you taste for the rest of my days. Can I taste you, as if you were the only thing that could satisfy this hunger within. As if you were the most succulent treat that has ever touched my lips, because you are.

Can I just taste you? Not as a prelude, but as everything I want this evening. To lay there, my head between your legs, tasting you until you simply are to sensitive to take another lick and yet, I still lick you some more.

Can I taste you? Because if I don’t get to eat that sweet cunt this evening I may just go mad, because it’s the only thought on my mind and I need it to be the only thing I taste tonight. If you say yes, I’ll make sure you understand what it’s like to be devoured by a wild beast.