It has been four months, one week, and six days since the night at the hotel when he accepted her as his pet. Of course counting the days wasn’t important. He had taken her from her home, and moved her in with himself so she could serve him as a live in slave. Of course though, she was more than happy to accept the position, it was what her heart desired.

He worked hard at the office so her days were spent cleaning the house and making ready for his return every night. She glanced at the clock on the wall, noticing it was only a few minutes before he got home. She went to the kitchen, wearing only the apron over her bare skin. She quickly brought the food out of the over and put it on the table, where only one plate was set on the table.

It only took a few minutes for her to have everything done as he liked before she moved out of the kitchen, hanging the apron on hook by the door. She heard a car in the driveway and a slow smile spread across her face as she fell to her knees by the front door. She waited patiently as the car engine stopped running and the door was slammed shut softly.

Her eyes were cast downwards as the front door opened and he walked in, closing the door behind him. She couldn’t see the satisfied smile on his face when he saw her there, but she could feel his pride. She was his pride and joy and she knew it, that was her satisfaction from serving him each day.

“Your dinner is ready for you Master.”

He stepped forward and placed his hand on the top of her head, and she leaned down and slowly took his shoes off. She leaned down even further planting a kiss on the feet of her beloved Master. She could feel his eyes roaming over her skin and it made her shiver, but never once did she look up at him.

“I have a gift for you my whore, you will get it later. Come now to dinner.”

She wanted desperately to look up at him then, but fought the urge. She was happy he had bought her someting, though she had no idea what it could have been. He walked past her and she followed, on her fours like a pet following its owner.

He went to the kitchen, leaving his briefcase in the hallway by the door. He sat at the table and she stopped by his side, kneeling as she always did. Under his chair was another plate which she lifted to him, still not making eye contact.

He was pleased with her efforts for today so he filled her plate, placing it on the table beside him.

“Sit by me pet.”

She couldn’t help herself as she looked up at him shocked by his words. He smiled warmly down at her and she returned the smile, getting to her feet and sitting on the chair beside him.

The dinner was peaceful and her heart swelled with pride as he talked with her of the troubles of his day. She offered her insight, hoping her words would create a new way to help him, a way he might not have thought of before. He even thanked her for some of her suggestions.

After dinner she cleaned up, packaging the leftovers and putting dishes in the dishwasher. She would deal with them later, after the dishwasher had stopped. As she left the kitchen she glanced around, looking for a clue as to where he went. His briefcase was still in the hall and she saw a light further down the hallway coming from the main bedroom at the back of the house.

She walked towards it and went to her knees before the closed door, knocking gently on the partially closed door. There was movement in the room as he came to the door and opened it more for her. He left the door open and walked back to the bed, sitting down on it.

She knew this was an invitation and crawled towards, the bed stopping beside him. At this time she knew it was time for a shower. Sometimes he allowed her to join, and other times she would wait outside while he showered.

“Master, shall i help you prepare.”

He didn’t say anything but extended his hand to her and when she took it he pulled her in between his legs, standing as tall as she could on her knees. He lifted her chin and ran his fingers over her face slowly in admiration as her fingers started to undo his tie. She took it off him slowly before moving her fingers down to undo the buttons of his shirt.

As she did so, he moved his hand down and cupped her breast, rubbing and massaging it. His touch sent waves of pleasure through her body as she shivered in delight. His touch always did this to her and she knew that she would be with him in the shower, he didn’t need to say the words.

She moved the shirt off his broad shoulders, excited in the prospect of seeing her Master’s body in front of her. She took in a sharp breathe as her eyes ran over his chest. No matter how many times she saw it, it still left her in awe. It was the body she loved and worshipped.

Without asking permission she lifted her face to look at her Master’s face and he moved his hand from the breast to her back pulling her up and close to kiss her. She melted then, her hands moving down to his hips as his tongue claimed her mouth. She whimpered in delight, but struggled hard to remember her task.

Her hands moved slowly to the center of his waist, undoing his belt and loosing it enough for him. She undid the button as his kiss deepened, his hands moving freely down her back to grasp her butt in the process. She moaned in the kiss, pushing down the zipper of his pants.

She could feel right away his straining hardness underneath his underwear. He pushed her back gently and stood in front of her. She took it as a cue to finish her task and moved her fingers inside the bands of his pants and underwear, pulling them both down at the same time. When he stepped out of them, she could see him standing naked in front of her and her stomach flipped in anticipation.

“Stand up.”

His words were firm, and they sent shivers down her spine as she stood before him. He guided her gently to the bathroom and into the shower cubicle. She had her back to him as she turned on the water, warm but not too hot. She could feel him behind her, his whole body overwhelming her senses.

The water fell over them as he moved her hair to the side, exposing her back fully to him. He leaned forward, his lips brushing over her neck and shoulders as his hands went down to take claim of her breasts. Her hands went to the wall, giving her support as her overtook her body.

She felt weak under him, lost in the pleasure only he could give her. Water dripped off her as more fell onto her. His hand moved slowly from her right breast down her stomach. She breathed in deep as he circled her belly button with one finger, then moving his hands down between her legs.

He knew instantly it wasn’t just because of the water than she was wet, and the thought pleased him. He bit her shoulder gently as one finger moved between her wet lips, teasing her hole. Her body was torn between crying from the pain, or moaning from the pleasure. Ultimately the moan won, and escaped her lips.

A pleased smile crossed his lips as he heard what he wanted and he pushed a finger into her. Another moan came out as she hung her head in pleasure, her hips slowly moving back and forth allowing his finger in deeper and shallower with each movement. He continued to move his finger in and out of her, pushing a second one in to add to her pleasure.

His lips never left her skin and his tongue licked up some water from her shoulders. She felt every sensation he gave her and her skin prickled in response. She was lost in the lust and need for him, and he knew it.

He pulled his fingers from her and turned her towards him, pushing her against the wall of the cubicle. Before she could make a protest his lips took hers again, kissing her hard and passionately. She didn’t fight, instead responding with the same amount of passion.

She felt his hands on her butt again, moving down to her thigh and lifting it slowly. He held her leg like that as he moved his hardness into her, taking full claim of her. Her lips never left his as she moaned in pleasure, taking him in herself completely. There was a moment of stillness, their bodies one in pleasure, in passion, and in love.

Her eyes caught his and he saw the need she possessed, the desire deep inside her. He would fulfill it as he always did, starting to rock his hips moving slowly pushing deep into her. She tilted her head back and his lips moved down her neck, sucking it leaving his mark.

She could feel his nails digging into her thigh as his thrusts got faster, his need growing to match hers. For her it felt like heaven, and this moment went on forever. She was floating, lost in the bliss. She lifted his chin up and looked deep into his eyes for a second before kissing him again.

The kiss was used to conceal the fact she was in orgasm, but he knew as she tightened around her and she accidentally bit his lip drawing blood. He thrust in deep releasing inside her, moaning in pleasure. There was a mixture of sweat and water flowing down their bodies.

Not yet fulfilling the purpose of the shower he pulled out of her and handed her a wet soapy rag. She was still lightheaded from cumming but took the towel and started to wash his body, not missing an inch. She felt honoured when he gave her the same treatment, washing her body and teasing her senses again.

She was filled with want again and he grinned seeing it in her eyes. But instead of giving into her, he reached past her and shut off the water. He opened the door of the cubicle and stepped out, wrapping a robe around himself.

“Dry yourself off and come see me in my office.”

He left the bathroom, leaving her standing there, still dripping and naked. She took a towel off the rack and dried herself slowly, starting with her hair. Once dry she ran a brush through her hair, undoing all the tangles. Her hair was still a little wet but it wasn’t dripping anymore. She picked the towel up off the floor, and threw it in the hamper.

She went out of the bathroom and through the bedroom leading back to the hallway. She walked down the hallway again, and stopped by the kitchen, looking across the hallway to his office. She peeked into the room and saw him at his desk, his laptop open and he was working away at something. He saw her from the corner of his eye and motioned for her to come in.

She walked in the room and stopped in front of his desk. On it she could see a small package, the box was two or three inches thick and a perfect square. She looked at it imagining what was in it they glanced up at him. He was staring at the screen of his laptop but he turned and met her eyes.

“It is yours.”

He pushed it towards her and she hesitated before she reached out and took it. She undid the ribbon holding it together and let it fall to the desk. Slowly she pulled off the top of it, breathing in anxious.

Inside was a light blue collar, with a small gem hanging from it. It was a opal, white with pink streaks in it. She smiled knowing what this meant. She went around the other side of the desk, and knelt down beside him holding the box in her hand still.

She lifted her hair as he took the collar from the box and put it on her. The gem glowed next to her skin and she felt happiness she never had before. He lifted her chin again and leaned down and kissed her again. He patted his thigh and turned back to his work.

She moved closer and laid her head on it, wrapping her arms around his leg feeling safe and secure. The collar meant more to her than an engagement ring and bared more weight to her than a wedding ring. She would stay by his side now, no matter what, his collared pet.

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