Crossdressing indicates that you are wearing clothing that is typical of the opposite sex. Cross-dressing, but in the BDSM world, it serves a different purpose. Crossdressing is common in role-playing games during the BDSM game. Read everything you need to know about it here.

Crossdressing role play

Where transvestism ( transvestic fetishism ) someone voluntarily dresses as someone of the opposite sex, this is often not the case with BDSM. The idea of ​​dressing like the opposite sex can be humiliating for many people. And that’s what it’s about. A Dom can force his or her sub to cross-dress, where the Dom humiliates the sub. This is certainly the case when the submissive does not experience excitement in cross-dressing, just humiliation. A submissive crossdresser is also known as a Sissy.

A common role-playing game is a Mistress who lets her male slave cross-address into a maid. In this role, the sub can do everything on behalf of the Mistress. Think of scrubbing the floor or other household chores. Although in most crossdressing role-playing games the man dresses up as a woman, it also happens that a female sub is forced to dress and act like a man.


The use of a strapon (strap-on dildo) is ideal for ‘switching the reels’. A strap-on dildo allows a woman to penetrate the man anally. This lends itself perfectly to a role play between the Dom and crossdresser, in which the male sub is dressed as a woman and must be penetrated as a ‘woman’.

Pegging can also be a way to make a female sub behave like a man, because a penis is created with a strap-on dildo. Then the sub can be forced to anal penetrate the Master.

The erotic aspect of crossdressing

Someone with transvestic fetishism (cross-dressing) gets excited about wearing opposite-sex clothing. This erotic aspect is different in a crossdressing BDSM role play. The humiliating aspect, for both the Dom and the sissy, creates the excitement.

In principle, cross-dressing is therefore separate from BDSM. Sometimes it happens that transvestites also do BDSM, but not all crossdressers do this.

Crossdressing products

  • Tights and stockings
  • Wigs
  • Clothes and lingerie
  • Role play costumes
  • Strap-on dildo