Cuckold angst is one of the most powerful emotions and biggest hurdles to overcome as the cuckold. It is one of the biggest issue that needs to be dealt with and the reason why more men are not cuckolded. Cuckold angst is a specific emotion made up of primarily of jealously and fear of the unknown coupled with a feeling of excitement and arousal at the prospect of getting cuckolded.

Cuckold angst is very much an emotional state that changes in intensity as you go through with the process of getting cuckolded and is not unlike the proverbial rollercoaster ride.

Nothing can truly prepare one for the intensity of the emotions which a cuckold will go through as the wife takes on another lover. Knowing what the process entails will help you push through the tough bits knowing that there’s light on the other side of the tunnel.

As a rule of thumb make sure that all communication between her prospective bull, your wife and yourself is always open and transparent. Part of what drives cuckold angst is not being in the loop and this will minimize the angst at least on the communication front.

Another key aspect of minimizing your angst is to iron out everything during your initial meet.Remember your first meeting will be in public and there should be no sexual contact or play during this meeting. This is simply to understand each party’s desires and needs. If you’re all on the same page there should be nothing that surprises you once the play starts.

However even if you’ve dealt with all potential risks there will still be a significant amount to deal with that’s unknown that you need to be prepared for. The first thing you will need to deal with will be your wife’s excitement and nervousness that comes with any new sexual partner. This is typical as you can imagine of any new partner. Think about how you first felt when you met your wife. Butterflies in the stomach and the imagination running wild. This is completely normal and you must remember this is why you are entering the lifestyle, to give it some horns! And because you’ll be part of the comms (as mentioned above) you must make a point to enjoy it with her.

The second crucial element of cuckold angst will be your first playdate. As a word of advice make your first playdate with all three of you in the same room. Don’t be brave and send her on a date the first time, you’re adding unnecessary tension and stress to an already tough situation. As a male your visual sense will be your main driver of angst as you witness your wife give herself over to her new partner.

The hardest (and most exciting) things to see is the undressing of both your wife and her new lover. A good bull will take his time, checking both your and your wife’s responses as each item of clothing comes off. The real crux will come when she’s in her underwear. Her bra should come off first and this is a big deal for women as they are probably most self conscious about their breasts (can we call this “hotwife angst”?). Say something encouraging if you can to help her out, remember this is as big for you as for her and she will also need loads of encouragement. From an angst perspective just think of this as two people getting naked.

Next will be her panties. This is a massive step and you will feel like the walls may be closing in. Psychologically the bull is removing the very last physical barrier to sexual intercourse and it will be her and your tacit approval of the willingness to enter into the cuckold lifestyle. The first time we played the bull had my wife on her back on the edge of the bed and reached underneath her and pulled them off. She obviously had to lift her hips a little to help get them off which was her way of giving approval.

Seeing the bull take his underwear off should be an interesting process, you will definitely compare size. You should have chosen a bull that is bigger than you anyhows which should make for an interesting event.

Seeing the bull and the wife kiss 💋 is also a sight to see as it is extremely intimate. Some couples don’t allow kissing for this exact reason. If you do decide to allow kissing start slow (start with the neck and/or breasts) and get them to work their way up to a full blown french kiss.

If you’ve come this far well done 👏

The biggest issue and the one that will dominate your first play will be the initial penetration. If your bull has done his job everyone will be relaxed and extremely aroused. Make sure that you have a good view of them both. A good bull will spend a fair amount of time with the initial penetration both for himself and for you as a couple. Enjoy this moment. You will be so enamored with the situation the angst will disappear the moment he pushes himself in.

Congratulations, you’ve passed one of the most challenging aspects of the cuckold process.