A lot of people fantasize about being a cuckold husband. But they don’t realize that it takes a lot of hard work…there are a lot of cuckold duties for you to perform.

It’s a big commitment, but it is really life fulfilling if you give yourself up to it. After all, cuckolding is one of the best things that can happen for your marriage.

Here are 10 cuckold duties that you should consider for your marriage and female led relationship!

Obviously this should be number one on the list.

A lot of cuckoldresses don’t let their husbands fuck them anymore, while others still do. But the MOST important thing is that a cuckold should be able to eat pussy like a madman!

Your mouth is MORE important than your cock. Your mouth should be serving your wife when a bull isn’t around to fuck her like she deserves. It should also be around when a bull left a tasty little creampie for you to cleanup. Start practicing cucks because you’re going to be eating A LOT of pussy from now on!

After all, you do want to make your wife happy, right? Well, you have to do it with your mouth now, not your little locked up chastity cock!

Ah sucking cock! Every cuckold remembers the first cock he ever sucked.

Maybe he was “forced” to do it or maybe he really wanted to. But sucking cock is a skill that ALL cuckolds should learn. If your wife wants you to prep her bull for her pussy, you need to be able to do it. If she wants you to suck on his cock after she came on it, you’ll do it.

And you obviously don’t want to embarrass her by giving a bad blowjob, right? A bad blowjob is something everyone ALWAYS remembers! So buy a goddamn big black DILDO and start practicing!

While not as important as eating pussy, eating ass should also be another duty for a cuckold.

For some reason I noticed that a lot of hotwives LOVE getting their asses eaten out, especially when they’re getting drilled by their bulls. So if you want to continue pleasing your wife, brush up on your ass eating skills.

Also for the ladies, please clean your ass for sanity reasons – most people don’t want to eat dirty asses and it can lead to illnesses as well…

All cucks need to be able to cook good food. You don’t need to be a super chef or anything, but learn your wife’s favorite recopies and dishes. You’ll need to cook them to make her happy after she’s had a long, relaxing day.

And if she wants you to cook a nice romantic dinner for her and her bull, you’ll need to be able to do it.

Cleaning is one of the most important cuckold duties of the household.

Your wife is too busy finding bulls, enjoying her life, and relaxing to be concerned with such trivial things.

That’s where you come in. You should have a list of chores to do around the house every week. This includes things like vacuuming, doing the dishes, doing yard work, etc. Make your wife’s life MUCH easier by taking on ALL of the cleaning duties around the house. And make sure you wear a nice sissy outfit too!

Don’t leave the toilet seat up. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it…

If you leave it up, you might be punished! Leaving the toilet seat up is TOTALLY inconsiderate of your wife. And for god’s sake, never pee on the toilet seat! This is one of the easiest cuck duties for you to perform, so don’t screw it up!

Drinking and driving is bad. That’s why you should ALWAYS be available to drive when your wife and her bull go on dates.

Maybe it’s just to pick them up. Or maybe they want you to watch from the backseat. It doesn’t matter. You should always be on call if they need you for anything driving related.

What could be hotter than planning a romantic outing for your wife and her bull? After all, most women want to be swept off her feet!

Take the initiative once in a while and plan an outing for them. Maybe it’s a night out on the town and a sexy hotel room to cap off the night. Or maybe it’s something simple like just a booty call. But take some initiative and make it happen! Your wife sill REALLY appreciate it!

Everyone loves receiving surprise gifts. I don’t care who they are.

It’s just nice to be thought of once in a while. That’s why all cucks should surprise their wives with gifts every now and then. It can be something like a piece of jewelry or something naughty like a new sex toy. Or it can be my favorite…sexy lingerie to tease you with!

Surprise gifts are sexy, so remember this when you want to make her happy!

As a good cuck it is your job to make your wife happy. You’ll tend to her every need like an obedient cuckold.

And in return, all of your biggest dreams and fantasies will come to life. Your cuck duty is to make her happy. If she’s craving pizza, go to the store and pick it up. If she wants a foot massage, get on your knees and give her one.

Anything she wants you’ll deliver without hesitation. The cuckold life is one of servitude, so you are there to please her!!

Overallq, understanding your cuckold duties is important in your cuckold marriage.

Performing these duties will make your wife A LOT happier…which will in turn make you A LOT happier.

HappyWife, HappyLife ❤❤❤