I’m going to count backward from ten, and by the time I get to one, you will cum. If you cum too soon, daddy will be displeased. If you cum too late, daddy will still be displeased. So, pay close attention to my words. Rub your clit. Focus on the sound of my voice.

It is just me in you in this dark room together. Can you hear me? Do I make you feel so warm and safe? It’s because I’m your daddy, and that is my job. Ten. My words are all you need.

Nine. When I look at you, I see the most beautiful little girl. Do you know that I am constantly torn between corrupting you and preserving your innocence? Most of the time, when I reach out to touch you, I don’t know if it is going to be gentle or rough. You bring that out in me. You make want to love you and destroy you. I think you’d be happy with both.

Eight. Keep rubbing your clit for your daddy. Move your fingers around and around. Doesn’t it feel so good, your hands on your little girl parts with daddy’s words deep inside your head? I know that’s what you need. You need to feel like I am there with you. You need to feel like I own you.

Seven. Well, allow me to let you on a little secret. I do. I do fucking own you. From the moment I saw you, I decide you were mine. I decided that no one besides me would have you. And here we are. You’ve let me inside your head. You’ve led my words to change you, mold you, make you mine.

Six. And isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Keep rubbing your clit. Keep moving it around and around even faster. Haven’t you always wanted to lose yourself? Well, let go. I am here to take over now. I’m here to get inside that little head of yours. I will go deeper and deeper until there is no space between where you end, and I begin. There will just be me, and what I’ve told you to be.

Five. Let go and submit to the power I have over you. I am your daddy now. I will take such good care of you.
I will choke you when you need to be choked. I will slap you when you need to be slapped. I will hold you close when you need to be loved. And how will I know when you need those things? I will read your mind because your mind is mine, just like your body. Every inch of you, every speck of gray matter is all mine. Maybe I’m greedy, but I don’t care. This world is so big and scary for little girls like you.

Four. I will be your shield when you need protection. I will be the voice inside your head when you need motivation. I won’t neglect a single moment. Just think of how it will feel when our naked bodies are pressed together, and my arms are wrapped so tight around you. Will there be another place on this earth you want to be? Will you ever want to disappoint me?

Three. That is the power I have over you. I already know you better than anyone else. I already see into you when everyone can’t see past their own nose. So, do as I demand. Rub your clit. Imagine that moment where I am on top of your, and your nails dig into my back. How tight will you hold me? How will my teeth feel on your neck? Give your daddy what he wants. Feel it building up inside of you. That’s it. Tremble for me. Shake. Feel yourself ready to explode.

Two. My cock is pulsing inside of you. Can you feel it? Can you feel all that cum? It’s your daddy’s cum, filling your little cunt. Feel your daddy showing you he loves you. You’re such a good girl, an amazing girl for daddy. It’s almost time. It’s almost time for you to let go. Don’t stop. You’re mine. You belong to me. Now do as your daddy has asked and cum. Cum for your daddy, right, fucking, now.