When it comes to her orgasms, I’m greedy. Orgasm denial is not my bag. Orgasm overload is though. I like to make her climax quickly, hard and put that on repeat until she’s fighting me to stop forcing her to cum. I love the feeling of having my head between her legs and as I feel her try to close them because her cunt is sore and swollen, I pry them back open and feel the weight of resistance trying to delay the inevitable to no avail.

I love fighting her for that last orgasm. The one she doesn’t think she can give. The one that will leave her quivering in a mess of her own making. The one that she begs me not to make her endure and then cums harder than the ones that came before.

That last orgasm is tastier than my own. Because I’m a greedy son of a bitch and I love to get exactly what I want and the combination of tasting her pussy and victory at the same time is something truly delicious to savor.