Daddy want to open up doors for you, not just the ones I’ll hold when we go out to eat, but the ones you keep locked in your mind that only my passion will open.

Daddy want to make you feel like a beautiful princess. By treating you as such, but sometimes I’ll treat you like your my pet, my personal slut and fuck you as if I owned you, take you with great veracity and a dominating touch, you will be consumed for my pleasure, bound for my needs, hurt for my hunger, but even as such, I’ll still make sure you always understand you’re my beautiful princess and there will be no doubt about that.d

Daddy want to inspire you, lead you, hold you, console and comfort you when needed. I want to be there for you when you are sad and want to cry, I’ll kiss the tears away. Sometimes I want to be so rough with you, I’ll be the reason for the tears, I’ll still kiss those tears away too.

Daddy want to be there when you awake and when you fall asleep, to kiss you at both times as a way of letting you know I’m always privileged to be the one to be there next to you and be overtaken by your natural beauty. But sometimes I want to wake you up in the middle of the night and fuck you like an animal that hasn’t eaten for days and you’re the first prey to come across my path.

Daddy want to love you, hurt you, kiss you, hold you, control you, but most of all I want you. I want the grumpy you who just wants to stomp her feet, the sad you who doesn’t feel like today will ever get better, the happy you whose smile sparkles and eyes shine like precious rubies, the challenging you who doesn’t know what she wants. I want every part of you, not every part of your body, yes that too, but every small conflicting, confusing part of you that makes up the total person who has captured my heart.

I’m glad he doesn’t want to and thinks it would be exhausting to have someone as amazing as you. I want to and I will continue doing what I want.