Don’t worry little girl, Daddy is here now. I know you’ve been waiting so long to find me and here I am. It has been a long painful road for you. But it’s been a long painful road for me, too. So just close your eyes and relax, feel daddy’s hand brushing your hair back off your face. Isn’t it how you always imagined it would be, feeling the love daddy has for you in the way he touches you? But don’t worry, daddy wont stop there. You’ve waited so long, you can wait just a little while longer.

God, my little girl is so beautiful it almost hurts. I can feel it in my stomach and that pain grows in ripples outwards through the rest of my body. Like, look at you little girl. Look how beautiful you are. It’s almost in describable but let me try. It’s like looking at rain on a sunny day. It’s like falling from a great height to your death but finding a soft landing. It’s like taking a breath after being held underwater for way too long.

I need you to feel that I feel that way when my hands are on your body, when my lips press against yours. Can you feel it? Do I even need to speak the words? I think you can. I think you know that Daddy loves his little girl so much when I start to undress you one article of clothing at a time. I do it so slowly, like your clothes are made of glass. And when my hands are on your body I touch you just as delicately, gliding my fingers along your curve just skimming the surface.

I’m sorry it took so long to find you. I’m sorry you had so many non-daddies before me touching like you were a piece of meat, like you were nothing but a hole to use. But here and now you’ll feel that daddy sees you as so much more. Here you will learn that I see you as the princess you always felt you were. And that is why I need to take my time, studying every inch of you, learning every bump and freckle. Here you will learn that daddy loves you without me ever having to say it.

Let me touch your face and pull you close to me. Feel daddy’s lips against yours and feel his tongue slide into your mouth. Isn’t this just how you always wanted to be kissed by a daddy? It feels so right because I can see all the pain inside you and it doesn’t scare me away. It draws me closer to you. It makes me want to wrap my arms around you and make you feel safe. After all there is no greater cause for a daddy then to protect his little girl. That is a pledge I make to you here and now, with our lips locked, and our arms wrapped around one another. Daddy will always make you feel safe.