Tiffany had been with her Daddy Dom for a 6 month now, they knew each other well, they knew each others dislikes and likes. They knew how to work together on things very well.

She was 21 years old, she was 5’3, blonde hair and petite. Today she knew she pissing off her Daddy Dom. All day long she was mouthing off to him, teasing him through text message, playing with herself and sending pics, as well as eating sweets for lunch. She knew better, She knew she wasn’t allowed to do that, but she was craving discipline and knew how to push all his buttons to get what she desired.

It was getting late afternoon and she knew he would be home soon. That is when she heard his car pull into the driveway and start walking up to the door. She just sat there in her red lace panties and a t-shirt waiting for him to enter the room. As soon as he walked into the house, he walked towards her with a look of business on his face. He sat down on his black leather chair and motioned for her to come over to him. She quickly walked over and he grabbed her and put her over his knees. Sternly he said you know you were bad today and started spanking her ass. Each swat making her ass more and more red, and she felt the warm feeling throughout her body. She was thrilled as she loved the feeling of what was happening. He made sure each cheek was glowing red before he picked her up and took her towards the bedroom, as he approached he kicked the door open wand walked into a room with dark red walls and satin linens on the bed.

He put her down on her hands and knees facing him, and undid his pants exposing his now engorged cock. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth towards him and her mouth deep onto it. She started to gag a bit but was able to take it all into her throat. He started to thrust in and out of her mouth making sure she knew he was in charge. He heard her moan as he fucked her mouth faster and faster. After he was ready he grabbed her and put her facing away from him and ripped off her panties. He grabbed her hair and thrust himself deep into her now soaking pussy. She moaned loudly as He pushed into her pussy deep and hard. He smiled as he saw his handiwork on her ass and heard her moan. He thrusted hard and deeper.

He grabbed her hips and started pulling her into his thrust making her moan in ecstasy as he was hitting all her tender spots. She started to beg to orgasm, so he started going harder and faster which put her over the edge. As she was orgasming he started to cum deep into her now satisfied pussy.

He slowly withdrew his cock from her and he put his fingers into her and scooped up some of the fluids and pushed it into her mouth, she happily licked off his fingers. He then told her that next time will be worse if she disobeyed. She knew in her mind that she would soon find out as she craved discipline.

She then went and showered thinking of all that had just happened. As she lathered her body she couldn’t help but to start to caress herself and start fingering herself. Daddy heard her moan, and walked in naked and looked at her and simply said round two. He got in with her and picked her up and held her against the wall as he entered already wet pussy. Both bodies sliding together covered in soap. He thrust deep and hard into her with little mercy. Her moans filled the house as he was going deeper and harder than he had. As she was getting close he put her down and bent her over, as she was bending he grabbed her hips and slide deep into her pulling her hard onto him. He then slammed into her causing her knees to go week as she peaked and screamed. He then started to fill her again with his hot seed. He waited til his member softened before pulling and washing her body clean.

Once out of the shower, he told her to go pick out a movie, and she cuddled next to him for the rest of the night. Feeling her ass still sore from her spanking. Both just smiled for the rest of the night.