You’re to come over tonight, come in and don’t say a word. Walk into the bedroom and undress and fold and place your clothes on the dresser. Then you’re to take the blindfold off the bed and tie it around your eyes and lay down on the bed on your back.

I’m going to tie you tightly to the four bed post and you’re to remain silent while I do. Once secured, I’m going to tease and taste every inch of your flesh, except your favorite spots which I will only lick, if you’re a good girl and have followed all my instructions.

Once your cunt is worked up and begging for my stiff cock, I’m going to fuck you as hard and for as long as I like. You may be physically tortured as I do, with bites across your body and a riding crop slapped against your thighs. You may moan and cum as much as you like, but you will not speak.

If you do as you’re told, I’ll untie you and stand you up against the wall and give you that whipping you’ve been craving. Taking pauses to play with your pussy as I make you squirt all over the carpet beneath your feet.

Don’t be late, because you don’t want to keep Daddy waiting as he’s anxious to play with his favorite toy this evening and make sure you understand your place is at my feet, ready to serve.