Coming home late from work, I unlock the door and open it to a strangely vacant entryway. Usually greeted by my excited sub or Babygirl as I call her. She gets so impatient awaiting my return from the office, like a little puppy ecstatic for their owner’s return. Being my sub, we have a set of rules we’ve agreed on, one of the more forgiven rules being her greeting me upon my arrival. Preferably on her knees and looking up at me saying, “welcome home, Daddy,” daddy being her nickname for me. She loves being made to feel small and inadequate, her calling me. Daddy and me calling her Babygirl or my little girl is a big part of that.

I kicked off my polished black shoes and put them away. Loosening my tie, I can’t help becoming more and more curious about where my Babygirl is. As I put away my keys and wallet on the entry table perfectly in their place, as they should be, I catch faint moans coming from upstairs, only just audible. I listen closer and focus my hearing. The distinctive creaking my bed is known to make when someone is moving on it rings in my ears. I hear the moans again, now a bit louder and more noticeable.

A perfect picture entered my mind of that little girl up in my bed, moaning and playing with herself. An image of her little hands rubbing that gorgeous little clit that I’ve been thinking about for the last nine hours while sitting behind my desk at work. ‘Oh, she better not be,’ I mumble to myself. She knows the rules; a slight flare-up of annoyance starts up in the back of my mind.

I start up the stairs, careful to be quiet. If I’m going to set her straight for what I know she’s doing, I’ll have to catch her in the act. Slowly I walk down the hallway. The sound of her moans is more and more apparent, there’s now no question what she’s doing. The door slightly ajar, I push it to swing open enough to walk through.

There she is lying stark naked on my bed, sitting up slightly on my pillows against the headboard. Her legs spread apart just enough to make room for her fingers, the movement making her breasts bouncing slightly. A glistening wet little pussy being rubbed up and down slowly, a moan escaping her lips every time her fingertips graze her cute little clit. I absorb every little detail of the scene. From the noticeable dark puddle formed on the sheets between her legs, to her head back eyes closed, and her back slightly arched. The moans are more audible, and I can now make out what she’s moaning. “Oh, please, Daddy, please Daddy,” her little lips only just parted enough for the words to escape.

I can feel my cock throbbing and growing against my tight black dress pants and internally struggling, holding back the urge to just climb on top of her and slide deep into that tight wet little hole. I stand there and watch intently, patiently waiting for my presence to be noticed. She is watching her fingers explore that little pussy. ‘Mmm God, she’s Cumming,’ I moan to myself as I see her little pussy tighten and clench. A little flow of juices slides down her protruding lips, adding to the dark spot forming underneath her. Her fingers start moving faster and uncontrolled, her arm shuddering and shaking, that glistening little hole opening and closing slightly, then finally clamping down as she reaches orgasm. Her fingers pause their motion, and she’s taken in a deep breath and sighs, little whimpers and daddies leaving her lips as she shudders and shakes from the orgasm.

I take a step forward-thinking she’s going to relax and open her eyes, finally noticing me. Hesitating my step for a moment as I notice her fingers start rubbing again. Her moans start up again. “Oh again… really?” I say under my breath, a small spike of anger rises in my voice. “I don’t think so, Babygirl,” my firm stern voice echoes through the room.

Her hand shoots off her clit and to her side. She was lifting herself up to a full sit against the headboard. A hot red flush fills her face. “D. Daddy,” her eyes peer up at me with a slight glisten of tears forming, hard to tell if they are from the orgasm or surprise. “I… I was just… I couldn’t help it…” her little lips quivering and shaking.

Taking a step forward to the edge of the bed, “What’s the rule, Babygirl?” I say with a sharp and piercing tone.

Closing her legs seem to cover the wet spot and hide her pussy. “N… Not to play with Daddy’s toy w. without his permission,” her voice lowers and sweetens the fear in it growing slightly. “But I… I just couldn’t help it, Daddy, I waited for you, and you never came home.”

“Did I ask for an excuse,” My voice lower in volume but still manages to somehow fill the room.

“No, I’m sorry, daddy,” her lipsticks out in a deep pout, and her eyes stare up at me, tears swelling and magnifying her gorgeous eyes.

I sit on the edge of the bed, sweeten my voice, and let a small smile breaks the stern expression on my face. I turn and look at her, making eye contact almost at her level, “how many times did you cum Babygirl?” Using a light tone, trying to sound almost pleased.

She sits forward, pulling her legs in a bit and smiles sweetly “well, I think about three times daddy,” her little eyes scrunching with thought as she says it.

“Wow, three whole times?” I exclaim with a tone of wonderment. “is that so?” Masking my discontent with the situation keeping it hidden from my tone.

“Mhmm,” she smiles and nods happily to me “three whole times Daddy,” she says in her sweet little I did the good voice.

“Okay, three times, Babygirl,” I smile but let my expression slip to more of a devilish grin.

Her eyes reflect it back with a slight look of alarm. I reach back and grab her ankle firm but carefully and pull her to the edge of the bed, flipping her to her stomach and lifting her upsetting her across my lap. I can feel her heart racing as my hands pick her up. With only a slight bit of resistance, she complies with only a little squirming. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she whimpers, knowing deep down it was going to happen.

“Count with me baby,” I set my hand on her bare ass and rub it slightly and caresses her silky soft skin loving the feeling of it on my hand, the temptation to make it red and hot building in my mind as I do.

“Y.. yes, Daddy,” she whimpers.

My hand pulls back from her nice full ass cheeks, and I hold it in position as she clenches her eyes shut and tenses her back and butt. Holding back patiently, I feel her unclench her body and relaxes ever so slightly. I swoop my hand down hard and fast, making perfect four fingers and palm contact on her supple little ass cheek. I slide my palm against her cheek feeling it heat up and swell under my hand and rubbing it nicely up and down, helping to soothe the sharp sting away.

“W.. One Daddy, I’m sorry, Daddy,” her voice catches halfway between a whimper and moan.

I pull my hand back and up again. Rising higher, making sure it’s over just enough that it’s visible in her peripheral vision poised to strike. I playfully twitch it as though it’s about to come down. She clenches hard her legs and arms, pulling into my legs. After some time, I feel her relax again and twitch my hand once more, she tenses up and whimpers. With just a moment delay, I swoop my hand down and make perfect contact in the same place again. I hold it there and soothe the sharp sting again by massaging and rubbing her cheek.

She relaxes slights and whimpers “two daddies,” hanging her head slightly as though in shame.

Without warning, I raise my hand and come back down hard and fast. I was mirroring the swollen red handprint on her little ass perfectly again.

A whine escapes her lips, and her whole body clenches my lap. “Three, Daddy, I’m sorry, Daddy.”

I massage the sting away and continue caressing her ass. I notice a sensation of wetness on my thigh. Curiously I slide my hand down and to her little slit and find her full protruding lips with my fingertips. The dripping wetness of her little pussy makes me let out a slight moan I glide my finger down her lips just slightly parting them, so warm, so wet and so slippery.

She moans deep and hard. “Mmm, Dadddddyyyyy.”

I slide my hand up back, caressing her ass. Rubbing the hot throbbing hand print. “Yes, Babygirl?” I question as I slide my other hand up and set it on her back, rubbing between her shoulders.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she whimpers again but with less of a whine to her voice.

I slide my hand up to her shoulder and hold onto it firm then pull her up off my lap to stand in front of me. Spreading my knees apart, I am pulling her in close, tightening my legs on hers as if to hold her in place. Looking up at her, my big firm hands find her sides and slide down to her hips, grasping them lightly and admiring her perfect breasts just about at eye level gazing up into her gorgeous eyes looking down at me still holding onto a glimmer of apology.

“It’s okay, Babygirl, but you remember why Daddy has that rule, right?” I say with a sweetened and soothing tone losing almost all its coarseness.

Pouting slightly and looking down, “Yes, Daddy, you don’t want me to overuse… my… your little toy and have it too sensitive for you to enjoy it when you want to play with it.”

“Good girl.”

“Of course, Daddy!” Her eyes perk up, and a smile creeps across her face. So sweet and innocent, I almost feel a touch of remorse for being too hard on her. I grab her hips and pull her in close, my growing bulge still throbbing from inflicting the punishment and enjoying her wetness on my fingertips. I can smell that dripping wet pussy, the simple scent of it has always been able to drive me wild. Pulling her down lightly, bringing her sweet little lips to mine, I kiss her slow and soft. A slight moan escapes as she kisses me back harder and deeper.

I feel her lips pull away from mine and open my eyes looking directly into hers, loving the cheeky little grin on her face as I feel her hands grab for my belt. “hehe I know how I can make it up to Daddy,” She pulls and opens my belt, smiling and keeping eye contact. I notice her pulling and fumbling with the button her eyes look down, and she falls to her knees. Struggling, she pulls a couple more times, then I feel her grip fade and hear her sigh. She was watching that naughty grin turn to frustration before she looks up at me and whines, “Daddyyyyy help!” as she pouts hard, sticking her bottom lip out.

Chuckling softly and leaning back slightly. Finding her hands with mine, I pop the button open, “There you go, Babygirl.”

Excitedly bouncing up and down on her knees, she slowly undoes the zipper and naughtily grins up at me, the warmth from the look enough to melt my heart “Thank you, Daddy.” Feeling her cool little fingers slide under the waistband of my boxers and pants sliding back and pulling down in a light jerking motion. I lift slightly, and she jerks them down, she lets out a slight giggle and looks up at me with big wide eyes. “Ohhh, Daddy’s a little activated,” her innocent way of saying horny or hard. “Why’s that Daddy?” she laughs as she stares up at me, her lips so close to my now hard throbbing head that I can feel her warm breath on it, and it twitches in anticipation.

“Ooooh, nothing princess,” I lie with a trailing moan.

She giggles naughtily and licks her daddy’s head making it bounce again, a moan escaping my lips. She giggles and does it again and again like it’s a little game giggling every time I moan. Looking down as she stares up, making eye contact, and does it again, but I am just able to summon enough restraint and keep a straight face with only a slight smile. Her eyes tighten to glare, and she does it again and again, but I only let slip a tiny twitch. She glares again, then looks down at my head and back up to my eyes. I smile with satisfaction that I’ve ruined her little bit of fun. She grins and glares mischievously. Knowing exactly what’s about to happen, my hands clench the sheets slightly, trying to prepare and keep up the stoic expression. She breaks eye contact, and I watch my throbbing head disappear into my baby girls’ mouth. She bobs her head up and down again and again on my tip, her lips only just passing the depth of my head. She looks up as she sucks up and down, but I somehow manage to maintain only a slight smile as I look down on her. Her eyes tighten to glare again, and she stops, my entire head in her mouth she sucks hard and slowly pulls up, maintaining eye contact. A shudder through my cock and up my spine, my hands grasp the bed. A loud, sharp pop sounds in my ears as I can’t help but close my eyes and tilt my head back. She takes a deep breath and sucks hard again and pops off my head. A loud, deep moan escapes my lips, “Mmmmm god Babygirl!”

“Yay!” she exclaims and giggles, taking my head into her mouth again, sliding down it deeper and deeper.

The pleasure radiates through my body, and I can’t even hold myself up anymore, moaning “good girl,” as I fall back onto my elbows. Trying to watch her head bob and her lips slide up and down my shaft loving when she looks up at me with her gorgeous naughty eyes as she pops off my head occasionally.

Her little mouth does give the most amazing blowjobs. Only just big enough to take the girth of my cock, the slight graze of her teeth catches the rim of my head occasionally, but the sensation is far from unpleasant. The deep hard sucking she does on my head almost too much to stand, all that sucking on her thumb has improved her suction. My hands grip and pull the bed sheet, and my head digs back into the mattress. She sucks hard and slides her tongue around my head the sensation causing me to open my eyes and let out an “Oh god yes Babygirl.” Losing my breath slightly and looking up the bed, I catch the sight of the wet spot she formed earlier.

Regaining some composure remembering she’s still not off the hook for disobeying the rules, I manage to sit up. As I do, I weave my hand through her gorgeous silky-smooth hair and massage the back of her head slightly. She looks up at me and catches my eyes. I smile and guide her head up and down on my cock. A smile in her eyes, she looks back down and takes it a little deeper into her throat. My hand tightens on her hair and grips firm. She slows down, anticipating my actions. I pull her head up slightly and then push it down, sliding my cock deeper into her throat; she lets out a slight gagging noise but rocks her head back and forth like a good girl and gets me even deeper inside of her. I pull her head up and off, letting her take a deep breath, her eyes catch mine, and slight tears stream down her face from the chocking. I push down again, and she takes my head with just a slight bit of resistance, seemingly realizing that resisting is futile she complies and takes all my cock once more. ” Mmmm, good girl,” I moan at the sensation and pressure of being so deep in her.

My grip tightens, and I pull her off my cock once more. She keeps the suction this time and pops loudly off my head, leading me to close my eyes, bite my lip, shudder and twitch accidentally jerking her by her hair. I get my eyes open and smile a sweet pleasureful smile, and she smiles back with just a slight wince of pain from my grip on her hair.

“D.. Daddy?” she says questioningly. Her head a slight angle from my grip, her eyes look into mine. “I… I was going to make you cum Daddy, and take it all like a good girl,” A slight pout forms on her lips seemingly disappointed that she didn’t make me orgasm.

I think for a moment why she wanted to finish me so quickly. Usually, she’s begging me to fuck her and finish inside of her. I inhale and catch the sweet smell of her pussy again, always intoxicating to me, making me want a taste. My cock throbs, and I can’t help it any longer. I disregard my thought and stand up with her hair still tightly grasped in my hand. I pull her up, guiding her to her feet. I pull her in and kiss her deep and hard, my pants and boxers fall to my ankles, and I step out of them as I kiss her. My hand leaves her hair and slides down her body, caressing her curves and making her twitch, slightly tickling her.

I slide my hand around to her front and slide a finger between her lips and inside her. Her knees weaken, and she holds herself up on me. Breaking away from the kiss, she moans hard and almost screams as my finger pulls up and back on her g spot. I can feel her pussy tighten and clench. ‘No, she is not,’ I think to myself as I pull hard and up, lifting her to her tiptoes. Her little hole tightens more, almost forcing my finger out of her. A noticeable gush of her cum runs down my hand as she moans and shakes. ‘Yup, she’s Cumming! That easily?? Three times my ass,’ I grumble internally. A flare of anger rushes through me, catching her lie. I keep my finger inside her and cup her pussy with the rest of my hand, my other hand on her ass. I squeeze firm and pick her up, slightly tossing her onto the bed. A heavy look of surprise on her face as she pulls herself up to a half-sitting position lying back on her elbows. Her ass was setting perfectly on top of that wet spot she left.

In a surprised tone, she says, “Daddy?” questioningly and slightly out of breath.

I take my shirt and tie off, not taking the time to undo the buttons and just forcing it over my head and off my arms. I climb up onto the bed and give her a very devilish grin. “Your turn, princess.” Her legs clenched tight; my hands slide up her calves to her thighs.

“No, Daddy! I can’t take anymore please,” she whimpers.

My hands slide in between her thighs and forcibly spread them, positioning my head between them and my mouth only inches away from it. I can feel the warmth of her wetness and my mouth waters wanting to taste it. “It’s Daddy’s little toy Babygirl, what does that mean?” I say with a very firm stern voice.

“It… It means you can do whatever you want to. to it Daddy, But it… it’s jus,” her sentence gets cut off as I slide my tongue up her slit parting her lips and wrapping my lips around her clit in one smooth motion I suck her clit hard into my mouth. She lets out a squeal and grabs the pillow forcing her face into it and screaming. Sucking and pulling her clit out of its hood and hard into my mouth, I run my tongue on it in circles. She screams and moans and thrashes as I feel the flow of her cum on my chin. I slide a finger in her wanting to feel her clamp down and cum. I pull up on her g and pop off her clit as she did to me, “Ahhhhhhh!” She lets out a deep moan and scream as she involuntarily throws her arms down to the bed and arches her back, forcing her pussy into my face harder as I suck on her clit once again.

“D…Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy stop Daddy please please daddy it’s so much,” she repeats over and over again as she thrashes her body back and forth forcing me to pull my finger out to wrap my arms up to her thighs and hold her down. Licking up and down her slit. I slide my tongue deep in her at the bottom and then up and suck her clit hard. Even with my far superior strength holding her legs down and spread slowly becomes a challenge as she thrashes harder and harder. I start sucking her clit hard, this time wrapping my lips over my teeth and using them to nibble it. With every bite, her back arches, and she forces her pelvis up into my face. She starts moaning and begging for me to stop. I suck hard, her back arches, and she goes into a deep moan. I can feel her pussy flowing and tightening on the very verge of an intense orgasm. I suck hard and pop off her clit careful not to even breathe on it and send her over the edge. Her body relaxed, and she breathes hard, trying to catch her breath “Tha… Thank thank you, Daddy,” manages to escape her lips audibly.

“Mmm Daddy’s not done Babygirl yet,” I moan deep, making her shudder just from the tone.

“Daddy Daddy Daddy please nooooo,” she says in a low grumble shaking her head “but but but”

“Hmm well,” I shift to one side and up, pushing her one leg up and getting comfortable on my one side. She looks up at me, and I catch her eyes and smile sweetly.