April had been having deep dark thoughts of becoming someone’s possession for a year or more and began her search in earnest a few months ago. She had always had a bias towards older men, and after meeting several possible Doms, she meets the man of her dreams. He had quizzed her about likes, hard limits, and areas she would like to explore. Given her responses, he had judged that her interests were similar to his, and she was worthy of his time and effort, and they arranged to meet in a discrete, but public location.

From their first meeting, she was so taken by his gentleness yet demanding demeanor that she knew she had met her Daddy and wanted to give him her all. He had given her explicit instructs on how to dress for their rendezvous, which entailed a skirt sans panties and a top that allowed easy access. Within a few minutes, he had her hike her miniskirt and play with her clit for him. He then inserted 2 of his fingers, and when a few short minutes, he had her squirting for the first time in her life. She was now his, and his alone to use as he so chooses.

They meet weekly, whether for short quickies at lunch or day-long sessions that left them wanting so much more. Their love for each other was growing by leaps and bounds, and the training of April to become Daddy’s naughty little girl was progressing well. She had earned his collar. It was time for a weekend away together.

Daddy had told April all about his secluded cabin, but he’d never taken her there yet. He had called her earlier today to surprise her with his plans. Today they are heading there to spend a very naughty weekend. Daddy always insists that his little girl wear appropriate attire whenever they are going someplace that allows easy access for him. She was confident that she knew exactly what Daddy expected and was looking forward to the hour and a half drive they had to get there even though it was cold, and the ground blanketed with a thick covering of crisp white snow. She carefully chose a red patent leather strapless bodice that pushed her breasts up nice and high, a short black skirt, and under it a lacy black garter belt with black stockings. No need for panties as Daddy never lets her wear them when they are together. She gets out her high heeled black patent boots, and carefully zips them up, and then secures her collar around her neck. Finally, she secures the clamps with the chain that connects them to her nipples, a Christmas gift from Daddy that she cherishes. Checking in the mirror, she thinks Daddy will approve and seeing herself in his collar makes her smile, knowing that it symbolizes his ownership of her. She is so excited Daddy has decided to take her away to play, and she can hardly wait to see what naughty things he has in store for her.

It’s time to leave, and Daddy arrives to pick her up. He is dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, a long black leather coat buttoned part way up, which shows off his white shirt with the top 2 buttons undone exposing the hair on his chest, which she adores. The grin on his face tells her he approves of what she’s chosen to wear. He instructs her to bend over so that he can make sure she has followed his rule of no panties. His fingers brush across her ass, and she shivers at his touch, and how naughty she feels.

“Just as Daddy likes,” he tells her. “Are you going to be a good girl on our trip?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says, and her eyes finally come up to look into his. She knows she is not to speak to him until he allows her to, and she wants to make sure she follows all his rules. She gets so much pleasure from obeying him and is used to fulfill all his desires. Daddy helps her put on her long red woolen coat, and they are ready to go.

Finally, on the road, she is quite relaxed in the passenger seat of his SUV. She watches out the window as they head out of the city and onto a 4 lane highway. Daddy instructs her to open his coat, which she does only to find that Daddy’s jeans have been modified. The crotch and ass have been cut out, allowing easy access for her, which delights her to no end. Her hand instinctively goes to Daddy’s lap and starts stroking his cock gently just as he likes it. Her head nuzzled up against his shoulder, watching Daddy’s cock grow into the monster that she continuously craves.

As the traffic thins out on the highway, Daddy instructs her, “Open your coat, and pull your skirt up.”

For a moment, she hesitates, realizing that this will have her very exposed to any transport trucks passing them. “Now!” he says, and she knows she must do it. She opens her coat with one hand, not leaving Daddy’s cock unattended, which is a no-no and hikes her skirt up above her hips. She can feel the cool leather on her bottom, which is nice.

“Spread your legs,” Daddy tells her, and as he does, his hand comes between her thighs to pull them apart. She spreads them open and feels his fingers running up her leg and touching her wetness. “Mmmm Daddy’s little girl is wet. She must be excited having her pussy exposed like this,” he says as his finger teases her clit.

She feels excited at the moment being exposed in a semi-public way as currently, no-one can see her, but she knows if she remains this way truckers will have a birds-eye view of her, and her face gets warm with the thought, but also apprehensive as she has never done this before.

There is a truck just ahead, and Daddy lies in wait until the cars behind them have passed. He then pulls out and comes up beside the trucker’s window and slows down to match its speed.

“Daddy!!!!,” she exclaims with a blend of apprehension and excitement.

She tries to close her legs, but Daddy slaps her thigh, and with a very stern tone, says, “Spread them,” and she knows she must comply. He continues to finger her clit and then feels him push two fingers into her. He pulls them out and holds them to her lips.

“Look at him, and lick my fingers clean,” and she turns to face the driver that is watching them, and lets her tongue lick her juices from Daddy’s fingers. The truck driver doesn’t take his eyes off her as she sucks on Daddy’s fingers, her legs still spread wide open, and her shaved pussy totally exposed to him.

“That’s my good little girl,” Daddy tells her as he speeds up and away from the driver’s prying eyes.

When she turns to face Daddy, she can see the smile that tells her he is very pleased that she has obeyed him. She tries to close her legs, but Daddy insists she is to keep them open for the ride. He expects her to remain exposed so that he can show off his little toy to any other truckers they happen across.

A few moments of silence pass and she regains her composure only for Daddy to give her another instruction

“Daddy wants to feel your wet mouth on his cock,” and she looks at him with trepidation knowing again she will be in view if they pass a truck.

Daddy realizing her hesitation grabs her hair, and pulls her face into his lap. “Do as your told, when your told to do it!”, and her lips wrap around his huge cock, and she takes him into her mouth. She sucks him slowly at first, getting used to the largeness in her mouth, but she can feel him start to thrust deeper into her mouth, and her sucking becomes quicker and tighter around him. Daddy loves having her suck him, but she has never done it knowing that anyone could be watching them. It makes her feel the excitement that she’s never experienced, and she knows this is pleasing to Daddy. Sensing how excited she is becoming, Daddy tells her to rub her clit, and her fingers discover how wet she has become. Daddy is fucking her mouth while her fingers play with her clit, and at this point, she is so excited she really doesn’t care who is watching them, and within moments she is over the edge and can feel herself cumming. She pulls her lips from Daddy to let out a moan.

Daddy pulls her head up from his lap just enough to have her look into his eyes. “Are your fingers wet with your cum now?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she tells him, and she is not sure what he will have her do.

“Rub your juice on Daddy’s cock,” he tells her, and her hand comes up to do as she has been told. Now coated with her cum, he pushes her face back into his lap to continue sucking him. She can taste herself on Daddy now, and she sucks at him hungrily, knowing this is so pleasing to him. His hips start pushing himself deeper into her mouth, and she takes each thrust deeper into her throat. Daddy is fucking her mouth faster and faster until, at last, she feels his final thrust, and his warm cum fills her mouth. She continues to suck him until she has every drop of his cum licked from his cock. Finally, she is allowed to sit back in her seat, but she is told to keep playing with her clit, and her dripping wet pussy.

Daddy turns off the highway onto a country road, and she can feel her anticipation building, not knowing what lies ahead. They continue driving for a distance, and then finally, they reach the laneway that will take them into where the cabin is nestled. The laneway has huge pine trees down both sides, and they are laden with snow. It is such a beautiful site and is a perfect winter wonderland. The other trees have an ice-like coating and a dusting of snow, which takes on a fog-like hue over them. She is so in awe of the trees she barely notices that Daddy has pulled up in front of the cabin. When does she realize she can hardly believe her eyes? It is the perfect log cabin with large windows and wonderful stonework. It is rustic, and cozy just like he has told her, and she can hardly wait to see what lies inside. There is a large deck off the front of the cottage, and stone steps leading up to it. A lake lies in front of the cottage, and she can only imagine that the view from the windows and the deck must be breathtaking. Daddy gets out first, and comes around, and helps her do her coat back up, and takes her hands to help her out of the SUV. She tugs at his hand to stop him for a moment, and when he turns to look at her, she gives him the sweetest kiss, and thanks to him for she is so happy he has allowed her to share his sanctuary. Her voice is the only thing that breaks the silence. The snow has insulated the entire area, and it is a peacefulness that is almost deafening.

“It’s time to go inside my little girl,” he says. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the door. He pushes the door open after unlocking it and allows her to step inside in front of him. The interior is exposed wood and very open concept except for the doors leading off to what she imagines is the bedrooms and bathroom. The kitchen is rustic but charming, and she is excited to prepare Daddy some warm comfort food. The fireplace in the great room is all stone, and magnificent with a beautiful mantel adorned with candlesticks. The floors are wood planks, but there are many area rugs, and one beautiful white bearskin lying in front of the hearth of the fireplace. The furnishings are also rustic, but plush, and cozy. She can’t believe they are finally here in this place he has told her so much about. He takes her hand and leads her to a door that once pushed opened reveals a huge four-poster bed with a big fluffy down-filled duvet and big fluffy pillows. Another fireplace is in the corner of the bedroom. It’s simple but so comfortable, and she can hardly wait to crawl into that bed with Daddy at her side. He continues to show her around, showing her the bathroom and then stopping in front of the last door. He takes her face into his hands and tells her that she is to wait for his instructions before she enters that room. The mystery that waits behind that door gets her excited, and her anticipation growing again.

Daddy notices her shiver and gets to work, lighting the fireplaces that will warm the cabin to a warm cozy temperature. He instructs her to make them some nice hot coffee as it will warm them until the fireplaces warm the cabin. She decides to give the coffee just a little boost with some Baileys she found in the cupboard, and soon they are sipping coffee by the fire. Daddy decides that he will order in tonight’s dinner, and he calls a local restaurant to order some food. After the call is placed, Daddy tells her he needs to change. When he reappears, his cutout jeans are gone and replaced by normal ones.

The cabin has warmed up, and as she finishes up her coffee, Daddy instructs her to remove her short skirt. He then takes her by the hand and leads her to a chair that looks out the front window onto the deck. The view is so beautiful, and he tells her to have a seat and enjoy it. His hands run over her shoulders, and he bends his head to hers, and as his lips brush her ear, she hears his instruction to spread her legs open.

“In front of the window, Daddy?” she asks him, but by the look on his face, she knows that is exactly what he wants her to do. She allows her knees to fall apart, and her pussy is now exposed in the window, and she can see her reflection.

Daddy walks away for a moment, and she knows she dare not move. When he returns he has some soft red cord which he uses to tie her wrists to the arms of the chair. He pulls her legs further apart and uses more of the cord to tie her knees to either side of the chair. She is not going anywhere, and she can not cover herself. Daddy looks pleased but walks away from her again, and when he returns, there is something in his hand. He comes around to the front of the chair and kneels down in front of her.

“Daddy likes his little girl totally at his mercy,” he tells her, and his lips meet hers in a deep, wet kiss. His kisses excite her, and she knows if Daddy touches her pussy, he will feel just what they do to her. His hands pull her tits from the bodice she’s wearing, and he gives a little tug on the chain that hangs between the nipple clamps. She gives a soft moan as he does, and then his hands move down between her legs.

“My little girl is all wet again,” he comments, and his fingers softly stroke her clit, and occasionally he slides one into her pussy. She loves being his naughty girl and letting Daddy use her for his own desires. Whatever Daddy had in his hand is now being pushed into her…..it’s not too big, but Daddy makes sure to push it in deep, and once he has it in a place he takes something from his pocket presses a button, and then she feels the vibrations slowly take over inside her cunt. She has determined it is a vibrating egg with a remote.

“Mmmmmm,” she moans as her head falls back in the chair, and she doesn’t care about how exposed she is because the feeling is just so wonderful. Daddy tells her that she is just to sit and enjoy the view, and let the egg work her pussy. Daddy walks out of the room, and she is left sitting in the window, watching herself in the reflection.

After a short time, she hears a car and realizes their food has arrived. She calls for Daddy , but he doesn’t answer. At this point she realizes he has her in the window on display. Suddenly, she feels the vibrating egg intensify in speed, and she lets out a low moan, and wiggles in the chair as her pussy gets wetter.

A woman is approaching and is now walking past the window with the bags containing their meal, and as she looks in the cottage, their eyes meet. The woman is attractive and smiles at her, and although she is a little embarrassed by being so exposed, she can also feel a tingle of excitement in her clit. The woman knocks on the door, and Daddy answers it right away.

She hears Daddy tell her to come in from the cold, and he looks after the bill, and then she hears his comment about a tip. She hears the woman laugh, and then comment to Daddy that maybe she would enjoy a taste of what he has in the window. Daddy agrees that can be arranged, and brings her into the room, and in front of his toy in the window. Daddy’s hand runs over her hair, and the delivery woman kneels down in front of her.

“Now, my little girl, this woman is going to collect her tip,” he says to her and releases the red cords holding her knees to the legs of the chair. The woman pulls at her waist to make her slide down the chair, so her pussy rests at the edge of the seat and spreads her legs even further. The woman’s tongue parts her wet lips and starts lapping at her clit. Her touch is soft, and she feels so naughty as Daddy watches her exposed to this woman. It does feel good, and she closes her eyes, and just enjoys what this woman is doing to her. The vibrating egg intensifies even more, and more. She catches sight of Daddy and notices him watching, and has a smile on his face. He loves seeing his little girl getting pleasured by this woman, and he walks behind her. She feels his hands come over her tits and his lips on her neck. The woman’s tongue is now deep in her cunt licking her, and then back to her clit, sucking on it, teasing it with her teeth, and then licking it again. The combination of all these feelings overcomes her, and she feels the spasms in her pussy. She starts cumming, and the woman laps at her, collecting all the juices oozing from her pussy. She then pulls away, stands, and then leans over her and gives her a deep kiss. Daddy is laughing, and the woman thanks him, and he walks her to the door. As she walks past the window, she waves and gives her lips a lick just as the vibrations of the egg diminish to nothing.

Daddy returns and states, “Our delivery girl appreciated her tip. You did well. I trust you enjoyed delivering it?”

She lets a soft loan moan and says, “Mmmmmmmm, yes, Daddy, I did. Thank you.”

It was obvious that Daddy set this up. He loved watching his little girl being ravaged by another woman, and he is quite pleased.

“Daddy is going to untie you now so that we may enjoy our dinner now.”

Daddy’s instructions are clear. They will dine before the fire tonight, and quickly she prepares them plates from the food the woman had brought. She finds Daddy sitting on the bearskin rug in front of the fire, and she brings his dinner to him and sits down to join him. Dinner is delicious, and the ambiance from the fire makes it the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. Once finished, she takes their plates back to the kitchen, and Daddy tells her that a special treat is waiting in the fridge for them. She eagerly opens the fridge, and inside is a basket filled with chocolate-covered strawberries. Daddy knows these are his little girl’s favorite, and she hurries back to him so that they may enjoy their dessert together by the fire.

She feeds Daddy the first strawberry and kisses him immediately after he takes his bite to taste the sweetness from his lips, and tongue. Daddy then takes a berry from the basket, and pulls her legs apart, and runs the strawberry over her pussy. The coolness makes her shiver, and he gently pushes it into her, not too far, but far enough to ensure he has it coated in her juice. He then holds it to her lips for her to savour. Wrapping her lips around the strawberry, she sucks it into her mouth, slowly letting the chocolate melt on her tongue, and the special blend of pussy juice she finds very erotic. She knows Daddy also finds this erotic, and she can see his cock growing hard in his pants.

They continue to enjoy their wonderful dessert together, and between long passionate kisses, she is getting very excited again, and Daddy senses how aroused she has become. He lays her back against the soft bearskin, spreads her legs, and moves his mouth down onto the wetness between her legs. Licking her softly at first and then probing her with his tongue, she knows he must be licking up the chocolate left from the strawberries. He sucks on her clit and gently bites it as she withers in pleasure. She doesn’t notice Daddy’s hand reach for something besides the rug, and she once again feels the vibration of the egg he left inside her. She relaxes and gives into Daddy’s wonderful lips and tongue all over her pussy, and the vibration Daddy is controlling deep inside of her. The feeling is so intense, and she starts to move her hips and rub her pussy deeper into his mouth until, at last, she feels that oh so familiar sensation building again, and she lets out a deep moan and cums for Daddy in his mouth. He loves having her cum and continues to lick her until he has cleaned up all her juices. She is trembling from such an intense orgasm, and Daddy moves up to lie beside her. Cradled in his arms with the warmth of the fire, warming them, his lips come over hers, and they share a deep passionate kiss.